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Proto:Mega Man Legends 2/Rockman DASH 2 - Episode 1: Roll-chan Kiki Ippatsu

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Rockman DASH 2 - Episode 1: Roll-chan Kiki Ippatsu is a pre-release demo of Mega Man Legends 2 (Rockman DASH 2 - Episode 2: Ōinaru Isan) that came with the Japanese version of The Misadventures of Tron Bonne and is also included in the PSP version of the complete game. It predates the final Japanese version by approximately nine months.

Unused Mission Illustrations

MML2 Select 1.png MML2 Select 2.png

These illustrations imply that there were more missions planned for the demo. The left illustration showcases Appo and Dah, likely representing the segment where you break into Glide's Base to rescue their sister like in the final. On the right, you most likely fought Glide and his Birdbot henchmen on Nino Island, also in the final. The existence of these assets suggest that not only these missions were likely already completed, or at the very least far along, by Episode 1's release, but that they had been in development for much earlier than before the nine-month gap between the demo and the final's release date. The fact that much of Yosyonke City's data exists in this demo and was also featured in V-Jump '99 supports this. The following text below suggests that even more was planned for the demo.

DASH2 Ep1 Unused Objective1.png DASH2 Ep1 Unused Objective2.png

Japanese English translation
好きなゲームを選んでね Choose the game that you prefer.


Protect Nino Island!

Defend Nino Island from Glyde and his troops!



Appo & Dah

Let's break into Glyde's base with the immortal twins!



Terror of Ojigi Boss.

He's tough! Do your best.



Encounter! Huge Reaverbots

Beat huge Reaverbots in the dungeon!

(Source: Dickson)

Debug Room

A debug room like the one in the final, but lacking the four status-changing floors, the Amistal, the blue barrier, and Sera. Roll doesn't move and is bigger than the final. Tron is in a walking motion without leaving the position, her head doesn't face Mega Man, and she has one extra face. There are also 14 duplicates of this area.

While in this area, pressing the Circle and X buttons on controller 2 will change Mega Man's "karma" shading.

Unused Areas

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All unused maps are called 未設定 (roughly "Not Set") in the demo instead of the final version's question marks.

Alleged Early Ruminoa City

Ruminoa City

An alleged early version of Nino Island's Ruminoa City. The city has several women resembling Shu and other two NPCs, and the player can talk with them. Two doors go to the Restaurant and Junk Shop, which are similar to the final version. Another two doors take the player to the debug room, while yet another door just leaves Mega Man stuck in the wall when he enters.

Bizarrely, a screenshot of this city can be found at the back of the international versions of Mega Man Legends 2's disc packaging. [1]


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  • An empty plain.
  • An incomplete Yosyonke City, along with its graveyard. Some buildings lack textures, and the statue is not present.
  • A plain similar to Calbania with a rainbow, a black car, and a giant Horokko.
  • A large plain with two Juraids, some incomplete building-like objects, and parts of the area have the text "test". Approaching the Juraids will cause the game to crash.
  • An empty ruin.
  • A duplicate of Kito Village. The house can be entered, but the door to the grassland goes to the debug room.
  • Several maps are an empty flat area with blue floor.
(Source: Trege (Cheat Engine code))

Unused Enemy

Big Horokko

One of the unused maps has a large Horokko that fires large energy spheres. Judging by its size and movements, it seems to be a very early version of Forbidden Island's boss.

Unused Dialogue

All women in the early Ruminoa City have dialogue:

Woman with yellow shirt:

  • "Did ya know that in the bar there's a sign that lights up?"

If you answer "yes":

  • "Hey, well aren't you just a know-it-all!"

If you answer "no":

  • "Then you better get with the program!"

Blue and white Shu:

  • "I really wanted to have something witty to say, but I haven't been able to come up with anything... Sorry!"

White and pink Shu:

  • "It'll be time for winter vacation soon... Do you have any fun and exciting plans yet? Then again, things are expected to be so busy up through next year, you just want to have a nice relaxing time off, am I right?"

Pink-haired woman:

  • "Between Roll and Tron, which do you like best?"

If you answer "Roll":

If you answer "Tron":

Standing blue-haired woman:

  • "I don't want you coming over here and bothering me!! That shock you?"

Walking blue-haired woman:

  • "............... ............... ............... Did you expect me to say something here?"

Woman with blue shirt:

  • "If they were going to stop production on this game, they'd have to tell the software people right away, wouldn't they...? ...Not that I think something like that will happen, but..."
(Source: Translated by #20.)

Unused Weapons

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The Crusher and Hyper Shell, named 垂力弾 and "Rock Bazooka" at this point, are partially complete and can be used with codes. There is also a weapon called "Special Weapon D", but the game crashes when it's equipped.