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Proto:Ratatouille (GameCube, Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows)/Asobo Prototype

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Ratatouille (GameCube, Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

Forestofillusion.com logo.png  This was documented on Forest of Illusion.

A build from an unknown date. Seemingly only 50% done, this beefy prototype is teeming with all sorts of changes and inconsistencies. Let's get cooking, shall we?

General Differences

PlayStation 2 Leftovers

This build appears to be a rush job- many PlayStation 2 leftovers are present, indicating that not only was the PS2 version the master version of the game, but also that this prototype was hastily ported to GameCube and patched up just enough to get it running. As such, things are in a very buggy state.

  • The final PS2 version runs at a smooth 60fps, while the final GameCube version plays at 30. Due to the apparently rushed nature of this proto, the game is unoptimized for GameCube hardware and runs incredibly slowly, only running at around 10fps on an emulator (and roughly 6 or 7 on real hardware!). For some unholy reason, however, simply playing the game without a memory card will boost things right back to 60fps. Who knew?
  • When giving instructions on how to perform actions or commands, the proto exclusively uses PS2 button prompts and icons. Nothing related to the GameCube controller is in the files yet.

Opening Credits

  • The Asobo logo is different, being purple instead of blue, amongst other minor changes.
  • There's no Ratatouille splash screen just before the title screen.
  • The demo movie that plays when you wait on the title screen is absent.
Prototype Final
Pink asobo logo.png Blue asobo logo.png

Heads-Up-Display and User Interfaces

  • The title screen reads "Press START" instead of "Press START/PAUSE".
  • The game's logo is incomplete.
Prototype Final
Ratatouille asobo title.png Ratatouille GC Title.png
  • The cookbook menus, although similar, had their graphics completely replaced by the end of development.
  • Extra text is present under the three main menu options, as well as an extra option labeled "Video" for watching the proto's various incomplete cutscenes.
  • Entries for other options, such as extras and difficulty settings, don't exist yet.
  • Almost all text related to warnings, loading, and saving aren't implemented.
Prototype Final
Ratatouilleproto mainmenu.png Ratatouillegc mainmenu.png
  • An extra option to freely switch levels at your leisure exists in the pause menu. Likely added for debugging and testing purposes, this was removed from the final game for obvious reasons.
  • There is no status page implemented yet.
Prototype Final
Ratatouilleproto pausemenu.png Ratatouillegc pausemenu.png
  • The HUD does exist, but an unknown bug prevents it from showing up most of the time. It will occasionally pop in though. Oddly enough, pushing the camera against solid walls seems to help.
  • Remy's icon and health meter are slightly different. It seems the decision to start with 3 health points and graduate to 8 over time had already been made, but it's in a preliminary state.
  • The number of collectibles you need to obtain is also present, albeit rudimentary as well.
Prototype Final
Ratatouille proto hud.png Rataouille gamecube hud.png
  • Multiplayer HUD is present in an early state.
Prototype Final
Ratatouille asobo multi.png Ratatouille gc multi.png
  • Pipe slides have a functioning timer, as well as a scrapped speedometer.
Prototype Final
Ratatouille proto pipehud.png Rataouille gc pipehud.png
  • Heists and cooking minigames do have early versions of their UI elements, but they don't seem to work right just yet. Both use full sets of PS2 controller button graphics.
Prototype Final
Ratatouille asobo proto cake.png Ratatouille gc cake.png
  • Gusteau's tips, hints, and advice are displayed as scrolling text in a pop up box in the upper left hand corner of the screen, in contrast to a static text box that stops the game like in the final release. Also, the prototype version uses a similar visual style to the early cookbook menus, rather than being a transparent blue backdrop.
Prototype Final
Ratatouille asobo proto hint.png Ratatouille gc hint.png


