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Proto:Pokémon Diamond and Pearl/English Kiosk Demo

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This kiosk demo of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl was playable at GDC 2007 and later, stores, prior to the game's official English release. The game's world is not fully explorable; instead, the player has ten minutes to explore and battle on Route 203 with a preset team of three Level 30 Pokémon: Roselia, Mime Jr., and Lucario.

As the demo was created and showcased after the Japanese releases, it contains scant differences between the final game - many of them are related to the localization, or to the area specific to the demo. Hacking the game, you'll quickly find out nearly the entire game is accessible.

Map Changes

Route 203 was slightly changed between the demo and the final version. In the demo, a fence blocks access to the grass on the leftmost part of the route, and the grass surrounding the trees on the middle part of the route is not present. This effectively prevents the player from encountering any wild Pokémon during the demo. If a walk-through-walls cheat code is used, wild battles work perfectly fine.

Prototype Final
PKMNDPKioskRoute203 2.png PKMNDPKioskRoute203 2 Final.png
Prototype Final
PKMNDPKioskRoute203 1.png PKMNDPKioskRoute203 1 Final.png
Prototype Final
PKMNDPKioskRoute203 3.png PKMNDPKioskRoute203 3 Final.png


Demo Specific Text

These messages are used only in the demo. They do still exist in the final game unused.

Hey! I've been waiting for you!
Welcome to the Sinnoh region!
This is a region of great natural beauty
where Pokémon that have never been
seen before can be found! Follow me!
I'll walk you through Jubilife City!

Upon starting the game, Barry says this and walks you to the route...

You'll find a cave if you walk straight
down this road.
You should go there and check it out!

Then tells you this and sends you on your way.

A Pokémon Watch is for all Trainers!
We call it a Pokétch for short!
[player] obtained the Digital Watch
Pokétch app!
There are various Pokétch apps
that you can add to it!

When you enter the route, the scientist stops you and tells you this.

You got a Pokémon! I got a Pokémon!
Let's see whose Pokémon is the best!
I give up! You're too much!
Are you maybe a Pokémon genius?
Making Pokémon battle each other
makes them tougher.

Pre-battle, defeat, and after-battle text from Youngster Roland.

Hi, what kinds of Pokémon do you
have with you?
I'll show you my Pokémon while we
have a battle.
Huh? It's over already?!
I thought I'd win for sure!
You're too tough!
I won't battle you again!
Just joking! I'll challenge you again
when I level up my Pokémon.

Pre-battle, defeat, and after-battle text from Lass Carrie.

You're a Pokémon Trainer, and so
am I.
when Trainers lock eyes, that means
a battle is on!
Losing makes me mad, but that
was still a bunch of fun!
With Pokémon that tough, I bet you
could go anywhere in Sinnoh!

Pre-battle, defeat, and after-battle text from Youngster Norman.

Wow! You've done a great job.
I can sense that you could be a truly
great Pokémon Trainer.
You have the Thorn Pokémon ROSELIA.
Some Pokémon that haven't evolved in
other regions might evolve here in
the Sinnoh region.
Hmm... Let's see what happens with
your ROSELIA...
A wonderous journey awaits you in
the Sinnoh region!

Professor Rowan says this when you reach the end of the route and talk to him. Talking to him triggers your Roselia to evolve into Roserade!

Thank you for playing!
We will see you again at the launch of
Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl!

Lucas or Dawn say this when you talk to them. The game then resets.

This is the end of the Demo version.
We look forward to seeing you again soon!

If you take longer than ten minutes to go through the route, it displays this message, then resets.

Please try again.

If all your Pokémon faint, you get this message, and the game resets.

Unused Text

The demo contains the game's entire script, unused as you can not leave Route 203. While the majority of changes were simple capitalization fixes, there are a few notable differences between this one and the one in the final game.

Text Differences
Differences between the demo's script and the final game's script.


A banner used on the title screen to identify this as the demo version of the game. This banner exists, but is unused, in the final game.

Trainer Data

Youngster Roland

  • Buizel Lv. 23 Male
  • Mantyke Lv. 23 Male

Lass Carrie

  • Chatot Lv. 23 Female
  • Pachirisu Lv. 24 Female

Youngster Norman

  • Kricketot Lv. 24 Male
  • Cherrim Lv. 25 Male

Unseen Money

PokemonDiamondProto Money.png

The demo starts you with 123,456 Pokémon Dollars, but since you can't see how much money you have without cheating (such as using a walk-through-walls code to get to a Poké Mart and shop), this is never seen in normal gameplay. You're still given money by trainers in the demo area, though.

Internal File Structure

Inside the ROM FS, some NARC archives that in the final are named *_release.narc, are named *_trial.narc in this kiosk demo.