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Proto:Need for Speed: Underground/OPS2M Demo

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Need for Speed: Underground.

A demo version of Need for Speed: Underground featured in the Winter 2003 Jampack, as well as in the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine Europe Demo 40/standalone disc (as well NTSC-J too,although they are same disc but nothing different too much). This build is from slightly earlier in development, probably from around July 2003.

General differences

  • The PSA was different.
  • The intro is slightly different:
    • It uses "Supermoves" (1997) by Overseer.
    • Most sound effects were different.


The removed starting grid.
  • The loading screens were very different.
  • The clicking sounds on the menus were different.
  • The background was different on the main menu, showing a bumper cam of Chinatown instead of Eddie's Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R34).
  • Many manufacturer logos were different in the demo, and they were originally a solid color, while in the final, they look more realistic.
    • Additionally, all vehicles present have their manufacturer missing from the logo, with only the secondary logo present.
  • The icons in the car customization UI showed realistic pictures, while in the final, it used a Mitsubishi Eclipse diagram. A similar fate goes for the race selection icons.
  • The early track selection screen features an icon of a flag girl at the start line.
  • A starting grid that was displayed at the bottom of the screen before races was removed, as it made perfect starts hard to perform due to the speedometer being slightly transparent.
  • The minimap is slightly different:
    • The opponents were displayed as green arrows.
    • The start/finish line was red instead of light blue.
  • The text placement on the leaderboard screen is slightly different.
  • Statistics are known as Stats, and Leave Race is known as Quit Race.
  • The statistics page does not show the current player's car.
    • Additionally, the Trip Odometer and Laps Led statistics were placed differently.
  • English language strings in the final release use American spelling, whereas the PS2 demo used Canadian spelling, clearly seen as "colour" is used instead of "color", and "totalled" instead of "totaled".
  • The HUD looked slightly different from its final counterpart. Some elements used a different font, the "Laps" text was next to the lap counter instead of underneath it, and some elements which are orange in the final version are blue here.

License screen

Nfsups2demo license.png

  • The license screen mentions the cut Fabolous song "Young'n (Holla Back)" which plays while paused in the demo.

Title screen

OPSM2 Demo Final
Nfsups2demo title.png Nfsups2final title.png
  • The game's logo is different.
  • The background image is larger. In the final version, it is scaled down vertically with the final logo being repositioned up a bit.
  • Due to the background image's scaling, the "Press Start" and copyright text were also moved up.
  • The copyright info is white instead of light blue and also misses the © logo (The text "Copyright" is used in its place).

Car selection screen

OPSM2 Demo Final
Nfsups2demo carselect.png Nfsups2final carselect.png
  • In the final version the cars are driving down an endless tunnel, but here, they are parked in a dark space.
  • The car stats meters are different. A similar and larger design of the demo's meters are used in the Trade Car comparison screen in the final.


  • The stock color for the Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T was originally blue, but was changed to black in the final release.
  • The stock color for the Toyota Celica GT-S (T230) was originally red, but was changed to yellow in the final release.
  • Intercoolers and grill meshes use different textures.
  • Cars lacked license plates.

Removed Cars

MINI Cooper Hatch (R50)

  • The MINI Cooper was meant to be featured in the game, but only its logo files remain here. The car's texture and model files don't exist, however.



  • Paint uses different colors and has a much more limited selection.
  • All vinyls featured in the demo came in a preset color with more elaborate designs and were mostly removed with only a few remaining as Unique vinyls in the final game.
  • Front bumpers originally had no intercoolers or grill meshes which are also missing from rear bumpers. Widebodies have grill meshes but no intercoolers.
  • Storm, Crank, Frenzy, and Rage rear bumpers originally made cars dual-exhaust.
  • Many bumpers and widebodies that remove manufacturer badging from the car in the final still have badging present in this version, resulting in frequent clipping.
  • The Shadow front bumper originally lacked texture mapping for the lights present in the final version.
  • The Tri-Slot custom hood was originally named "Carbon-R".
  • The Supernova spoiler was originally fully carbon fiber on the Eclipse and Celica, while on the Supra it looks the same as it does in the final game.
  • Carbon fiber uses a different texture that is slightly darker.
  • The stock engine originally showed when being highlighted on the engine upgrade screen.
  • Custom engines and brakes are missing.
  • Most exhausts are missing.
  • Bright neons were present instead of pulse neons.
  • Window tint was much more limited and only available in one level of green, red, and blue.
  • The player was originally going to be able to paint the trim of the vehicle.
  • The player could originally choose multiple rim sizes which was a feature later added in the sequels.
  • Decals come in two sets as opposed to being individually chosen.


Vehicle sounds

  • Shifting, turbo spool, and blow-off valves have different sounds.
  • Tire squealing uses different sounds.
  • NOS has a completely different and less audible sound effect.
  • The Mitsubishi Eclipse's upgraded engine sound was higher pitched.
  • The Ford Focus ZX3 has a stock engine slightly differing from the final sound.
  • The Toyota Supra (A80) has a stock engine sound that's more reminiscent of the 4-cylinder sounds present in the final version.


  • Shaking effects were much more intense during drag races.
  • The road reflections have been downgraded since the early screenshots, but are still noticeably brighter compared to the final version.
  • A different fog effect was present.


  • The second generation Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T is the only playable vehicle, with six pre-customized presets to choose from.
  • Market Street Circuit and 14th and Vine Drag are the only playable races.
  • The race intro cutscenes were different, and had different sounds.
  • No cutscene plays when the player loses a race.
  • When the player goes airborne, the engine sounds become quieter. It is most likely that it was going to play a sound, similar to Hot Pursuit 2.
  • Style points are not available in this build.
  • When the player finishes a race, the car brakes abruptly instead of slowing down.


General differences

  • The turn signs behind the track were originally yellow. The track barriers were different as well.
  • A completely different stormy gray skybox is used on all maps whereas in the final the maps use a mixture of a recolored blue, brown, and greenish-yellow sky.
  • Maps are less detailed with different environmental textures and are less colorful.
  • Some buildings are slightly different, such as having different textures.
    • Some buildings are darker than intended, and some had no lights.
  • There was no product placement on billboards.
    • Some billboards and signs are different, and some are missing as well.
  • The demo also features a red traffic van and grayish-green sedan, which have different skins in the final version. They also had different horn sounds.

Market Street

  • The billboards are different.
  • Some road signs are missing.
  • There used to be a parking garage on the first turn, however, it was replaced by a hospital in the final game.
  • A billboard advertising a radio station was replaced by a Vmax logo in the final game.
  • No sound plays when the player crashes against the gates on the first shortcut.
  • A second shortcut on the palace is not marked on the minimap.
  • The rising arm barriers at the bascule bridge jump are missing.
  • The logo at the gas station used to be a crown with the words "GAS" above it.

14th and Vine Construction

  • There is no fountain on the start line.
  • Some construction sites are absent.
  • There is no dojo.

Unused video

A placeholder cutscene video called "CarSel" which used for Underground mode, however it is only present in the PS2 demo.

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