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Proto:Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)/OPS2M Demo

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A demo version of 2005's Need for Speed: Most Wanted featured in the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Europe Demo 65. This demo features a build from earlier in development, likely from around July 2005. It can also be found in the full version of James Bond 007: From Russia with Love.


  • The decimals in the complete sign were removed in the final game, they can only be seen in the PS2 demo.
  • The interface design was slightly different.
  • Some icons were different.
  • The Eurostile font was lighter.
  • Some camera angles were different.
  • The game’s logo in the main menu is completely black.
  • Because most menus are unfinished, almost no UI sounds play when the player does an action.
  • The lowercase text in most menus is inconsistent. Sometimes it has a capitalized first letter, sometimes it’s not.
  • All three of the race finish screens were slightly different.
  • The pursuit evasion screen was different.
  • The drag race tutorial is only a menu. It was replaced with a video.
  • The busted bar was different.
  • The background and loading screen were different.
  • Almost all opponent names were different, they were more real-sounding in a similar way to Underground 2.
  • The credits are taken from Underground 2 as a placeholder.
  • Speedtraps had a different icon.


  • The Rap Sheet is referred to as the Reputation Sheet.
  • A Rankings menu was used.
  • The audio menu is more or less the same, but music options are unavailable.
  • The gameplay menu is mostly the same, but autosave and car damage options are unavailable, “game moments camera” is known as “jump camera”, and “free roam map mode” is known as “explore map mode”.
  • The player menu has no major differences, however, split time and score options are unavailable.
  • The controls menu is unfinished. There are five control types to choose from, but all these options have no assigned buttons. Also, you cannot assign player 2’s controls, as split-screen was still not implemented at that point.
  • The credits are actually from NFS Underground 2 because they weren’t finished yet.
  • Alias Manager is known as Profile Manager, and the load and save icons were different. Selecting all these options will freeze the game.
  • The customization main menu is slightly different. On the top left corner of the menu, there are two bars; a reputation bar (a feature from Underground 2 that was cut in the final game), and an early heat bar.
  • Leaving the customization menu will trigger a prompt asking the player if they would like to install these items now, which isn’t present in the final game. There is also a checkout button outside of the shopping cart menu, but it isn’t present in the final game, either.
  • The shopping cart is slightly different. There is no trade-in and cost text, and there are also two bars, a reputation bar (which was cut in the final game), and an early heat bar. It seems like the game was supposed to have a reputation system similar to Underground 2, but it was cut.
  • The performance upgrade menus are different (and as expected, have missing strings). Also, choosing an upgrade option is inconsistent: If you buy a race package, it will show up as an ultimate race package in the shopping cart menu.
  • The vinyls menu is the same, but some icons were reused from Underground 2 as placeholders (and a few of them are missing). Some vinyls were also cut, and the debug vinyl and boss vinyls can be selected on any car.
  • The window tint menu is mostly the same. Except for light black window tint, all window tints have missing strings.
  • The decal menu has missing icons.
  • If you attempt to finish the changes to your car, your changes will be saved, but your car won’t be in My Cars Manager due to the fact that the demo limits the number of available cars to four.
  • The race selection menu is different, but there’s a couple of race events that are not in the final game. These races are unfinished and/or located in places that don’t exist in the demo, such as Rosewood and Downtown Rockport. They also have missing strings.
  • The Challenge Series and Split Screen menus are unfinished, as a result, they reuse the same menus from Custom Race.
  • The career mode menu is mostly the same, but attempting to choose any of these options will softlock the game.
  • The Blacklist menus were completely different. The races menu is different, only three races can be chosen, which are the same races available in the demo. The milestone events is unfinished as it only shows races for whatever reason. The rival challenge menu is unfinished, as all races are locked and have placeholder descriptions (along with an image of a Mazda RX-8 (SE3P) and a BMW M3 GTR (E46)). These menus also mention a few characters that don’t exist in the final game (such as "Jimmy Mango" and "Akira Washio").
  • The Blacklist menus also include a picture of an unknown character named Ming and a picture of a blue BMW M3 (most probably a standard M3).
  • The rap sheet menu (interestingly titled as “2 MCs and a DJ” due to a glitch) was copied from the Blacklist menu. The rankings and unserved infractions menus are also glitched.
  • You can access free roam from the career menu, but you will spawn in the void (and also near a gas station in Rosewood) and there are two unreachable race events that can be seen from the minimap.
  • Race options were different. You were able to enable cops and the number of how many times you could be busted in the form of “lives” but they were cut. There are also certain options that don’t belong in other race modes, such as tollbooth events, as there is an opponent option, but enabling it will do nothing.


