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Proto:Mega Man X5

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mega Man X5.

After several years, the prototype version of Mega Man X5 (Rockman X5 in Japan) has been released fairly recently. It's a VERY early build, dated May 1st, 2000, and contains quite a number of differences from the Final. Being built upon X4's engine, it's obviously still quite rough around a few edges.

To do:
Still incomplete, need to fix up a few more things, and need to add more info, especially about the locked weapons

General Gameplay Differences

  • The animated CAPCOM logo is the same one used in Mega Man X4.
  • On the title screen, GAME START is the only thing you can choose.
  • You cannot go back to the title screen from the Player Select screen, like X4
  • No continue screen and mission report. When you lose all your lives, you are booted back to the title screen.
  • No Armor Capsules, Heart Tanks, Weapon Tanks or Energy Tanks have been implemented yet (in the accessible stages, at least).
  • No story elements, dialogue or cutscenes appear in the prototype. Fortunately, this includes Alia and the Sigma Viruses, thank the gods.
  • Item pickups can only be found as drops.
  • Pause menu and special weapons aren't accessible.
  • Only the Fourth Armor is accessible during normal gameplay, and you can't change your character or armor when you choose a stage.
  • Nothing happens when the Eurasia's countdown timer is up.
  • The four available Mavericks can always be challenged, even after having been defeated.
  • A lot of leftover data from X4 still remains.
  • Some enemy locations from the prototype are kept in the final version's Xtreme difficulty.
  • The health bar is different.
  • Unlike final, Zero is not able to cancel ground slash combo by crouching.

Graphical Differences

Title Screen and Player Select

Prototype Final(Japan)
RMX5-Proto-title2.png RockmanX5-title.png

The blue background appears to be the same one used for some character mugshots in the final version. The 'Press Start Button' prompt uses X4's font.


The only option is to start the game. The 'Game Start' text is also rendered in X4's font style. The title screen music doesn't play.

Prototype Final (Japan)
It's a shame that the nice crisis-themed background was completely changed for some reason. The cyber-themed background in the final is not a great choice though. Almost no touch of the crisis-theme.
Prototype Final (Japan)
Extremely powerful! Not insanely powerful but goes for technical choice.

Totally different looking character select screen, although X and Zero's pictures are pretty much the same. It seems to be based off X4's Player Select screen. The text 'Player Select' is in Japanese, though the rest of the text is mostly different. The text "X-Buster" and "Z-Sabre" is added in the final. X's info states that his attack style is a 'shooting type', while the final states that he is an all-around type, and that he is a Maverick Hunter who worries about the war. Zero's info doesn't state that he can handle the mission and keep calm, but does state that his Saber is "extremely powerful".

Intro stage

The Broken Highway is still undergoing renovation, and other stage details have been changed.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Start.png RMX5-Final-Start.png

The position when you enter the screen was moved to the center. Street light is missing in the final.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Highway1.png RMX5-Final-Highway1.png

The Crusher NEOs have different, less polished sprite, along with the Mad Taxis. A completely different, primitive-looking health bar is used, probably as a placeholder. The background and foreground has been changed around.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Highway2.png RMX5-Final-Highway2.png

The road and background is once again different, and in the foreground is...something?

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Highway4.png RMX5-Final-Highway4.png

The floor is totally different. The Snipers look different, and one of them was removed for the Final's Xtreme difficulty.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Highway5.png RMX5-Final-Highway5.png

One Crusher is removed for Xtreme difficulty.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Building.png RMX5-Final-Building.png

The ceiling is darker, and the ceiling doesn't crush the enemy in the prototype version.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-City.png RMX5-Final-City.png

The red pillars are a tad darker in the proto. The background lacks some details, and there are also less clouds.

Prototype Final
This kind of blue sky without any bit of cloud is unusual. Some really nice clouds are added to make it "in place".

The statue is a bit less blue, and also less decorated. Approaching the boss doors will show you a bit of the boss chamber.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Sigma1.png RMX5-Final-sigma1.png
Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Sigma2.png RMX5-Final-Sigma2.png

The statue's explosion has no sound effects. The sky doesn't darken, and the thunder effects are missing. Sigma's lifebar follows the color of whichever character you chose, and the character you didn't choose is MIA.

