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Proto:Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!.

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On December 24, 2020, an early prototype of Let's Go, Eevee! was unexpectedly dumped online by an anonymous user, using its prototype name of "beluga". It contains a wealth of work-in-progress content, cut material, and a variety of gameplay differences from the final release. The build has a git commit hash of ec44740ec89ca37d0be7d0fb40a76c603d074887 and constantly depicts a mouse on screen for debugging purposes.

The date of this build is May 12, 2018, over six months before the game's release. Notably, it features many differences from the publicly displayed demo of the games from E3 2018, which was first shown on June 13th, 2018. This means that this prototype was built prior to that version of the game.


Trace LGPE Cutscene.png
Trainer Teams
A wealth of Trainer teams both big and small were changed for the final release.
Early Maps
Kanto in its purest form. Locations, items, and NPCs that were cut from or changed for the final.
Mechanic Differences
Moves, Catch Combos, and other mechanics worked very differently even at this point.
Wild Encounter Tables
Wild Pokémon were originally very different across the game.
Music & Sound
Features music that was cut, unused, or outright missing in the final.
Script Changes
Various major changes to the story and script can be found in this prototype that don't match with the final.
May2018LGPETexture002 1.png
Texture Changes
Many Pokémon have a wealth of texture differences in this build.
Pokemon Learnsets
Don't be surprised if your Partner Pokémon is a little weaker in this build.
Debug Tables
Debug 'em if you can!

Opening Scenes

Title Screen and Intro

The title screen and logo are completely different. This version doesn't check for your Eevee's custom outfit, and instead uses a generic looping image. The individual frames for this image can be found in the files for this build. Interestingly, you can still access the final title screen through the debug mode on boot up. Press Select on Title --> DEMO PLAYER --> sd9010_title

A Prototype title screen that dates even further back in the game's development is also present within the game's files. This was also found in the files for the October 2020 Pokemon Sword Prototype builds.

Earlier Proto Proto Final
BelugaProtoTitleScreen.jpg Lets Go Eevee May 2018 Prototype Title Screen.png LGE Final Title Screen.jpg

Additionally, the language select text box has slight differences to its punctuation and text box color. There is no pre-rendered animation preceding the language select with Pikachu or Eevee like there is in the final game. Strangely enough, what follows is a tiled version of Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon's opening that often crashes the game.

Proto Final
LGPE May 2018 Proto Language Select.png LGPE Final Language Select.png

Oak's intro is very different. You are never "woken up" by Pikachu or Eevee, and Oak sends them out in a Pokéball to introduce you to the world of Pokémon instead. In the final, he sends out a Cubone that follows him for a short while.

Interestingly, Oak mentions that you have been friends and rivals with Trace since you were babies, whereas in the final he simply mentions how you grew up next door to each other.

Proto Final
LGPE May 2018 Proto Appearance Select.png LGPE Final Appearance Select.png

The appearance selection is noticeably unfinished, with it using recolored edits of the protagonists' concept art instead of their in-game 3D models as the previews.

Pallet Town and Opening

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The opening to the game is radically different. The prototype depicts the player as if they're waking up from a dream cuddling a Poké Doll, whereas in the final the player appears in their body in front of their Nintendo Switch. Interestingly, the map in the background of the cutscene is replaced by the window in both the final build and after the cutscene ends in the prototype.

LGPE May 2018 Proto Intro 1.png LGPE May 2018 Proto Intro 2.png
LGPE Final Intro 1.png LGPE Final Intro 2.png
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This map heavily references Kanto's appearance in Red & Blue official art. This map is seen in other places throughout the game, such as under Trace's Pokémon Journal in his house - which also happens to be gone in the final.

Proto Red & Blue Art Final LGPE Art
LGPE May 2018 Proto Kanto Map.png Red & Blue Kanto Map.png LGPE Map of Kanto.png

Before he enters your room, your rival is known as "???" in the final, which isn't the case here. He asks "Did you have a weird dream or something?", which ties into the major difference in the intro. In the final, he suggests you check an email he sent which goes over the basic controls, whereas in the prototype he only teaches the player how to save.

The Save Select screen has some minor changes, including your trainer holding an Eevee that isn't there. This is fixed when they're able to ride on your head.

Proto Final
LGPE May 2018 Proto Save Screen.png LGPE Final Save Select.png

Text box graphics are also different in various areas throughout the game.

Proto Final
LGPE May 2018 Proto Text Box.png LGPE Final Text Box.png

Your Starter Pokémon

When catching your starter Pokémon, the background skybox depicts a cityscape, which isn't the case in the final. An unused battle transition is also present.

Proto Final
LGPE May 2018 Proto Tutorial Drawing.png LGPE Final Tutorial Drawing.png

The tutorial screens are obvious placeholders and have a strange orange tint to them in-game.

Proto (LGE) Final (LGP)
LGPE May 2018 Proto Starter Cutscene.png LGPE Final Starter Cutscene.png

The cutscene featuring your starter is also largely broken.

After leaving Oak's Lab, your mother comes over to give you Sports Wear, but in the final you're given a Town Map.

Cut/Different Visuals

Unused Loading Animation

A very finished-looking loading animation is used whenever you load an existing save file from the title screen.

