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Proto:MediEvil/ECTS 1997 Demo

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  • Whole stuff can be seen from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46QLmyEpWAU
  • Big load of unused models were found in the prototype's files. (This includes a completed model of the Jabberwocky, Morton, and many more.)

The ECTS 1997 prototype build of MediEvil was dated September 7, 1997. Unlike the Rolling Demo which supports only 10 playable levels, all 30 levels, including the cut levels, are available.


A total of 30 levels can be fully accessed from the options menu, although half of the levels are either half-finished or empty with missing entities.

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The Graveyard

The level is identical to its Rolling Demo incarnation except a little more completed, and comes with a tutorial text box system.

The Coffin Vaults

Some area layouts will later be recycled for the "Cemetery Hill" level's Witches Coven basement and the castle's underground area of "The Haunted Ruins" level.

Cemetery Hill

Dan starts at the staircase area instead of "The Graveyard's" exit door. From over the hill's paths are various cracks; stepping on the crack will cause Dan to slide back down to lower areas.

Even though the map layout may look finished and ready, there are no zombie enemies or any items. The boulder gargoyles are inactive and missing their textures.

The Hilltop Mausoleum

The level nearly remains the same like from the Rolling Demo, but due to glitch, the Stained Glass Demon fails to spawn and Dan will remain stuck in the boss room.

Scarecrow Fields

The level is identical to its appearance in the Rolling Demo, and it's still pretty much half-finished.

The Fields of Dust

The level is an empty desert-like land with mountain regions, stony structures, and rock platforms. According to Chris Sorrel, rock platforms are the player's only means of safety as they must avoid the sand monsters in search for rock platforms.

The Ant Caves

The level is similar to its Rolling Demo appearance but almost there to its completed version. The Ant Queen now has a texture map, but still completely vulnerable to attacks without exposing her sensitive underbelly.

The Crystal Caves

The Dragon's boss room is smaller and has a mountain-like sculpture where the Dragon spawns. Though functional, the Dragon's model is completely bare bones.

At the end of the level has an extra area, with the exit decorated with pumpkin roots like the ones from the Pumpkin Gorge and The Pumpkin Serpent level. According to the prototype's level order, it makes sense, as the Pumpkin Gorge level is originally meant to be chronologically after The Crystal Caves.

Pumpkin Gorge

The level is nearly the same, but the hostile root tentacles now have the right model.

The Pumpkin Serpent

The Pumpkin Witch's area was not implemented and there is no way to access the hidden underground area from the wooden well. It painfully takes longer to kill the pumpkin pods. The Pumpkin King boss was glitched, very impossible to be killed and appears to slowly decompose even without taking any damage before reverting back to its healthy state and vice versa.

The Sleeping Village

While the level remains almost the same, Nellie Mad is now added, and the wolf enemies can now be encountered at the pond area, where ducklings are also added.