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Proto:Pokémon Sword and Shield/Build 562

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This build of Pokémon Sword is from May 25th, 2018. Coming from previous prototypes, it is significantly more finished than before, and features an in-game mouse cursor to use many of it's debugging features. The build has a git commit hash of 67f145fe3b690682ad415d449226ea7a1384bd9.

Title Screen


Player's House

The Player's House is actually textured in this build when compared to previous ones. Your room still looks drastically different when compared to the final, however. Additionally, the Pikachu & Eevee posters are significantly different, with Eevee in particular becoming far more refined in the final. A poster on the left wall also appears to be a rough paint-job of the real-life London Tower Bridge. The camera and lighting is also significantly different.

March Proto May Proto Final
SwordMar2018PlayerRoom.png SwordMay2018PlayerRoom.png SwordFinalPlayerRoom.png

May Proto Final
SwordMay2018PlayerRoomPostersPikachu.png SwordFinalPlayerRoomPostersPikachu.png
May Proto Final
SwordMay2018PlayerRoomPostersEevee.png SwordFinalPlayerRoomPostersEevee.png