Loading Screen
LGPE May 2018 Cut Loading Icon.gif.gif

In Battle

The UI during the results of a battle sports various differences when compared to the final, such as a more retro-styled font for a Pokemon's level and a different position for their gender symbol. It also depicts the amount of EXP gained differently.

Proto Final
LGEProtoBattleEndUI.png LGEFinalBattleEndUI.jpg

Town Map

The Town Map is noticeably unfinished, even at this late stage. Many areas don't register as being visited, and the preview icons for each area in the top right are all placeholder images. The icon that displays the player's position is also much larger than in the final.

Proto Final
LGEProtoTownMap.png LGEFinalTownMap.jpg

Switch Menu Icon

The game's Nintendo Switch Menu Icon is noticeably different from the more refined one in the final.

Proto Final
LGEProtoSwitchIcon.png LGEFinalSwitchIcon.png

Mega Evolution Icons

Mega Evolutions use the same unique sprites that were in the 3DS games, as opposed to the Mega Stone ones in the final.

Proto Final
MVenuOld.png MVenuNew.png


The credits use noticeably unfinished assets, with "Eevee" just being a slightly recolored Pikachu. The player's animations are missing a frame, and there are no final variations for the their chosen skin color at this point either. Since the actual credits are a work-in-progress, it scrolls far faster than the animations do, which also causes the audio to finish before the sequence is complete.

Proto Final
LGPEProtoCredits1.png LGPEProtoCredits2.png LGPEProtoCredits3.png LGPEProtoCredits4.png
LGPEPartnerProtoCreditsPM1.png LGPEPartnerProtoCreditsPM2.png LGPEPartnerProtoCreditsPF1.png LGPEPartnerProtoCreditsPF2.png LGPEPartnerProtoCreditsEM1.png LGPEPartnerProtoCreditsEM2.png LGPEPartnerProtoCreditsEF1.png LGPEPartnerProtoCreditsEF2.png
LGPEFinalCredits1.png LGPEFinalCredits2.png LGPEFinalCredits3.png LGPEFinalCredits4.png LGPEFinalCredits5.png LGPEFinalCredits6.png
LGPEPartnerFinalCreditsPM1.png LGPEPartnerFinalCreditsPM2.png LGPEPartnerFinalCreditsPF1.png LGPEPartnerFinalCreditsPF2.png LGPEPartnerFinalCreditsEM1.png LGPEPartnerFinalCreditsEM2.png LGPEPartnerFinalCreditsEF1.png LGPEPartnerFinalCreditsEF2.png

The other assets for the Credits sequence like the ground and trees are also shown as placeholders when compared to the final. Notably, there are placeholder images for the pictures that appear during the credits from the player's adventure.

Proto Final
LGPEProtoCreditsCircle1.png LGPEProtoCreditsCircle2.png LGPEProtoCreditsCircle3.png LGPEProtoCreditsCircle4.png LGPEFinalCreditsCircle1.png LGPEFinalCreditsCircle2.png LGPEFinalCreditsCircle3.png LGPEFinalCreditsCircle4.png
Proto Final
LGPEProtoCreditsTree1.png LGPEFinalCreditsTree1.png LGPEFinalCreditsTree2.png LGPEFinalCreditsTree3.png
Proto Final
LGPEProtoCreditsStoryPic.png LGPEFinalCreditsStoryPic.png

Every building in the prototype are one of two placeholders, and none of the unique buildings exclusive to certain areas have completed assets yet, a couple of which can be seen on the right.

Proto Final
LGPEProtoCreditsBuilding1.png LGPEProtoCreditsBuilding2.png LGPEFinalCreditsBuilding1.png LGPEFinalCreditsBuilding2.png LGPEFinalCreditsBuilding3.png LGPEFinalCreditsBuilding4.png

Here's a comparison between the final credits sequence when many of the assets are paired together.

Proto Final
450px 450px


Bill's Transformation

When the player aids Bill in transforming back into a human, the game overlays some sort of insignia during several frames during the cutscene. It's unknown what the purpose of this was.

Proto Scene 1 Proto Scene 2
LGEProtoBillCutsceneSymbol1.png LGEProtoBillCutsceneSymbol2.png

S.S. Anne

The S.S. Anne cutscene is noticeably different. The smoke it emits is far more stylized than in the final, and the model is significantly less refined.

Full Comparison

Visual Oddities

Texture, Model & Graphical Bugs

Certain Pokémon inexplicably shift downwards when interacted with.

Goldeen moves down when talked to.png

The color on the outside of Chansey's mouth texture doesn't match up properly with the rest of its body.

Proto Texture Proto In-Game
LGPEProtoChanseyMouth.png LGPEProtoChanseyMouthInGame.png

The summary screen for a Pokémon features a vast amount of visual differences to the final. Notably, every instance of showing a Pokémon's typing throughout the game (as can be seen in the bottom-right) remains in Japanese.

Proto Final
LGPEProtoBrokenSummaryScreen.png LGPEFinalSummaryScreen.png

Koffing's & Weezing's Smoke Animation in this build is largely broken, as can be seen above.

The HP bar drains incrementally as opposed to a smoother animation in the final.