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Proto:Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Nintendo 64)/May Build

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Nintendo 64).

This prototype of Mortal Kombat Trilogy, dated May 13, 1996, also came with a source code leak of the Nintendo 64 version of Mortal Kombat Trilogy, which was released by an anonymous 4chan user, who claimed that he got it from a developer.

It is likely that this was a prototype sent to gaming magazines for previews.

(Source: Hidden Palace)

Main Changes

Copyright Notice

Prototype Final
MKT-earlycopyright.png MKT-finalcopyright.png

The copyright notice info seems to be mainly unchanged from the final, except for the fact that the game's logo can be seen on the background.

Title Screen

Prototype Final
MKT-earlytitle.png Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Nintendo 64)-title.png

The title screen has a different appearance from the final, being surrounded by storms and the dragon logo being slightly lighter and more reminiscent of the first game.

Main Menu

Prototype Final
MKT-earlymenu.png MKT-finalmenu.png

The Main Menu is mainly based on the mode select of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, with 3 on 3 Kombat not implemented yet. The options menu is selectable as a normal option instead of a button combination in the final.

Options Menu

Prototype Final
MKT-earlyoptions.png MKT-finaloptions.png

The options menu got a unique background which was changed in the final to the Choose your Destiny portal background.

Sound and Music

Prototype Final
MKTrilogy-N64 SoundOptions-Proto.png MKTrilogy-N64 SoundOptions-Final.png

STEREO was removed in the final.

Kontrol Konfigure

Prototype Final
MKTrilogy-N64 Controls-Proto.png MKTrilogy-N64 Controls-Final.png

The default assigned controls are different.

Game Konfigure

Prototype Final
MKTrilogy-N64 GameConfig-Proto.png MKTrilogy-N64 GameConfig-Final.png

CLOCK was renamed to TIMER in the final.

Secret Options

Red Secret Option [?]
Prototype Final
MKTrilogy-N64 RedSecretOption Proto.png MKTrilogy-N64 RedSecretOption Final.png
  • GAME CHEATS was renamed to KOMBAT CHEATS.
  • 1 HIT DEATHS was removed in the Final.
  • LEVEL SELECT was moved to the Blue Secret Option in the final.
Blue Secret Option [?]
Prototype Final
MKTrilogy-N64 BlueSecretOption Proto.png MKTrilogy-N64 BlueSecretOption Final.png
  • There was nothing yet so it was under construction.
Green Secret Option [?]
Prototype Final
MKTrilogy-N64 GreenSecretOption Proto.png MKTrilogy-N64 GreenSecretOption Final.png
  • This option was available by default in the final, while in the prototype, it wasn't.
  • AGGRESSOR MODE was mispelled in the prototype.
  • BLOODY KOMBAT was moved to the Blue Secret Option in the final.
  • COMBOS was split in two for each player and renamed to KOMBOS.
  • COLLISION BOXES was moved to the Red Secret Option in the final.

Character Select

Prototype Final
MKT-earlycharacterselect.png MKT-finalcharacterselect.png

The character select screen had the most visual changes from this prototype, the most notable difference being that both Johnny Cage and Khameleon were not added yet, and Unmasked Sub-Zero was still present, as he was cut in the final due to memory limitations. As in the arcade version, Human Smoke uses the question mark symbol, and the division lines between characters are not present. In addition, some characters are in different spots than in the final (for example, while Noob, Sonya, and Rain are in their final position, the other half of the top row is different).

Choose your Destiny

Prototype Final
MKT-earlychooseyourdestiny.png MKT-finalchooseyourdestiny.png

The Choose your Destiny screen is directly reused from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, with the background portal still colored purple and the tower sprite being from Mortal Kombat 3, instead of the new sprite present in the final.

Continue Screen

Prototype Final
MKTrilogy-N64 Continue-Proto.png MKTrilogy-N64 Continue-Final.png

The continue screen is reused from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

Arena Differences

To do:
Rip the sprites from the prototype and compare them to the arcade versions, since both Kahns Arena and The Bank were cut in the final version.

Kahn's Arena

One of the cut backgrounds from the final version, with Baraka and Raiden being Shao Kahn's prisoners, replacing Sonya and Kano from the original version. The arena was present in the PS1 version, but the prisoner sprites were removed as both Baraka and Raiden are playable characters.

The Bank

Much like the 16-bit ports of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, The Bank was also cut due to memory limitations, leaving only The Rooftop.

Character Differences

Human Smoke

Prototype Final
MortalKombatTrilogy-N64 HumanSmoke-Proto.png MortalKombatTrilogyN64 HumanSmoke-Final.png

Human Smoke's color palette looks darker than in the final version, as well as having both Ermac's decapitation uppercut and Scorpion's clones Fatalities as placeholders.


Scorpion has his forward teleport punch absent from this build, and his Hell Hand Fatality from the PS1 version is present, instead of the Clones Fatality, albeit being quicker and the sprites lack some work.