On another note, Zero's crouch slash and jumping slash are pretty damaging to enemies, or as the Player Select screen would say, Extremely Powerful.


In the proto, the screen simply reverts to normal, and they do their victory pose and warp out. Again, they still use their X4 victory tune.

Stage Select

Prototype Final(Japan)
RMX5-Proto-StageSelect.png RMX5-Final-StageSelect.png

The Final's stage select has more text, and the stage locations are totally different. For the Eurasia countdown, you are given 24 hours, which was cut down to 16 hours. Again, when the timer runs out, nothing happens. Locked stages are locked appropriately. It's worth noting that the North American instruction manuals of Mega Man X5, as well as the PlayStation 2 Mega Man X Collection still claims Eurasia will hit Earth in 24 hours instead of 16.

  • The time system appears to have a glitch that when you lose a life or went through the Area 2 of Mattrex stage, it may incorrectly count as you have spent one hour. This didn't happen in the final version (Probably due to balancing/video game logic reason. Maybe they thought losing 24 lives will be too easy?)

The available stages belong to Grizzly Slash (Crescent Grizzly), Squid Adler (Volt Kraken), Duff McWhalen (Tidal Makkoeen) and Mattrex (Burn Dinorex), though the latter doesn't appear himself in his stage. Interestingly, even though his mugshot was changed, the one used in the credits roll is still his old one.

Prototype Final
The color choice is kinda out of place and too bright? Now it really goes for crisis emergency.

The table doesn't display the hologram map in the prototype. Some other details are changed here and there, and the view appears to be zoomed-out compared to the final.

The Earth is not in danger. Dynamo is sleepy now.

There is a graphical glitch when you let the timer finish. The glitch graphic appears over the "time left" display, shows name of some parts, or the border of parts, and may change after you finish a stage.

Listed name of parts and other text:

  • いいえ ("NO")
  • はい ("YES")
  • シャトル発進 ("launch space shuttle")
  • シャトルを見る ("check space shuttle")
  • ウェポンを見る ("check weapon")
  • ウェポン発射 ("launch weapon") (WEAPON refers to the Enigma)
  • Nom エックス (Normal X)
  • ハイパーチャージ (Hyper Charge)
  • ラピッド5 (Rapid 5)
  • スピードショット (Speed Shot)
  • バスタープラス (Buster Plus)
  • アルティメットバスター (Ultimate Buster)
  • ZセイバーPlus (Z-Saber Plus)
  • ウィルスバスター (Virus Buster)
  • 予行 ("Temporary name" or "name has not decided")
  • X.Wing (Early internal name for Falcon Armor)
  • X.Heavy (Early internal name for Gaea Armor)
  • X.Mega (Early internal name for Ultimate Armor)

Crescent Grizzly/Grizzly Slash Stage

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Train3.png RMX5-Final-Train3.png

You can't jump out of screen from a truck in the prototype version.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-TrainLaser.png RMX5-Final-TrainLaser.png

The train shoots a different laser in the prototype version - one that you don't need to duck to dodge. The background has also changed a bit in the final.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Train1.png RMX5-Final-Train1.png

Again, different sprites for these enemies, though they're mostly just color changes.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Train2.png RMX5-Final-Train2.png

One more Rolling Gear compared to the final, and it is present in the final's XTREME difficulty. The noise when you are hanging or moving on a rope is missing.

Prototype Final
It doesn't seem to be a problem when you face Grizzly, but fighting against the rest two bosses in the prototype will be a hazard when they reach LV.96. Actually, the boss level would not go beyond LV.50 in the final game (Sans boss re-fight and the second form of Sigma.)

Not much changes, though he lacks SFX for when he uses his big C-Slash. Note that Lvl. 96 can only be attained during the boss re-fights, as the final has a limit to the bosses' levels during the normal levels.

