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Proto:Plants vs. Zombies 3/October 2022

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Plants vs. Zombies 3.

To do:
Move any text that appeared in the April 2022 demo to the April 2022 page

Unused Graphics

Map Layout

PvZ3 oct2022 map sketch.png

A layout of the full Neighborville map, with many parts being sketches. In the bottom left corner is text saying "Trashed TBD".

Obscured Graphics

Dave's Workshop

Pvz3 oct2022 workshop.png

The full sprite of Dave's Workshop from the hub map. Most of this is not viewable in game due to the restricted camera, and the parts that are visible have fog around them.

Unused Text

Plant Descriptions


Swallows zombies whole, then chews them. Ravenous!


Hurts all zombies that walk over him. Does heavy damage to pushed Obstacles. Prickly!

Cherry Bomb

Explodes when played, doing (amount) damage. Sweet!

Test Tutorial Messages

Howdy neighbor!
i've calmed down
Now I'm 2d!
i've calmed down again
it's me peashooter
i'm talking to wallnut
hi peashootah!
peashooter left!

A test conversation between a Peashooter and a Wall-Nut.

This is a brain
Get ready to tap the play button
Hit play


Day 3

Find Douglas' Camp
Tell Ghost Stories
Help Patrice Find Her Way
Talk to Douglas
Deliver Douglas' Super-Important Package
Get Douglas' Super-Important Package
Bring Summer to the Campout
Gather Firewood
Set-up the Campsite
End Day 3

Text for tasks from day 3, which isn't released yet.

Day 4

Capture Zombie
Trail to the Volcano
Look for Clues
Question Zombie
Search the Volcano
Wall-nut is in Hot Water!
Where's Wall-Nut?
End Day 4

Text for tasks from day 4, which isn't released yet.


End Day 1
End Day 2
Decorate house
Repair house
Meet Dave
Meet Patrice
Meet Douglas
Meet Summer
Meet Sunny
Talk to Sunny
Meet Bamboo Shoots
Find Wallnut
Catch up with Patrice and Sunny
See what Peashooter and WallNut are up to
Talk to Douglas and his friend
Talk to Summer and her friend
Talk to Summer and Bamboo Shoots
Find murder clues

Text for other tasks, including early ending tasks, decorating your house, meeting plants and character, and solving a murder?