Cop speech

  • Transmitter sounds were different.
  • Dialogue for injured cops, EMS and fire emergency services if multiple police units are destroyed, a crashed down helicopter, and cops screaming in pain when hit were cut. The latter was likely cut to prevent the game from getting a higher rating.
  • Dialogue for car manufacturers and colors don't exist in this version.

NIS audio

  • More than a half of these sounds are just a short sine beep since these sounds weren't made yet. Even then, one short sine beep remains in the final version's files. Some race start sounds were taken from Underground 2 as placeholders, and one race start sound was repeated eight times.
  • There is a cut pursuit breaker sound of a cut semi truck pursuit breaker.
  • The gas station pursuit breaker sound is slightly different.
  • The sound that plays when the player goes airborne is present, but it's different and doesn't play in-game due to a bug.


  • Four songs were cut from the final game; "This Blood" by Black Lab, "Supercharger Heaven" and "More Human Than Human" by White Zombie, and "Weapons of Mad Distortion" by The Crystal Method. It's unknown if one of them are placeholders and never meant to be ingame.

Engine sounds

  • The sound that plays when a police pursuit starts was slightly different.
  • Interface sounds were different.
  • GIN_300ZX_DCL is completely different.
  • The cop chase music track had an intro but it isn't present in the final game.
  • Ambient sounds were completely different.
  • The BMW M3 GTR (E46)'s engine sound was in a lower pitch.


  • Two upgrade packages, “Street” and “Super Street”, can be found but were left unused in the final game. They can still be enabled, but they’re unfinished.
  • All gauges were different but they don’t work in-game. Also, the color palette was different and some icons and text strings are missing.
  • Star Rating from the Undergrounds is present here, but apparently non-functional.
  • The game used Underground 2's color palette as a placeholder, but some of the colors are missing.

These colors look awesome. I don't know why they went up with a limited color selection. NFSMWBetacolors2.jpeg NFSMWBetacolors3.jpeg

  • Most of the customization parts' names are missing, as they are either named "! Needs Localization !" or "Option title".
  • The number decal has no outline.


The fire truck with a different color scheme.
  • The fire truck has a different paint scheme. It was later changed to red in the final game.
  • The Civic Cruiser was more reminiscent of the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, instead of the generic design seen in the final version. The earlier model can still be seen in cutscenes in the final version.
OPS2M Demo Final version
  • The Civic Undercover Cruiser was also different. An earlier model can be seen in an introductory cutscene.
OPS2M Demo Final Version
  • The police helicopter had a different model.
OPS2M Demo Final version
  • The BMW M5 (E39) was going to appear but it was cut.