  • Grizzly starts to perform his ground dive attack when he has about 1/4 HP left instead of final's 3/4.

Volt Kraken/Squid Adler Stage

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Electrap1.png RMX5-Final-Electrap1.png

No power orbs to be found.

Prototype Final
Who can tell if it's intended for the dangerous traps to be at lightening speed, even at the middle of stage development progress? The Road blocks didn't partially help it. They only made things worse.

The electric lights on the platforms have changed.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Electrap3.png RMX5-Final-Electrap3.png

The rescuable Reploid looks younger in the prototype version.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Electrap4.png RMX5-Final-Electrap4.png

The Death Press D had a color change. Also, the electric door's sprite is different.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Electrap5.png RMX5-Final-Electrap5.png

Yet another enemy saved for the final's Xtreme difficulty.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Electrap6.png RMX5-Final-Electrap6.png

The rope was changed to purple, most likely to be more conspicuous. The electric trap door sprite is different.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Elecboss.png RMX5-Final-Elecboss.png

Squid Adler's lower speed in the proto is the only change from this boss. When you defeat him, he instead uses the sprite for when you use his weakness (Goo Shaver).

Tidal Whale/Duff McWhalen Stage

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Sea1.png RMX5-Final-Sea1.png

The color of the water in the final is a murky green instead of the prototype's blue. The color of the fish the U-555 sends out are green as opposed to red. The Star Traps got a new sprite.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Sea2.png RMX5-Final-Sea2.png

The submarine's laser is different and unfinished. It can get wonky if you push it to the left side of the screen.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Sea3.png RMX5-Final-Sea3.png

Damage value against the submarine seems to be the same though.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Sea4.png RMX5-Final-Sea4.png

Final version's background is brighter when you get in the shipwreck, and the fish have changed color, too.

Prototype Final
This section is very tough to get through if you choose Zero. With the implement of weapons/enhance parts, the situation would always be better.

The Fourth Armor's Charge Shot appears to have a bigger hitbox - it can destroy all the cannons in one shot! Also, the plasma appears to have a smaller hitbox like in X4.

Prototype Final
The ice blocks really goes for lightening speed. Now the situation is better. Still a tough battle though.

Duff McWhalen's fight doesn't seem too different... that is, until his health goes below 50%, by which point is the biggest change here - he moves to the right side of the arena (the side with the spikes) and shoots his iceblocks...that move at a ridiculous speed, requiring very precise timing to not get hit. Obviously, it was changed to be slowly, but have him shoot from the other side. Either way, when you have a choice between a very precise attack and one that's potentially a one-hit kill, you don't have much of a choice, do you?

On another note, every boss here uses the Sigma symbol, instead of the generic skull.

Burn Dinorex/Mattrex Stage

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Lava1.png RMX5-Final-Lava1.png

The lava wave in the proto is still kind of buggy.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Lava2.png RMX5-Final-Lava2.png

In the second part, one wall was heightened up in the final to prevent you from using the Ride Armor from that spot and straight to the Capsule. Also in the final, the camera won't be stuck nowhere like the prototype.

Prototype Final
RMX5-Proto-Lava3.png RMX5-Final-Lava3.png

The Final version has a block you can get onto to wall-jump on the left wall.

  • Pteranoid has no invincibility frames.
  • Mattrex himself didn't appear in the prototype. When you reach the boss room, The system reads you have cleared the stage and you will warp out. The timer counts as you have spent one hour.

Inaccessible/Locked Stages

Enter Gameshark code 300C796C 00xx for Stage modifier (Activate it at Player Select screen).

  • The main stages have an earlier version of their respective music theme in the final.
  • In the X4 leftover stages, several parts of player HUD would be glitched (Probably because the new format of HUD not being compatible with X4 stages which still try to load X4-exclusive HUD graphics as they originally should.)
  • Further information can be checked here.

Training Stage


Value 16 is the training stage, which is identical to the final training stage, except that the Zero Virus stage theme plays at one point in the final instead of X/Zero's respective theme.

Note Magma Dragoon's X4 voice acting is still present at this point! (Final X5 removed his voice acting, but they seems forget to remove the "Hadoken" echo jammed in fire wave SFX.)

