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Proto:Mega Man 7/Freeze Man

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mega Man 7.

Level Changes

Early Freeze Man Stage
Polar bear picnic
Final Freeze Man Stage
Oh no, another enemy

For the final version, the first elevated platform was shortened in length, and the second platform was lengthened. A Petaforce enemy was added as well. The bone platform is a bit longer in the sample version, and there's an elevated platform below it that was removed from the final version.

The main platform surface graphics were altered from looking like snow in the sample to looking like ice. The background has several of the trees shuffled and the size of one altered.

Early Freeze Man Stage
This ladder sucks
Final Freeze Man Stage
Hey, a cliff

The ladder leading to this area puts you on the same plane as the White Bear Machine in the sample version. This was altered to putting you in a little alcove below the bear. The White Bear Machine was also moved a bit to the right.

Notice that the final version darkened the palettes of the cave walls. More detail to the walls was added as well, such as the dark blue pillars and rocky indents.

Early Freeze Man Stage
You have to be kidding me
Final Freeze Man Stage
Slip slidin' away

The difficulty of this section was toned down for the final version by making the two jumps in the middle of the room easier to make. As a result, one of the Icicle Tekus was removed. Some of the platforms were changed to have icy surfaces. The large weapon capsule isn't present in the sample version, as they weren't programmed in yet.

Machinery was added to some of the rocky walls. The caves have added detail to them as well. The dinosaur skeleton was modified from an odd purple color to tan.

Early Freeze Man Stage Final Freeze Man Stage
Hurrah, a severed head!
Happy days

Since this is a demo, and because the item wasn't coded yet anyway, the H circuit plate is an extra life in the sample.

Early Freeze Man Stage Final Freeze Man Stage
Sniper Joe isn't too smart
Chill out, Joe

Aside from the usual background touch ups, a layer of ice was added to Sniper Joe's platform for the final version.

Early Freeze Man Stage
Cirno wuz heer
Final Freeze Man Stage
Shouldn't Rush Search be harder to find?

The largest change to this stage, it's a lot easier to get through this section in the sample version. There's no reason not to take the higher path in the sample, but in the final version the top path leads to the Rush Search item and is more difficult to traverse. A wall was added to the top of the path, and the White Bear Machine room now has spikes on the floor.

The Kerone robots found here were replaced with Driver Cannon enemies, and the large energy capsule behind the White Bear Machine was changed to an E Tank.

I'm not waiting around for months

The last section of the stage is pretty much identical, save for a Sniper Joe near the boss shutters that only appears in the sample version.

Background Changes

Early Waterfall Background
I can see!
Final Waterfall Background
I can't

Yet more palette darkening. The final version also adds two more waterfalls in the center of the background, as well as giving the water a cool glowing effect. A few swirls were added to the pillars and the caves and waterfalls in the back were moved around.

Early Background Final Background
Dark sky at day, Ragnarok
My seasonal Affective Disorder is clearing up!

The dark sky seen in the last section of the sample version was brightened a bit for the final.

Other Differences

  • Slash Man's theme plays in this level.