  • Remy is using an updated version of the model from the Heavy Iron prototype. He now sports his iconic blue fur, in contrast to the dark purple he had in the film's concept art.
    • Interestingly though, his finalized model is used in some of this build's early cutscenes.
Heavy Iron Prototype Asobo Prototype Final Release
Ratatouille heavyiron remy.png Ratatouille asobo remy.png Ratatouille gc remy.png
  • Remy's actions are mapped to X in this prototype with his tail swipe on B. In the final game, everything is on B and X goes unused.
  • Remy doesn't take fall damage.
  • Remy can still collect cheese even if his health meter is already full.
  • Remy cannot die at all. Getting hurt with one hit point left just sets you back to 3.
    • However, in the Kitchen Day world, a preliminary death cutscene does exist.
Prototype Final
Ratatouille asobo proto death.png Ratatouille gc death.png
  • All of Remy's moves are accounted for- however, dashing/sliding seems to not work on emulators for unknown reasons.
  • Climbing up ledges appears to be fully automated in this prototype, and only works on predesignated surfaces.
  • Remy's scent vision trail always begins in the mission start spot and travels to all objectives/collectibles at once, rather than starting at Remy's current location and only leading to the next sequential item needed to progress.
Prototype Final
Ratatouille asobo proto scent vision.png Ratatouille gc scent vision.png
  • Rafting is slightly buggy; jumping out of the raft will often result in falling in the water due to Remy not following the raft when he jumps out.
  • Pole swinging is incredibly buggy. In order to connect with the next pole in the sequence, the player must be holding completely left or right in the appropriate direction- even then, in some areas it just simply won't work, making traversing a few locations unreasonably hard.
  • Point jumping is unfinished, and only works when Remy activates it right next to whatever he is trying to land on, which makes it significantly harder to perform compared to the final.
  • Chili Pepper bombs are fully functional, and even have a cut ability removed from the final game. Normally, Remy must set the bomb down for it to detonate, but here, by pressing B while still holding it, he can set it off himself (and possibly meet an explosive fate).
  • Mission briefings do exist, but they're only present in the Kitchen Day world.
  • Pipe slides are here, but they aren't played at the end of each world- instead, here they function as optional challenges to win lightbulbs for the hub.
  • Dream worlds exist and serve the same purpose they do in the retail game.
  • Linguini's cooking minigames have been implemented, however, they are not required to progress through the campaign, and can be played at any time. Unfortunately though, they are incompletable due to not recognizing button inputs for an unknown reason.
  • Humans can notice Remy, and an exclamation mark will appear indicating he's been spotted, but getting caught by them seems to not be working quite right, as there doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to how or when you'll get caught.
    • Rather than dying, getting caught simply respawns Remy back at the last checkpoint he passed.
  • Heists have been added and are very similar to their finalized counterparts, but are impossible to finish in the same manner as Linguini's cooking minigames.
  • Chase scenes are here and functional to varying degrees; all 4 including an extra 4th section to each one, making them longer (and somewhat harder) than the finalized versions.

World Differences

For a movie licensed game, this one had a wild development. Almost every single level was either redesigned, or entirely rebuilt from the ground up some time after this prototype. Read below to get the details.

Ratatouille asobo tutorial.png
"Mable Cottage" (Somewhere In France)
Looks like Mabel did some yard work.
Ratatouille asobo sewer.png
"Sewer" (Home Stink Home)
Familiar, yet oh-so different.
Ratatouille asobo courtyard.png
"Courtyard" (The City of Lights)
There's quite a few hell-spawn creatures roaming around here, and we certainly can't have that.
Ratatouille asobo kitchenD9.png
"Kitchen Day" (Little Chef - Big Kitchen)
Colette must've called in sick today.
Ratatouille asobo market.png
"Market" (The City Market)
Watch out for the forklift of terror.
Ratatouille asobo kitchenN57.png
"Kitchen Night" (The Desserted Kitchen)
Skinner? You okay there, buddy?
Ratatouille asobo 01dream.png
"Dream" (Dream Worlds)
Some of these dreams are freakier than the nightmares themselves!
Ratatouille asobo CTpipe2.png
"Pipe" (Pipe Slides)
Someone must've been redoing the pipework under Paris.
Ratatouille asobo kitchenD63.png
"MG" (Minigames)
Games that are impossible to win- how fun!
Ratatouille asobo multi7.png
"Multi" (Multiplayer Minigames)
Playing with a friend was apparently more important than actually finishing the game.
Ratatouille asobo KNpurs.png
Unused and Removed Stages
Why is Remy jumping across cars trying to get inside a garbage truck? The world may never know.
Ratatouille asobo unused42.png
Unseen Features
There's a lot going on off-screen.

