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Proto:Mega Man X3 (SNES)

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This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
This page details one or more prototype versions of Mega Man X3 (SNES).

A Japanese sample version of Mega Man X3 found by one C. Davis, rendered and fixed-up by the good people at, and released by the Rockman Corner.

Dated 08/23 in the game itself, the Rockman X3 Sample Version appears to be a nearly-finished build from four months before the commercial release. Almost all stages and features are implemented in some form or another. However, it's pretty clear the game is not quite finished.

(Prototype source: Rockman Corner)


MMX3-SNES-Proto PWZero.png
Game Start
Not a lot of changes from the final, but some things of note.
The Eight Mavericks
The bulk of the game's changes.
Vile, Bit, Byte, and Dr. Doppler
Oh, and Sigma. Spoilers.
Sprite Changes
Old Maverick designs and such.

Object Viewer


Use PAR codes 00887E01 + 00887FE1 to access an Object Viewer after the Capcom logo.


  • 1P Up/Down: Selects current object animation ("SEQ NO.")
  • 1P Left: Toggles vertical mirroring.
  • 1P Right: Toggles horizontal mirroring.
  • 1P A Button: Attempts to toggle the "CHR CODE" variable, but always seems to switch back to 00.
  • 1P X Button: Increases the "SEQ NO." variable by 1 per frame.
  • 1P Y Button: Increases the frame delay, or "CHR COUNT", by 1 per frame.
  • 1P L / R Button: Decrements / Increments the the current object ID, or "SET CODE".
  • 1P Start: Loads the object with "SET CODE"'s ID.
  • 2P Up/Down/Left/Right: Moves cursor.
  • 2P Y Button: Increments the frame number, or "CHR CODE", once per press.
  • 2P L / R Button: Decrements / Increments the object ID by 10, then loads that object.

Unused Graphics


A frame of Volt Catfish presumably getting energized by the bolt of lightning he strikes himself with.

Weapons, Armor and Items


Prototype Final
MMX3WeaponsP.png MMX3WeaponsF.png
  • The border of the weapons menu is different in the prototype.
  • When using a Sub Tank in the prototype, X's life bar / Sub Tank won't fill up / drain on the menu. Luckily this is just a graphical glitch; The Sub Tanks still work.
  • Use the Pro Action Replay code 7E1FCEFF in either version to enable the leftovers of the Item Tracer from Mega Man X2. The prototype keeps the item's name on the weapons menu, while the final version only has the graphic. Trying to use the Item Tracer will freeze the game.
  • The icon for the I. Tracer's weapon energy uses the VRAM's "W" placeholder graphic, found in all of the SNES Mega Man X games, due to not having a specific graphic to load.
  • Additionally, when quick weapon switching is used (L/R shoulder buttons) it will simply use whatever icon is currently loaded to that slot in VRAM.
  • X's picture doesn't change color during the "You get" screen. Also, there is no demonstration of the weapon. The wireframe of the weapon is always white instead of a unique color like in the final version.


  • X gets locked out of switching weapons with the trigger buttons every time you get a new armor upgrade. Pausing and unpausing fixes this.
Prototype Final
MMX3MapSparkleY.gif: Power-up
MMX3MapMarkerR.gif: Boss room
MMX3MapMarkerO.gif: Bit/Byte room
MMX3MapMarkerY.gif: Sub-boss room
MMX3MapMarkerB.gif: Ride Armor platform
MMX3MapMarkerP.gif: Vile capsule
MMX3MapMarkerR.gif: Power-up
  • The Head Parts' radar detects more than upgrades: It also marks Boss rooms, Bit/Byte rooms, Sub-boss rooms, Ride Armor platforms, and Vile capsules. It was likely changed because by the time you get the Head Parts, the player has to have gone through at least four stages (Tunnel Rhino, Blizzard Buffalo, Neon Tiger, Volt Catfish), and by that point, some of the information isn't really necessary.


  • One advantage the final version has over the sample version is that once the Head Parts are obtained, the stage select lists exactly which upgrades are in which stage.


  • The Arm Parts upgrade is glitched. If you fire a fully charged shot, X will remain in "charged status". You can continue to fire normal bullets, but you cannot charge. You have to switch to a weapon and then back to fix it. This is also fixed by obtaining the Z-Saber. This also doesn't seem to happen 100% of the time - needs further investigating.

Parasitic Bomb

  • The charged Parasitic Bomb will keep playing the charging sound effect in the prototype. In the final game, the sound stops as soon as the crosshairs pop up.
  • The charged Parasitic Bomb uses no weapon energy in the prototype. In the final version, it uses up 1 bar of weapon energy for each hornet that hits its target.

Spinning Blade

  • The charged Spinning Blade can only be swung up using the D-pad. In the final, you can also swing it down.


  • If the player swings the charged-up Spinning Blade and takes damage, the rope will disappear, but the Spinning Blade will reappear once X's invincibility frames start ticking.

Bug Hole / Gravity Well


  • The charged Gravity Well interacts weirdly with certain enemies like Helits. The Helit body will be properly destroyed, but the propeller will just hang slightly offscreen. The Gravity Well will be active until the player either scrolls the propellers off-screen or switches to another weapon from the weapons menu.

