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Proto:Metropolis Street Racer/May 9th, 2000 build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Metropolis Street Racer.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

The May 9th, 2000 prototype of Metropolis Street Racer is a demo which was used at E3 2000, sent to press for previews, and likely shown at Tokyo Game Show 2000

General Differences

  • The title screen is different from the final version, and both uses a different font and ascribes copyright to Sega Enterprises instead of Bizarre Creations
Prototype Final
Metropolis Street Racer - May 9 2000 - Title.png MSR Title.png
  • The Kudos splash screen appears twice when the game starts up, and the second kudos screen, Sega logo and Bizarre creations logos appear overlaid on the clock graphic
  • On-screen controller guidance is simplified and shows greyed-out and coloured buttons instead of cycling through controls with descriptions of what they do
  • Clock and time zone prompts are not present
  • The main menu is simplified and contains seven individual race options, including one multiplayer option. Each item is on a different track, which is sketched out in green on the background map.
  • Only the Mercedes SLK 230 is playable, and only in silver
  • Some barriers blocking off intersections are diagonal across the intersection rather than just covering each of the unused cross streets in a squared off shape
  • Barriers which are not diagonal tend to be further back in the cross street
  • In Time Attack, the ghost car is opaque rather than semi-transparent
  • Awarded kudos is displayed using a series of dots instead of the increasingly opaque "K" logo of the final version