When Magma Dragoon defeated, the game will send you to the title screen as in final should you turn off the aforementioned codes before X/Zero leaves the stage.

Izzy Glow/Shining Hotarunicus Stage

Value 06 for Izzy Glow's Lab/Castle stage.

Prototype Final
RMX5 IzzyStage-Proto.png MMX5 IzzyStage-Final.png

Drawbridge Object added. Background scroll fixed.

Prototype Final
RMX5 IzzyBackground-Proto.png MMX5 IzzyBackground-Final.png

Featured some minor tweak of the background.

  • Player can't go beyond the area where spike board area are in the final so extended hacks/cheats are needed in order to explore the full stage.

The Skiver/Spiral Pegasion Stage

RMX5 Skiver-Proto.png

Value 08 for the (bare bone) Skiver Stage. Stage building barely started at this point. Can't explore further area beyond the start point.

Dark Dizzy/Dark Necrobat Stage

RMX5 Necrobat-Proto.png

Value 02 for the (bare bone) Dark Dizzy stage. Bats exist here as test objects (?)

  • Just like Izzy's case, Player can't go further beyond the location where the first elevator is in the final.

Axle the Red/Spike Rosered Stage

Value 07 for the (bare bone) Forest/Jungle stage, with several debugging/placeholder objects and collision tiles.

Prototype Final
RMX5 AxelEnemy-Proto.png MMX5 AxelEnemy-Final.png

Standard enemy palette difference. This enemy is moved to different locations in the final.

The first rope section + Round Spikes, Proto the first rope section, Final Round Spikes, Final
RMX5 AxelTrap-Proto.png MMX5 AxelTrap-Final.png MMX5 SigmaTrap-Final.png

The traps on the first rope are placeholders and they are moved to upper area in the final. Note the collision tiles of spikes bears a striking resemblance to the first few spikes in final Sigma stage in final version.

So the actual purpose of him at this point is unknown...

Instead of Axle himself, Split Mushroom from X4 can be fought at the end of stage as a Test boss (?)

X4 Memorial Hall

RMX5 MemorialHall-Proto.png

Value 09 for the Memorial Hall stage in X4 (X VS. Colonel). No test object and music exists. Background graphics are broken.

X4 Space Port Stage

The airships still exist as should-be-animated background; but here multi-layer scroll is broken.

Value 0A for the Space Port stage in X4! But it's a shame that you can't explore the full stage without cheat because it's broken heavily...

  • An early version of Dynamo's theme can be heard in the stage!

X4 Final Weapon Stage Part 1&2

RMX5 FinalWeapon1-Proto.png

Value 0B for the Final Weapon stage (part 1) in X4! When you explore further to the right, the game fps will become EXTREMELY slow which means can't go further inside the boss shutter.

  • Part 2 also exists in this area's stage set but inaccessible without cheat/external hacks.
  • Meet Sigma demo music plays in all the leftover Final Weapon stages.

X4 Final Weapon Stage Part 3 (X4 Final Stage)

RMX5 FinalWeapon3-Proto.png

Value 0C for the Final Weapon stage (part 3) in X4! The HP-Max-Up Hearts are placed in where you can get health refill items in the original stage (For test purpose?)

You can't fully explore Sigma's room, anyway

In the Boss rematch transport devices, the background scroll is broken unlike the original X4 stage. Transport devices are missing, but the individual boss rematch rooms still exist in the stage area set, along with "meet Sigma" room.

Music Differences

A lot of different tracks exist in the prototype version.


Character Select

The final version saw significant changes to the melody, with no chimes being present later.

Stage Select

Totally different stage select theme, changed to the current one, more in line with the other games' stage select themes. How sad - this one was actually pretty nice.

Intro Stage (X)

The song flows differently - the first part loops twice, and the some instrument changes here and there.

Intro Stage (Zero)

Very different, and seems to take a different mood from the final.

Sigma 1st Encounter

The basic melody is there, but obviously far from complete.