Cutscene Differences

Ratatouillie AsoboProto 05COURT Image.png
Cutscene Differences
Ah, the wonders of work-in-progress animation.

Audio Differences

  • The audio is in a very incomplete state. Only two songs play, sound effects are sparse, and there's a decent chance the audio will stop functioning properly and begin outputting very loud garbage noise until the stage is reloaded.
  • Remy has no voice clips.
  • Very few sounds play in the prototype, and what few there are were either removed or switched around by the game's release.
    • The sound used for collecting stars and cheese in this build was reused as the sound for collecting apple cores.
    • Early versions of the menu sounds seem to be used here. Whether they were tweaked to completion or simply replaced by better ones is currently unknown.
  • The cutscenes have no audio. The game will attempt to play something back, but the result is always garbage noise.

Placeholder Songs

Only four songs exist in the game's files, and none of them are original compositions.


Plays on the title screen and some minigames. Appears to be a 20 second snippet of "Appel Direct" by Django Reinhardt.


Plays in Little Chef - Big Kitchen, That's a Loot of Fruit, and some minigames. Is "R-Vingt Six" by Django Reinhardt.


Doesn't seem to be used anywhere. It's the song "Belleville Rendez-Vous" from the 2003 film The Triplets of Belleville.


Once again, it appears to go unused. This one is "Troublant Boléro" from Biréli Lagrène.

Dialogue Differences

Hidden within the "tt01.gc" file is the entirety of the dialogue written for the game. Most of it is similar to the final, but there are various tidbits buried in there that have no retail equivalent, including countless cut lines for Gusteau himself! Below is a full list of all of the differences in both versions of the written text for the game. Get ready for a slew of grammar problems.

Somewhere in France

Possibly the biggest takeaway here is that Remy and Emile are much more antagonistic towards each other as brothers, something which would be rewritten as genuine concern for the other's well-being.

Context Prototype Final Game
Opening Cutscene Emile: "Remy, come with me take a little tour of the garden, Dad expects us to pick up some carrots for the diner. By the way, i have some tricks i'd like to show you so let's get a move on."

Remy: "Tricks ?? What tricks ?? You're not gonna try to act like you're some kind of athlete, are you ? Lats time you did, you broke you're tail... so don't try any of you're fancy stuff ok..."

Emile: "Yeah, yeah, whatever... let's pick up some carrots"

Remy: "that's what i'm talking about"

Emile: "Remy, come on, Dad wants us to get some apple cores... *Maybe I'll even show you some sweet moves along the way."

Remy (Unused): "You, show ME sweet moves? Sure Emile."

Emile (Unused): "Just follow me and don't forget to collect the apple cores."

Remy: (No Equivalent)

"How to Walk" Start Dialogue Emile: "Ok, here are some carrots, go this way and pick them up."

Remy: "And what about you, i thought we were both expected to do the job."

Emile: "I've seen some carrots over the flower pots, i'll take care of those."

Remy: "Ok, let's meet over there then."

Emile: "Look, food!!! Follow me to pick them up!!!"

Remy: "Hey, I thought we were working together on this."

Emile: "We are. I'll get the food on the flowerpots while you snag these."

Remy: (No Equivalent)

"How to Jump" Start Dialogue Emile: "Those flower pots give me an idea, Hey Remy, watch me jump. See how agile i'am.... Don't let the weight fool you, i'm a natural."

Remy: "Oh Emile , come on, you'll fall and break something."

Emile: "Try and do the same if you can, pick up the remaining carrots and meet me at the fishing net."

Remy: (No Equivalent)

Emile: (Split off from the third sentence)

Remy: "OK, i'll be there in no time."

Emile: "Hey, Remy, watch me use my amazing muscles to get up on the flowerpots."

Remy: "This oughtta be good."

Emile: "Ok, why don't you try it?"

Remy: "Whoa! But... but how..."

Emile: "I know... pretty amazing, huh. Sometimes I'm not quite sure myself.* But hey, just pick up the food and meet me over at the fishing net."

Remy: (No Equivalent)

"How to Climb" Start Dialogue Emile: "Now, let's see who's got some skills, i'm going too wall climb here, watch and learn baby brother... ooops."