  • Rog's car was originally a Ford Mustang GT (S-197) instead of a Pontiac GTO (VZ).
Early version of Cross' Corvette.
  • Cross' Chevrolet Corvette (C6) was based on the C6.R before being changed to a standard, street-legal model.
    • Cross had two early vinyls. The first one had an orange scheme to it. This version was used in the game's intro. The next one was an equivalent to the final game's vinyl *[COP_CROSS]*, but with minor differences. This version was used at the end of the PlayStation 2 demo.
  • Razor's Mustang’s vinyl is slightly unfinished, and his car preset is not in the demo.
  • Sonny's Volkswagen Golf GTI (Typ 1K) had twitchy handling. This was fixed in Alpha 124. His car's wheel color was white instead of dark gray.
  • Taz's Lexus IS 300 (JCE10) had missing side windows and headlights (this is the case for most Blacklist cars found in the demo's code). It also has extremely poor acceleration and twitchy handling.
  • Vic's Toyota Supra (JZA80) is mostly the same besides improperly colored wheels due to a bug. It uses GIN_BMW_M3_LagSeca as its engine sound.
  • Big Lou's Mitsubishi Eclipse GT was colored dark purple and had a different window tint, but strangely, it has no performance parts.
  • Baron's Porsche Cayman S (987) has a stock bodykit that is invisible in-game. It also has a stock hood instead of a carbon fiber one, and it uses an early version of por_gt4r.
  • Earl's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII (CT9A) is mostly the same, except for very poor acceleration like Taz's Lexus IS 300, and it probably uses maz_prot_a as its engine sound.
  • Jewels' Ford Mustang GT (S-197) had a completely different vinyl and color on the PS2 demo.
OPS2M Demo Final version
NFSMWPS2Demo JewelsFordMustangGT.jpg 300px
  • Kamikaze's Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 (C209) remains mostly the same, but it uses an earlier version of mbz_cl55 (it uses mbz_slr in the final game), has a black window tint, and mediocre acceleration.
  • Ming's Lamborghini Gallardo Coupé has bodykit #4, was colored purple, and uses for_mus_c as its engine sounds, because lam_gallardo and lam_murc were not created at the time.
  • Wes Allen's Chevrolet Corvette (C6) was left mostly unchanged, except that it uses for_mus_b instead of corvette_z06_v2 and has mediocre performance.
  • JV's Dodge Viper SRT-10 uses fer_360 instead of dodg_viper_a. The rest was left unchanged.
  • Ronnie's Aston Martin DB9 uses fer_360. For some reason, its suspension is slightly higher in-game and it is also very slow.
  • Bull's Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (C199) had a body vinyl in certain pre-release media, however, the actual preset was colored white but it doesn't have a vinyl. It had BBS CH wheels, had a spoiler and a bodykit, and it uses por_928 as its engine sound.
  • There is an unused Porsche Carrera GT (980) preset known as "Lolley". The mesh is not present in the PS2 demo, which makes it impossible to know its visual. However, it is known that the car features a red gloss paint with a white stripe vinyl, black 5Zigen Gravis 1 20" wheels, and a Northeast roof scoop. The car is also slow, and it uses an earlier version of the por_911_a engine sound.

Map differences

  • Tollbooths in the demo version featured barriers that would span both lanes of a road and raise at the beginning of a Tollbooth event.
  • To reduce the size of the demo, the Rockport City, Rosewood, and Grey Point boroughs were cut from the map, leaving Camden Beach as the only playable area.
  • The prison in Camden previously had a brick wall and a securely placed fence that would prevent the player from driving through it.


  • A billboard advertising the fictional KNFS 101.9 radio station was replaced by a Rockport Police Department billboard.
  • A set of tollbooths at the entrance of Thrilltown in Point Camden was removed from the final game.
  • Joyce's Pizza Fast Food restaurant was in-game before the Burger King.
  • You can go to a car wash in Grey Point.
  • The Robo's Health & Hip Hop Centres billboard had a different design.
  • A yacht model could be seen sailing near the Grey Point coast, but is not present in the final game outside of its usage in Pursuit Breakers.
  • A Power Company sign was removed from the final game.
  • The Ironworks Co. sign had a different look.
  • Parked cars had different mesh models.
  • The parking lot adjacent to the Point Camden police station was fenced off.
  • Traffic lights emitted a yellow caution light.
  • The garage doors in the south section of Thrilltown had a different look.


  • A feature called "Auto Drive" that automatically drove your car to a specified map location was present.
  • The nitro effect was different.
  • The physics were slightly altered.
  • The camera system was similar to Underground 2's camera system.
  • The HUD was different from the final.
  • Cop cars would explode if hit hard enough.
  • The bar for getting busted filled much quicker.
  • An unused game mode, Multipoint, was cut during development.
  • There was going to be a tutorial for sprint races but it was cut.
  • Barriers were different.
  • A fourth safehouse was planned but was cut, it was the garage that is still in final game, and we still see it.
  • There were supposed to be 8-player races as seen on an NIS. Carbon's Race Wars mode supports more than four players, but only in ProStreet fully working 8 player races appeared, and even then it was still absent from the PS2/Wii versions!


  • The intro FMV was slightly different.
  • There is a busted scene where the player slowly walks away from the cop (male model) and the cop chokes the player until he knees, then he is bending him over the trunk. This scene was cut from the final.
  • SCENE_GARAGEENTER_BUNDLEB and SCENE_GARAGEEXIT_BUNDLEB are a pair of unused cutscenes that were supposed to play when you enter or exit a car lot, a safehouse, or a body shop, similar to Underground 2.
  • SCENE_WMGAZEBO_BUNDLEB.BUN was a cutscene intended for a cut gazebo pursuit breaker. It's only 88 bytes in size, indicating that it was cut early.
  • SCENE_FMVNOCARS_BUNDLEB.BUN is pretty self-explanatory.
  • SCENE_FMVTEST_BUNDLEB is a testing cutscene.