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Proto:Pipe Dream (Windows)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Pipe Dream (Windows).

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File: PipeDreamPrototype.zip (15 KB) (info)

This page documents version 0.07 of Pipe Dream.

Differences from the Final Version

Prototype Final
PipeDream007.png Pipe Dream (PC)-title.png

The prototype lacks a title screen and menu. It is also a lot more simplistic, with no level numbers or scores.

According to the credits, this version is based on Lucasfilm Games' Macintosh version. The help file documents preferences (including game types), levels, and scoring, but these don't seem to have been implemented yet. However, there is an unused dialogue box for preferences:


About Dialogue

Prototype Final
PipeDream007About.png PipeDreamAbout.png

The prototype is copyright 1990 Duff Software. The final is credited to Wes Cherry.


Prototype Final
Pipe007Icon.png Pipedreamfinalicon.png

The icon is also totally different to the final.

'Generic icon'


Present in the executable file's resources is a 'Generic icon' that doesn't appear to be used.