Remy: "See didn't i tell you to stop acting like a gymnast ?? You're gonna kill yourself."

Emile: ".... Ok, Ok just pick up the carrots and meet me on the roof, i'll go around ."

Emile: "Now, the master's gonna do some climbing here.*Watch and learn, little brother... oops!"

Remy: "Master, huh?"

Emile: "I can't be amazing all the time. I'll go around."

"How to Carry Objects" Start Dialogue Emile: "Ok, now we need to use those cans to access the upper roof part, Just do as i do.... Pick it up, jump on it and get to the roof. I'll wait for you near the attic window."

Remy: (No Equivalent)

Emile: (Split off from the first sentence)

Remy: "Ok, Emile, just be carefull will you."

Emile: "I got an idea. We can use those cans to get on the roof. *They look light enough to pick up."

Remy: "Wait a minute. I'm usually the one with the great ideas."

Emile: "You mean all the great ideas that get me in trouble?* Anyways, I'll wait for you near the window."

Remy: (No Equivalent)

"How to Swing on Poles" Start Dialogue Emile: "Now look, this one of my specialty, i call it pole swing... it's easy, open you're eyes and let me amaze you..."

Remy: "well i really wonder if you're made for acrobatic moves, with your weight issues and all...you should be carefull....you might break something."

Emile: "Blah blah... just pick up the carrots will you, i'll be on the chest, waiting for you."

Emile: "Hey Remy, check out my acrobatic skills."

Remy: "Emile! What are you doing? You're gonna hurt yourself!"

Emile: "Don't worry... I'm... an expert... try that little brother. I'll be waiting over on the chest."

"Finding Apples in the Dark" Start Dialogue Emile: "See over there, some other carrots waiting to be picked up, just use your smell-o-vision to find them. I'go on with the carrot harvesting.... Meet me over there when you're done."

Remy: "Ok Emile, see you in a minute."

Emile: "Look, some more apple cores! Use that super-sniffer of yours to find 'em all.*I'll meet you when you're done."

Remy: "Wait... why do I have to do all the... work?"

"How to Rat on Ball" Start Dialogue Emile: "Look what i've found, see what i can do with this ball.... Ooohh, Ooooohh. We can use it to go over there."

Remy: "OooopS, You Ok, Emile...?"

Emile: "Yes, i' am, you should try it it's fun. Don't forget to pick up the remaining carrots and meet me at the window."

Remy: "All right, i'll show you what balance is all about."

Emile: "Oh, look, a ball. Watch this... we can use it to go over there... Ooohh, ooooohh!"

Remy: "Ouch... you okay, Emile? Let me show you how it's done."

Emile: "Oh, don't forget to pick up the food then meet me at the window."

Remy: (Condensed into sentence two)

"How to Tightrope" Start Dialogue Emile: "Ok, now we're going to use this rope to get to the roof over there."

Remy: "WHAT !!!, are you crazy, you want to fall down and break you're neck."

Emile: "Don't you doubt me, little brother i've done it a million times.... In my dreams... Just watch me now."

Remy: "Oh my god, how did you pull this one off? Well i guess i'm next."

Emile: "Ok, now we're going to use this rope to get to the roof over there."

Remy: "WHAT? Are you crazy? We're rats, not birds!"

Emile: "Ahh, never mind, just watch how it's done."

Remy: (No Equivalent)

"How to Beam Run" Start Dialogue" Emile: "So, didn't i tell you i've got some skills."

Remy: "Seems more like cheer luck to me. Do you have anymore dangerous tricks you want to show me ?"

Emile: "Speaking of tricks, i call this one beam run, watch me and then try to do it yourself. Meet me on the wall down there. And don't forget to pick up the carrots."

Remy: "I wonder if you should really do this, you might be out of luck this time."

Emile: "Notice how I use my considerable girth to balance.* I call this one The Great Balancing Rat... Run."

Remy: "This I gotta see."

Emile: "Just watch and learn. Meet me down there on the wall... *and don't forget the apple cores."

Remy: (No Equivalent)

"How to Point Jump" Start Dialogue Emile: "Well done Remy, you got some skills too. Now we're going to use the roses to point jump. I usually try not too because of my weight but i need to show you how to..."

