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Proto:Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor/March 24th 1999 Build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Might and Magic VII: For Blood and Honor.

MightAndMagic7 Title.png
To do:
Dig through the game files, there are a lot of early graphics and early texts. Screenshots of most notable places for comparision.

A prototype of the game released as part of Project Eclipse. Internally dated November 24th, 1999, it predates the final release by two and a half months.

General Differences

  • Starts with alternative intro without sound; some other movies are missing.
Proto Final
  • There are only 5 music tracks, 4 known from the final release and a new one; each one has it's unique name:
    • Forgotten christmas gift
    • Monsters
    • The ear revolution
    • Where dreams go
    • In a bag under the sea

  • Main menu has no music
  • Default party is different
  • Starting intro on Emerald Island plays "The Sabres of Paradise - R.S.D." music track
  • Almost all Guilds, Shops and NPCs uses placeholder text, audio and portraits. Most of cinematics have no audio. Goblin Armorer from the Pit cinematic is in much higher quality than in vanilla.
  • Interface is a mix of old and vanilla infoboxes, also game files contain a few alternative versions of UI
  • Maps are sterile, contain only a few decorations and much less monsters and there are a few bigger differences when compared with final release listed below
  • Game can be played from start to finish although at the end it will just keep playing a placeholder cutscene instead of sending the player to the end screen


Loading Screen

Loading screen shows interesting mashup of Knight, Barbarian and Warlock buildings from HoMM2, trees from HoMM3 and an unidentified tower.

M&MVIIMarProto loadingscreen.png


Release Prototype
M&M7 protoMarch Border2.png M&M7 protoMarch Border1.png

M&M7 protoMarch IB-AUTO-A.png

Part of an interface for a minimap .

M&MVII protoMarch IA03.gif

An animation of "Torch Light" spell.

M&MVII protoMarch IA04.gif

An animation of "Wizard's Eye" spell.

Release Prototype
M&M7 protoMarch Icons Controls1.png M&M7 protoMarch Control1.png

M&M7 protoMarch CON RESH.png

Topic Box Backgrounds

Only the second one is actually in use in March prototype; all of them have "good" and "evil" versions. The fourth graphic is an evil alternative to version that can be found both in vanilla game files and in this proto (but in proto is in all three version).

Final for comparision:

MM7 Icons evt02.png

More Veins and Vines


Prototype doesn't have Shoals minimap.


Marshes in the southern part of the map are replaced by water. Relevant tiles on a minimap are also represented by water rather than rotten green terrain.

Release Prototype
M&M7 Icons OUT13.png M&MVIIMarProto Tatalia.png

Barrow Downs

Minimap shows entrances to almost all of the 13 dwarven barrows (Zokkar's Tomb was probably meant to be inaccessible from beginning), however not all of the entrances do really exist. Also even if building is placed on map it doesn't mean that is has door nor that the party can interact with the door and enter the tomb. Inside barrows there is a normal system of travelling between Catacombs known from vanilla.

Release Prototype
M&M7 Icons out11.png M&MVIIMarProto BarrowD.png


Minimap differs in the northern part. Nor this build, nor final release have green heights around the lake.

Release Prototype
M&M7 Icons out05.png M&MVIIMarProto Deyja.png


Minimap in proto doesn't show roads, but it clearly reveals placement of chests. White Cliff Caves are present in the same place as in the final release, but minimap shows that an entrance was planned to be further to the east.

Release Prototype
M&M7 Icons out02.png M&M7 ProtoMarch Icons out02.png


Road signs are present on a minimap, as well as roofs of porches of some houses. Far to the south-west there is a small object on a minimap, but there is nothing in a proto version.

Release Prototype
M&M7 Icons out03.png M&M7 ProtoMarch Icons out03.png

Bracada Desert

Release Prototype
M&M7 Icons out06.png M&M7 ProtoMarch Icons out06.png

Tularean Forest

Release Prototype
M&M7 Icons out04.png M&M7 ProtoMarch Icons out04.png


Release Prototype
M&M7 Icons Out14.png M&M7 ProtoMarch Icons out14.png

Mount Nighon

Release Prototype
M&M7 Icons OUT10.png M&M7 ProtoMarch Icons out10.png

Land of the Giants

Release Prototype
M&M7 Icons out12.png M&M7 ProtoMarch Icons out12.png

Maps Differences

Dragon Cave on Emerald Island

Cave is more complex than in the final release and consists of several smaller caves and tunnels filled with rats and equipment that is better than generally found on Emerald Isle.

Release Prototype
M&M7 DragonCaveMinimap.png M&M7 protoMarch DragonCaveMinimap.png

Tularean Forest

Treants are bugged and are minimized. Their faces can be seen only during attack.

M&MVIIMarProto treants.png

Dwarven Barrows

Some of Barrows are guarded by mini-Trolls, however they tend to stuck in many places e.g. on a dwarven resting place. The small trolls animation can be also found in a files of final version of the game, however they don't appear on any map.

M&MVIIMarProto Trolls.png


In the prototype swamps are simply trenches filled with water.

M&M7 ProtoMarch TataliaSwamp.png

Island with entrance to the Tidewater Caverns is pretty empty.

M&M7 ProtoMarch TataliaTidewater.png

Items Names

There are two different "items.txt" files: the one, older, from Icons.lod and the second from Events.lod. The second is very similar to the final release; the first contains a lot of placeholders and leftovers from M&M6, different names for standard and special items; the first two names below are most notable, there are much more, but less interesting:

Proto from Icons.lod Final from Events.lod
Hyperbolic Plasma Redirecting Quantum Phase Modulator Oscillation Overthruster
Lich Jar (organ filled- no Hitler's brain) Lich Jar
Skull Zokarr IV's Skull
Jar with Magic Dust Haldar's Remains
Bottle of Poison Elixir
Reptilian Egg Dragon Egg
Castle in a Bottle Temple in a Bottle
Peacock Feather Quill Parson's Quill