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Proto:Mega Man 8 (PlayStation)/August 4, 1996 Prototype

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mega Man 8 (PlayStation).

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Released on March 2, 2011, this prototype is very early in development. So early, that only two stages can be played.

General Differences

  • Lives counter resets when beating a stage.
  • No bolts in this build.
  • No cutscenes.
  • No game over screen.
  • There is no indication as to how much energy a weapon has in the weapons menu.


  • The only weapons available without hacking are the Rock Ball/Mega Ball and the Rock Buster/Mega Buster.
  • "Flash Bomb is known as "Shining Bomb".
  • "Flame Sword" is known as "Flame Saber".
  • "Astro Crush" is misspelled "Astro Crash".
  • None of the inaccessible weapons have their proper icons nor do any of the weapons have proper functionality.

Aesthetic Differences

  • The Capcom logo is the one from the PS1 version of Rockman X3.
  • The main menu's background is blue, since the animation from the main menu is missing.
  • No loading screens.
  • The exit icon on the weapons menu does not exist.
  • Rockman/Mega Man has vastly different running and swimming animations than he does in the final; the former of which would later become Cut Man's in the Sega Saturn version.
  • Duo's sprite is used as a placeholder for the stages' corresponding Robot Masters on the stage select screen.
    • Tengu Man's icon is also used to represent Frost Man's stage.

Audio Differences

  • Rockman's voice is different and only has one voice clip when selecting a stage.
  • An additional audio track is present, but it only plays in Tengu Man and Clown Man's stages.
  • The game uses Rockman X3's sound effects.
  • The 1-Up sound effect is the same as what would become the bolt's in the final game.

Stage Differences

Normally Playable Stages

Intro Stage

  • This contains the only boss in the whole prototype. It is largely the same as the final version.

Frost Man

  • The background is completely different.
  • The giant whale enemies have no collision data.
  • There is a sound effect that plays for the "Jump, Jump!" and "Slide, Slide!" signs, as opposed to voice clips.

Inaccessible Stages

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These are on the disc, but cannot be accessed through the menu. Enter the following Action Replay code:

80187BF4 000x

Setting x to 2 accesses Clown Man's stage, while setting it to 3 accesses Tengu Man's stage.

When booting up the game, it's recommended to have the code off. Go to the stage select and highlight either playable stage. Press Start and quickly pause emulation, it's unknown whether or not R2 works (Esc, if using ePSXe works). Turn on the code, resume the game, and the specified stage will load.

Only the layouts for these stages are present. While they do have graphics, they are only temporary ones.

(Source: xnamkcor)

Clown Man

Part 1.
Part 2.

Tengu Man

Part 1.
Part 2.