Remy: "Maybe you can tell and skip the 'show' part...."

Emile: "Stop being a smart rat and watch ....Meet me over there, after the pile of wood."

Remy: "Ok, i'll get the carrots and meet you there."

Emile: "Not bad, little brother, you've got some skills. *Now we're gonna land on those sparkly posts. Watch this!"

Remy: "You should be careful... you might break something."

Emile: "Can you please just watch? *Then meet me over there by the pile of wood?"

Remy: (No Equivalent)

"Hidden and Dangerous" Start Dialogue Emile: "Ok, you see this box, it can be very usefull to hide when in an hostile environment. Pick it up and hide yourself under it, you'll be able to move around unnoticed."

Remy: "That is .... If you're slim enough to slip inside.... Ahahah"

Emile: "Just pick up the carrots and do as i say will you......"

Emile: "Ok, you can use boxes like this to hide.*Just pick it up and climb underneath, and you can move around unnoticed."

Remy: "So, if I'm in the box, no one can see me?"

Emile: "Exactly."

"How to Spoon Swing" Emile: "Here, i'll show you how to fight, we'll use that little piece of equipment as a weapon. Let's show those chickens what we're made off........aaaaaaaaaah"

Remy: (No Equivalent)

Emile: (No Equivalent)

Remy: "Hey, Emile, come back, where are you're going, it's just a chicken."

Remy: "I guess i'll have to do everything by myself once again."

Emile: "Lemme show you how to defend yourself. We'll use that as a weapon."

Remy: "Emile, you're really starting to freak me out. *Where did you learn how to do all this?"

Emile: "Seriously... I really don't know."

Remy: "Who ARE you?"

Remy: "You think you know somebody."

"How to Raft" Start Dialogue Emile: "Last thing, we almost done. This one is about rafting and believe me little brother, i'm an expert in that domain, so just watch and learn. And don't forget to pick up the carrots."

Remy: "Wow, you look to have some practice on that one, eh.... Wait Emile."

Remy: "I guess i just have to try it for myself, let's go."

Emile: "Last thing, we're almost done.* This one is about rafting and believe me little brother, I'm an expert in that, so just watch and learn. And don't forget to pick up the food."

Remy: "I know, you've told me that, like, a hundred times."

Emile: "Yeah, yeah... just follow me!"

Home Stink Home

The entire arrival cutscene's dialogue is completely absent from the prototype.

Context Prototype Final Game
Arrival Cutscene (No equivalent) Remy: "Wha'... what's going on?"

Gusteau: "Excusez-moi, but I am Chef Auguste Gusteau."

Remy: "I... I know who you are."

Gusteau: "Silence... and look there..."

Gusteau: "So, mon ami... do you recognize this place?"

Remy: "I'm not certain, but..."

Gusteau: "Go on..."

Remy: "Paris!"

Gusteau: "Yes..."

Remy: "Did you lead me here? Why? Aren't you just a figment of my imagination?"

Gusteau: "Oui, I am a figment of your imagination, but inspiration comes to us all... especially chefs."

Remy (unused): "Help you do what?"

Gusteau: "The critics have dropped my restaurant from five stars to four. I believe you, mon petit ami, can help me get that star back."

Remy: "Rebuild Gusteau's? I think I can handle that."

"The City of Lights" Briefing Django: "Ah Remy, here you are at last, i've been waiting for you"

Remy: "uuuhh, you know, i was looking around for some good food and..."

Django: "Whatever..., speaking of food, we're near the famous 3 stars restaurant gusteau's. We should find some good food there."

Django: "I heard they feed dogs with a bucket of scraps every day, we need to get hold of that bucket."

Remy: "How are we gonna do that dad.

Django: "Get to the courtyard and find the other rats, they know all the details, use your sense of smell to find them and beware of the dogs."

Remy: "I hate dogs....I guess i better get going."

Django: "Ah Remy, I've been waiting for you."

Remy: "Sorry Dad, I got lost and ended up in Paris."

Django: "Speaking of good food..."

Django: "They feed dogs a bucket of scraps in the courtyard every day. *We need to get a hold of that bucket."

Remy: "Yeah, but how?"