Frost Shield


  • When the charged Frost Shield shatters and starts crawling on the ground in the prototype, the player is allowed to shoot uncharged Frost Shields (and the graphics for such are loaded into VRAM) almost immediately, glitching the charged-up Frost Shield if it's still on screen. In the final game, the player can't shoot any more Frost Shields until the charged-up Frost Shield is destroyed.


  • Likewise, if the charged Frost Shield is destroyed prematurely by air dashing, hitting a powerful-enough enemy, etc., the charged Frost Shield graphics remain in VRAM. This time, it's the uncharged Frost Shield that is graphically glitched.

Tornado Fang

  • In the prototype, the charged Tornado Fang takes away 1 bar of energy every 64 frames. This was increased in the final game to 3 bars every 64 frames.
  • If X is against a wall with the charged Tornado Fang, he'll stay on as long as he presses against it. In the prototype, X can stay on even if the Tornado Fang runs out of energy, or he switches to another weapon from the weapons menu.
Prototype Final
MMX3TornadoFangWallP.png MMX3TornadoFangWallF.png
X will constantly kick up dust while clinging to a wall in the final version. This seems to be a bug introduced when the above glitch was fixed.
  • If X is underwater and against a wall with the charged Tornado Fang, he'll slide down the wall instead of sticking to it. This was fixed in the final version.


  • If the player is using the charged Tornado Fang, switches to the weapons menu, then selects any other weapon, they'll be unable to use the charged Tornado Fang for the rest of the stage. Trying to use it again will give X either his normal or charged palette until they select another weapon.

Hyper Charge


  • If the player tries to use the Hyper Charge while clinging to a wall, they'll shoot out a glitched X buster pellet (using the same graphic as charging particles) instead. Trying to use it again will just shoot out a normal X Buster pellet. This lasts until the player changes weapons.


  • This is not an instant-kill attack on bosses with invulnerability frames, like it is in the final. It instead does a flat 4 damage.
  • Similarly, a direct hit using the Z-Saber with X seems unable to do more than 4 damage to most bosses. In the final, it does a whopping 16 damage to most bosses.
  • X's Z-Saber beam surrounds normal enemies as it does to the bosses. In the final game, the saber goes straight through the normal enemies and destroys them.
  • X's Z-Saber energy wave only does 2 damage to most bosses, rather than continual damage. It sometimes immobilizes certain bosses, as well.



  • In the prototype, switching to Zero will not clear X-Buster shots from the screen. The same is true when switching from Zero to X.


  • There's a glitch with Zero's Z-Saber in the prototype. The player has to shoot Zero's second charged shot, quickly do two or more short hops, then mash the shoot button when Zero lands. Zero's charge will be lost but he'll keep his charging animation. The final version fixes this (sorta) by resetting Zero's palette back to normal.
  • Zero's death lacks sound effects.
  • Unlike the final, Zero can collect Sub-Tanks and Heart Upgrades. When Zero collects a Heart Upgrade, his max HP actually increases! X will also receive the upgrade when you switch back to him. Unfortunately the upgrade to Zero's max HP is not permanent, although it will last until you switch back to X.
  • Zero can enter the Vile stage teleporters. Entering the teleporters as Zero will predictably teleport you to the Vile stage. You will enter the Vile stage as X, and for an instant you'll have a much larger HP meter. This was fixed in the final, where Zero cannot activate the Vile stage teleporters.

Miscellaneous Differences

  • No password screens after beating the bosses.
  • If X or Zero are hit by an attack that does 6 damage or more, they will take a knee and be stunned for about 3.77 seconds (or 226 frames).
  • Some bosses, like Gravity Beetle or Blizzard Buffalo, will pause their assault and let X/Zero recover, should they take a knee in their presence.


  • While the ending can't be reached through normal means, it can be viewed by using the PAR code 7E00D106 and starting a new game.
Prototype MMX3EpilogueBG1P.png MMX3EpilogueBG2P.png
Final MMX3EpilogueBG1F.png MMX3EpilogueBG2F.png
  • The buildings in the prototype look very different, more like a city than a scientific laboratory. Did X destroy Dopple Town?! The mountains in the background are also drawn differently than in the final version. The sun has been added on the background behind the mountains with sun rays scattering around.
Prototype Final (Japan)
"1) Zero needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine." "2) Whenever Zero's not on screen, all the other characters should be asking 'Where's Zero?'"

(Note that X's refusal to stop moving is a consequence of the way this code works and not an actual difference.)

  • The cliff where Zero and X stand during the final game is nowhere to be seen, instead a blue strip fills the bottom of the scene. The music that plays at this point is the Cast Roll music instead of the Epilogue music that plays in the final game, even though that track is already in the ROM.
  • What would be the Cast Roll in the final version lasts about five seconds in this one and shows a whole lot of nothing.
  • The "Thanks for Playing" screen will play the "You Get" music from when you obtain a new weapon. In the final version this screen simply keeps playing the Cast Roll music.