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Proto:Mortal Kombat: Deception

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mortal Kombat: Deception.

To do:
There is leftover stage data from the removed Acid Bath arena inside of MKDA.PAK. Check to see if it is accessible in-game somehow.

A PS2 review build from August 29, 2004 was released as part of Hidden Palace's Project Deluge. It has a few differences despite being compiled only ten days before final.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

General Differences

Game Version

Holding down L1+Square on any of the options menus will display the build's internal version number, which is 0.082. In comparison, the version number for the final build is 0.098.

Proto Final
MKDeception PS2ProtoVersionNumber.png MKDeception PS2VersionNumber.png

Arcade Ladder

Proto Final
MKDeception LadderProto.png MKDeception LadderRetail.png
  • The font for the arena text remains unchanged from the previous game.
  • Text for the time, difficulty, and koins is positioned sightly differently.
  • Some characters do not appear on the ladder before the fight begins.

Boss Fight

The announcer calls Onaga's explosion upon his defeat a Fatality. This is oddly cut out of final.

Mission Complete

The mission complete box that appears during Konquest is quite different. The text itself has a flashing green grow around it and is sized differently. The background also has a green hue.

Proto Final
MKDeception MCompleteProto.png MKDeception MCompleteRetail.png

Graphical Differences


The HUD and character roster icons for Noob-Smoke are different. The icons were originally of the duo's alternate costume before they were updated to reflect their primary costume for final.

Proto Final
MKDeception NSHudProto.png MKDeception NSHudRetail.png
Proto Final
MKDeception NSRosterProto.png MKDeception NSRosterRetail.png
Proto Final
MKDeception NSLockedProto.png MKDeception NSLockedRetail.png

Text Differences


Chaos Pendants

Proto Final
These pendants converts its wearer to the ways of Chaos. These pendants converts their wearer to the ways of Chaos.

The description for Chaos Pendants was slightly changed to refer to the item as plural.

Krypt Key: QI

Proto Final
Krypt Key: QI
This key will unlock Dairou.
Krypt Key: QI
This key will unlock Dairou's alternate costume.

It was originally planned for this Krypt key to unlock Dairou before he was unlocked by default. While the key still unlocks his alternate costume, its description was not updated.

Krypt Key: MO

Proto Final
Krypt Key: QI
This key will unlock the Dragon King temple arena.
Krypt Key: MO
This key will unlock the Dragon King temple arena.

The koffin letters for the Dragon King's Temple were not decided on at the time of writing the description, so the previous key's letters were used as a placeholder.