Django: "Don't worry about it. Just use that nose of yours to find the other rats in the courtyard. *They know all the details... but remember; beware of the dogs!"

Remy: "Dogs... great."

Colony Unlocked Cutscene Gusteau: "It appears that this is where your rat family lives. Let's see, dark, smelly, dank, wet...the perfect place for a colony of rats to take up residence. I think now is a good time to look for your father. He must be searching high and low for you." Gusteau: "Oooph... let's see; dark, smelly, wet... the perfect place for a colony of rats!"
Django's Colony Tour (Unused) Django: "Here you are Remy, i've been waiting for you, we were worried about you son."

Remy: "Sorry dad, i got lost and and i ended in the streets of Paris."

Django: "Well, as long as you're here. This is our new home, from here we can access some parts of the city, and we might find some others ways."

Remy: "That's great, i'm glad to be in the colony again."

Django: "There you are! I've been worried sick about you Remy."

Remy: "Sorry, Dad, I got lost and I ended up in Paris."

Django: "Well, I'm glad you're here. This... is our new home."

Remy: "That's great, I'm back with the colony again."

"Little Chef - Big Kitchen" Briefing Django: "Remy,late as usual, hurry up boy."

Remy: "Oh come on Dad ..."

Django: "Listen carefully, The food is in the walk-in freezer... Get into the Kitchen and find the other rats, they'll tell you what to do.'"

Django: "Be carefull of Skinner, is a tough one."

Remy: "Don't worry dad, i'll be carefull, i better get going.'"

Django: (No equivalent)

Remy: (No equivalent)

Django: (No equivalent)

Django: "Come on Remy, hurry up!"

Remy: "I AM hurrying!"

Django: "The food is in the cooler. Get into the kitchen, and find the other rats. *They'll tell you what to do."

Django: (No equivalent)

Remy: "So you want me to take food? I'm not sure that's right..."

Django: "Son, it's for the colony..."

Remy: "... the colony. I know, Dad."

Django: "Remember, to find the other rats... try sniffing them out."

"The City Market" Briefing Django: "Ah Remy, here you are , ready to work."

Remy: "Yeah dad, just brief me, i'm all ears ,,,,"

Django: "Ok, this is the biggest market in Paris and today is shipment day, we need to get our share of it. But it won't be easy though. Humans are everywhere and they hate us for sure."

Remy: "I know the drill dad, don't worry"

Django: "Be carrefull son, we depend on you"

Django: "Ah Remy. I got a job for you, son."

Remy: "Not more stealing, Dad ... OK?"

Django: "It's NOT stealing! We're going to the biggest market in Paris. *Today's shipment day and we're gonna make the most of it!"

Remy: "I know the drill Dad, don't worry."

Django: "Be careful son... we're counting on you."

"The Desserted Kitchen" Briefing Django: "Ok Son, if we want to help Linguini cook and save Gusteau's from being shut down, we're going to need the help of every rat in the colony. And of course you're going to have to do a lot , as usual."

Remy: "I'm always ready when it's about cooking , you know that Dad."

Django: "It's not only about cooking Remy, Skinner is still around and you know how dangerous he can be. Get inside the kitchen and go see the other rats, They tell you what to do."

Remy: "Ok, Dad, don't worry , i can handle this"

Django: "The other humans have cleared out. *You've got to get in there and help your friend finish this meal, and we're gonna help. *The last thing we want is to lose this restaurant and its wonderful food supply."

Remy: "When it comes to cooking... I'm always ready!"

Django: "That human is still here and he's completely mad. *You are gonna have to find a way to get him outta here... *How about the bathroom?"

Remy: "Ok, Dad, don't worry, I can handle this."

The City of Lights

General clean-up. Also, there seems to be unique dialogue for each part of the heist that was removed in the final.

Context Prototype Final Game
World Introduction Gusteau: "Ah, The city of light, PARIS,,,, Here you are Remy, The streets of Paris are most beautifull but can be very dangerous, especially for a young rat like you. Beware of the mangy dogs wandering in those streets, they need to eat too and they don't get picky when it comes down to it," Gusteau: "So Remy left the simple life of the country behind him... *and came to Paris... where life is much more... *how you say? Uhh... complicated."
"How Now Bowwow" Start Dialogue Twitch: "Remy, here you are, let's get to business right away. Gusteau's restaurant is over there, just a few meters away....that's the good news."

