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Proto:Portal Runner (PlayStation 2)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Portal Runner (PlayStation 2).

The PlayStation 2 Demo Disc 2.3, which is dated a couple of months before Portal Runner's release, includes a demo of Portal Runner, which is a one-level demo set on the Chessboard level. Compared to the final release, this level is relatively complete, with the only differences in the level design being the lack of a lion platform and therefore the lack of a vista point. This version of the level also contains 128 gems to collect, which is different than the final version's 100 gems. There are also several assets in the game which have been changed between the time this build was created to the final release.

Cheat Codes

Similar to the retail release, this demo has several cheat codes, but with only two button inputs required.

Hold L1 While Entering Cheat Hold L2 While Entering Cheat Pause Screen Inputs Cheat Effect
No Yes Square, Circle Fills health to its maximum.
No Yes Circle, Circle Gives one of every collectible.
Yes No Circle, Square Toggle invincibility on or off.
Yes No Circle, Circle Same as above.

General Differences

Health Pickup

Prps2 gem hearts.png

The health pickups in this demo build take the shape of gem hearts rather than generic hearts to fit more in line with the gem collectables present in Portal Runner.

Bow and Crosshair

Prps2 2.3 bow and crosshair.png

The bow in this build is completely different to that of the one used in the final game, featuring a more carved, whittled design compared to the final release. The crosshair in Hot-Shot mode also takes the form of a small circle rather than a cross.

Piercing Arrows

Prps2 piercing arrows.png

The piercing arrows have a completely different model, featuring a more normal arrow shape with a spiral arrowhead. This different model is also complimented with a different HUD icon.

Trident Arrows

Prps2 trident arrows.png

The trident arrows sit on the bow differently while aiming in Hot-Side mode, being stacked slightly on top of each other in an irregular triangle rather than the flat, evenly spread out trident arrows in the final.

Death Animation

Prps2 collapse death anim.png

When dying in the release build of Portal Runner, Vikki disappears into dust very shortly before the screen fades to black. This build showcases an early death animation which involves Vikki collapsing to the floor and laying still before the black fade-out.