Squid Adler/Volt Kraken

Fairly different. The guitar is more prominent than in the final.

Duff McWhalen/Tidal Makkoeen

A completely new track for McWhalen's stage before they decided to remix Bubble Crab's theme from X2. Listed in the official soundtrack of X1-X6.

Mattrex/Burn Dinorex

Missing the lead guitar and some instrumentation that was added for the final version. Everything else appears to be the same.

Boss Theme

More or less complete, though a bit lacking in a few places, like the percussion.


Tracks that are present on-disc, but inaccessible under normal circumstances.

The Skiver/Spiral Pegasion

Almost the same, with a few changes for the final.

Axle the Red/Spike Rosered

Similar to his final stage music, but with far more basic instrumentation and higher pitched than the final's.

Dark Dizzy/Dark Necrobat

The first 50 seconds are practically the same, but after that, the song progresses in a very different way from the final. NOTE: Due to the long time before the changed part and the large size, the part unique to the prototype was isolated and is the current one.

Stage Start

There are no boss demos before the stage starts, so this track is never heard. Probably inside anyway to make the prototype seem more "complete"?

X vs Zero Theme

Still not quite complete. Different instruments in some parts.

Dynamo Theme

Different instruments for the main melody. Speaking of main melody, it's quite different. Presumably, it was changed, because it sounds more like a hero's theme, rather than a villain like Dynamo.

  • Occupied in the leftover X4 Space Port stage mentioned above.

Mission Report

Another unused song, unused due to there being no fitting screen at all, and replaced with a fixed tune. Listed in the official soundtrack of X1-X6.

Dr. Light Theme

Goes completely unused, listed in the official soundtrack of X1-X6, and can be heard as the fifth music in the Gallery of Mega Man X Collection as an extra.

Zero Virus Stage Select

A strange track that is not found in the final nor is used in this version. It's been thought to be a stage select theme for the Zero Space stages, though none of them implemented in the prototype, while in the final it just uses a loop of the main segment of Zero Space theme. It's different from the unused version of the stage select theme listed in the X1-X6 soundtrack.

  • Flags that switch stage select music to this track are present in this build but can't be achieved without external cheats/hacks.

Zero Dead Theme

Different instrumentation than the final. It is also listed in the soundtrack of X1-X6.

Unchanged \ Placeholder

  • Izzy Glow's music, the cutscene music from the final version and the first Zero Virus Stage music is present on-disc, and seems to be all set.
    • Izzy Glow's music is occupied in his bare bone stage. Zero Virus Stage music is occupied in an early candidate of Training stage mentioned above.
  • The Final Weapon music, the Iris fight music and the "Meet Sigma" demo music from final stages of X4 is present on-disc, but only remain as leftovers from X4, as are the Japanese theme songs for X4.
    • Meet Sigma demo music is occupied in leftover X4 Final Weapon stages.
  • X and Zero's X4 stage clear themes can be heard when you beat a stage, but only as placeholders.


Auto play Demo

Prototype Final(Japan)
RMX5-Proto-Autodemo.png RMX5-Final-Autodemo.png

The Auto play Demo shows PRESS START BUTTON in X4's font and shows the player's life bar in the prototype. The player's charging effect is the same one in X4. This is obviously due to being modified from X4.

Prototype Final(Japan)
RMX5-Proto-DemoLogo.png RMX5-Final-DemoLogo.png

After the attract screen ends, the CAPCOM logo fades out. In the prototype version it is the same as X4's. In the final version, it is a picture of X and Zero on the logo.


  • Zero's Z-buster has not been finalized. There is no apparent charge time like in X6, and the Z-saber's attack sound is used as a placeholder.
  • X and Zero still have their Japanese voices from X4,
  • The "READY?" voice is the one from X4.
  • Sigma retains his "Owari da!" ("It's all over!") vocal from X4 as a placeholder, when he is charging his Virus Laser. If you beat him when the Virus Laser is shooting, the sound will keep looping.
  • Duff McWhalen uses Frost Walrus's voice when he's firing his Goo Shaver and missiles.