Remy: "And the bad news is...??"

Twitch: "The bad news is that there is a dog guarding the entrance to the courtyard. you're going to need to find a dog bone to lure these filthy canine away from the street and the courtyard."

Remy: "Ok i got it, let's do it."

Twitch: "Remy, there you are. Gusteau's restaurant is over there, just a few meters away... that's the good news."

Remy: "And the bad news?"

Twitch: "The bad news is there's a crazy dog guarding the entrance to the courtyard. *You're gonna need to find a dog bone to lure the thing away."

Remy: "Got it. Let's go."

"Doggy Distraction" Start Dialogue Git: "Wow, you did good with luring this dog away, they're not that clever after all,,,,, Let's get back to business: You need to clean the courtyard of all rat so we can operate freely. But beware, there is another dog patrolling and we're out of bones."

Remy: "OK, but how should i procede ?"

Git: "You'll have to find a spoon and take a swing at the traps to disable them, but you'll have to worry about the dog at all times, always check his position before you do anything."

Remy: "All right, i'm on it then,,,"

Git: "Hey good job! Dogs aren't so smart after all, huh? *Now we need you to disable those rattraps... It's not safe for us out there. *Can you do this?"

Remy: "Alright, so what do I do?"

Git: "Hey... I got it. Why don't you find some spoons to disable the traps? It's dangerous out there. Be careful!"

Remy: "All right... got it."

"Magpie Madness" Start Dialogue Celine: "Ok, the hard part is already behind, the next task is almost piece of cake. We need you to climb up to the rooftops and get to the magpie's nest. There is a coin that might come in handy. Take it and drop it down the rain gutter."

Remy: "Sounds easy, but i 'd rather stay focused. I'm on my way,,,"

Celine: (No Equivalent)

Celine: "That's done... good... listen, on the rooftops there's a coin we need in the nest. Find it... then drop it down the rain gutter."

Remy: "This is insane. We're doing all this for... for garbage?"

Celine (Unused): "We're doing it for the colony."

"Magpie Madness" End Dialogue (No equivalent) Celine: "Hurry up, Remy! Emile's waiting for you to start the mission!"

Remy: "Ok, I'm on it!"

"The Bucket O' Slop" Start Dialogue Emile: "Ok, now is the time to make our move, You need to see each rat and give them a go signal so they perform their task, then you'll have to get to your post and semaphore the way out to the other rats. Remember this operation is timed, you need to be fast."

Remy: "Yeah i get it, i'm on my way."

Emile: "Ok, now is the time to make our move. *Give each rat a go sign, then you'll have to signal the way out to the other rats. Remember... you need to be fast."

Remy: "Sounds easy enough, I'm on my way."

"Sound the Alarm!" Start Dialogue (Unused) Remy: "Twitch, you're next, set the pharmacy alarm on" (No equivalent)
"Bucket Pull" Start Dialogue (Unused) Remy: "Git, It's your turn, pull the rope now." (No equivalent)
"Follow My Lead" Start Dialogue (Unused) Remy: "My turn to play now, let's go" (No equivalent)

Little Chef - Big Kitchen

The most notable difference here is that there's no dialogue implemented for the cooking portions of the world, and as such, Colette continues to get shafted.

Context Prototype Final Game
World Introduction Gusteau: "And here we are in the kitchen, the heart and soul of Gusteau's. There, where the cake is being prepared, is the pastry station. And there is the dish washing area, the stove...where we sautee, poach, and grill our creations to perfection...the soap station, and of course, the cold storage, where the best ingredients are hidden. Are you ready to explore the most famous kitchen in all of Paris?" Gusteau: "And here we are in the kitchen... the heart and soul of Gusteau's.*There, where the cake is being prepared, is the patisserie.*That is the dish washing area... and the stove - where we sauté, poach, and grill our creations to perfection... * Followed by the canapé area where they make the soup. *And finally, the cold storage, where the best ingredients are kept! *Are you ready to explore the most famous kitchen in all of Paris?"
"Gaseous Distractions" Start Dialogue Twitch: "You need to get to the main gas switch and turn it off so all the kitchen burners will be shut off.....that should take the humans attention for a moment.'"

