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Proto:Mickey's Wild Adventure

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mickey's Wild Adventure.

A demo of Mickey's Wild Adventure can be found on PlayStation Magazine Disc 2. The only playable level is The Lonesome Ghosts.

Unused Graphics

Prototype Final
Mickeyadv MICKBOXproto.png
Mickeyadv TT2proto.png
Mickeyadv STSCREENproto.png
Mickeyadv MICKBOX.png
Mickeyadv TT2.png
Mickeyadv STSCREEN.png

Several graphics indicate the game was originally going to be named Mickey Mania, but was changed to Mickey's Wild Adventure sometime later in development.

Curiously, although Psygnosis' name is spelled correctly on the prototype copyright screen, it's misspelled in the final version.