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Proto:Might and Magic IX: Writ of Fate

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Might and Magic IX: Writ of Fate.

This prototype of Might and Magic IX was built on or shortly after December 20, 2001, as a lot of the files have that date. Unlike the final game, most of the debug features work here, allowing the player to explore freely.

General Differences

  • The WORLDS directory, which provides maps for the game, is missing. Replacing them with those from the released version will make it run.
  • The game's resources are unpacked rather than archived into .REZ files, likely so DEdit can use the resources for mapping.
  • God Mode is enabled by default.
  • The game does not autosave after moving between areas.
  • No music or voice files are present. While adding voices from the final works, adding music from the final does not.
  • 3DO and NWC intro videos are included but don't play. Adding the final's intro video will allow it to be viewed through the option on the main menu.
  • Switching between fullscreen and windowed in-game will cause the game to crash.


The prototype has two launchers, both looking slightly different.

old_mm9.exe mm9.exe (main for the prototype) Final
Mam9 proto launcher old mm9.png Mam9 proto launcher main.png Mam9 proto launcher original.png

Classic Controls

Present in the settings, it allows to set the control scheme to one which is similar to the previous games.

Mam9 proto options classic controls.png

The difference is that the previous games had hybrid controls, using the mouse for point-and-click elements instead of mouse look. The classic scheme there handles it differently by setting mouse look as main mode and allowing to toggle by pressing the L key. When pressed, the mouse cursor appears and allows to click on things while mouse look is disabled. While point-and-click mode is on, the arrow keys used for turning do not work.

Map Screen

Proto Final
Mam9 proto screen map proto.png Mam9 screen map original.png

The triangle pattern on the sides of the map was probably supposed to be used to pan the map. Zoom buttons are here as well. The buttons animate on click and such but are not functional. The triangle pattern in the release version was left as a decoration.

Spectator Mode

Allows you to fly around the map using free camera. While in this mode, the player model (the Warrior-class character from Legends of Might and Magic) is placed at the initial position.

Mam9 proto spectator mode.png


At this point, the Lich portraits are holdovers from Might and Magic VIII.

Proto Final
Mam9 proto graphics pcs lich 01.png Mam9 graphics pcs lich 01.png
Proto Final
Mam9 proto graphics pcs lich 02.png Mam9 graphics pcs lich 02.png

Liches also have only half of the frames that are present in the final release.