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Proto:Nickelodeon Party Blast/nGames PC-PS2-GCN-XBOX 22-April-2002

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Nickelodeon Party Blast.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

Debug Menu

NPB April DebugMenu.png

A debug menu can be brought up at the title screen by pressing the B button on a USB controller.

  • E3 DEMO FRONTEND takes you back to the title screen.
  • OPTIONS is configuration settings.
  • VIEWER is the same model viewer from the January build.
  • All other options take you to the respective minigame listed.

General Differences

Title Screen

Prototype Final
NPB April Title.png Nickpartyblast title.png

The title screen is focused on the TV screen, and has a completely different logo. The "Start Game" text is "Press Start" in this build and it is in a different font.

Loading Screen

Prototype Final
NPBProto Loading.png NPB Loading.png

The loading screen is a render of all the characters surrounding an early version of the game's logo.

Character Select

Prototype Final
NPB CharSelect April.png NPB CharSelect Final.png
  • CatDog aren't animated and lack headsets and their bowties.
  • The camera angle is slightly different.
  • Zim's name was changed to uppercase letters for some reason.
Prototype Final
NPB CharSelector 1 glo April.png

NPB CharSelector 2 glo.png NPB CharSelector 3 glo April.png

NPB CharSelector 4 glo April.png
NPB CharSelector 1 glo.png

NPB CharSelector 2 glo April.png NPB CharSelector 3 glo.png

NPB CharSelector 4 glo.png

The character selector icons were double resolution, light blue and the second player's icon was changed from some kind of alien to a maple leaf.

Level Previews

Prototype Final
NPB Basket Brawl Jimmy Boss April.png NPB Basket Brawl Jimmy Boss.png

The boss icon for the Jimmy Neutron Basket Brawl level was changed to have Goddard.

Prototype Final
NPB Rocket Power April.png

NPB Sponge Bob April.png

NPB Rugrats April.png
NPB Rocket Power final.png

NPB Sponge Bob Final.png

NPB Rugrats Final.png

Several level previews had the characters' eyes slightly redrawn.

Audio Differences

Thud Sounds

All of the characters' thud sounds are placeholders presumably recorded by someone who worked on the game.

Audio Transcription Usage
"Thud one." A placeholder thud sound.
"Thud two." A placeholder thud sound.
"Thud three." A placeholder thud sound.

Model Differences


Prototype Final
NPB cablcar April.png NPB cablcar final.png
  • The cable car was red and had no Rocket Power characters inside.

Level Differences


NPBApril RetrovilleRacing.png

The Jimmy Neutron level from Racing has the camera at a different angle. The road lacks collision so the characters will constantly fall through it.

Unused Graphics


NPB LoadScreen A.gif

LoadScreen_A.bmp and LoadScreen_B.bmp are a loading screen with the same Invader Zim screenshot as the January build, but now with a spinning disc in the bottom corner.


NPBProto FMV.png

frontend\$MV\FMV.BMP is a placeholder video sequence image.


NPBProto CharSelect.png

frontend\CharSelect\CharSelect.BMP is a placeholder character select screen.


NPBProto Summary.png

frontend\Summary\Summary.bmp is a placeholder summary screen.


NPB Back.png

data\frontend\Summary\Back.bmp is a render of the Krusty Krab.

Unused Levels


NPBApril Bowltest.png

Selecting Bowltest from the debug menu loads a very early version of the Jimmy Neutron level from Roller Ball. The ground has a generic test texture and the background as well as many other elements are missing from the level.


NPBApril TESTpark.png

Selecting TESTpark from the debug menu loads an early version of the Rocket Power level from Roller Ball. The ramps were positioned in different spots and the background is missing.