Twitch: "Find a way to access the shelves over there, you will have to get a can to access the shelves."

Remy: "I get it, anything else ?'"

Twitch: "Yes, make sure enemies don't steal your can"

Remy: "Ok let's go."

Twitch: "You need to get to the main gas switch and turn it off so all the kitchen burners will go out... that should grab the humans' attention for a moment."

Twitch: "Use a can to access the shelves over there. Hurry!"

Remy: "Anything else?"

Twitch: "Yeah, make sure enemies don't steal your can."

Remy: (No equivalent)

"Heave-n-Ho" Start Dialogue Git: "Remy, We plan to use the sewer drain to escape. We need you to get to the door knob of the closet door. Once you get there, we'll throw you a rope.'"

Remy: "Allright i get it, let's move on'"

Git: "Good luck Remy'"

Git: "Okay now Remy, we're heading home now. You need to get to the closet door. We'll throw you a rope when you get there."

Remy: "Doorknob... got it."

Git: (No equivalent)

"The Key to my Success" Start Dialogue Serge: "The key to the walk in freezer lock is on the wall over there. Find a way to make it fall and then bring it back to me."

Serge: "Watch out for enemies that might steal the key from you."

Remy: "Don't worry, i'll be allright'"

Serge: "The key to the food safe is over there... go get it and bring it back to me! Hurry!"

Serge: "Watch out for the thieves that might try to steal it."

Remy: "Don't worry. I'll be all right."

"The Key to my Success" End Dialogue (Unused) (No equivalent) Serge: "Go see Emile over there. He'll tell you what to do next."
Cooking Minigames Segway (No equivalent) Colette: "Linguini!"

Colette: "We need the chef's special, we need it now!!"

Cooking Minigames Cleared (No equivalent) Colette: "Hummm, not bad!"
Cooking Minigames Failed (No equivalent) Colette: "Do you think learning to cook is a little game?"
"Walk out the Walk-in" Start Dialogue Emile: "Well done Remy, you did a good job. Now we need to get what we came here for: the food. Let's do this." Emile: "Hahaha... it's a good job Remy. Now we need to get what we came here for - the food! *You know what to do. Just give the signal to each of the rats."
"Take Aim and Blow" Start Dialogue (Unused) Remy: "Serge, you're up, open the door and shoot down the food into the basket.'" (No equivalent)
"Door Pull" Start Dialogue Remy: "Go Git, Pull the Rope now !'" (No equivalent)
"Hot to Get Out of Here" Start Dialogue (Unused) Remy: "My turn now, let's do it.'" (No equivalent)

The City Market

Significantly different- entire chunks had to be rewritten due to re-contextualization in the world itself with the change in mission objectives.

Context Prototype Final Game
World Introduction Gusteau: "This is the market, Remy, where every great dish begins. Beware of other shoppers; if they see you or make contact, you're in trouble. We have the fournisseurs des poissons et produit, for our fish and produce, le boulangerie for our baked goods, and le boucher, the butcher. Are you ready to get some food?" Gusteau: "This... my friend... is the market, where every great dish begins.*Beware of humans. If they notice or catch you, it's au revoir Remy'... *Here we have the fish and produce vendors,*la boulangerie for our baked goods, and le boucher... * how do you say... 'the butcher'? for our meats. Are you ready to get some food?"
"Fuse Quest"/Prototype Mission #1 Start Dialogue Twitch: "You must catch the children so that you can move freely in this world. The only way to do that is to find and knock down three buckets from the ledges on to their hard little heads."

Remy: "Children !!! Are you sure ??"

Twitch: "They are kids , but they are still dangerous for us."

Remy: "All right, i'll do it"

Twitch: "Remy, your first assignment is to find a fuse and bring it to me."

Remy: "A fuse? What for?"

Twitch: "I need it to start the forklift."

Remy: "Alright, I'll do it."

"French Food"/Prototype Mission #2 Start Dialogue Git: "Hey Remy, ready for more ?? We need you to go to the fruit shop and take some of them and place them on the ladder right next to the fruit shop. We'll get hold of them later"

Remy: "Seems like an easy assignment, i'm glad i don't have to be around dogs or worse,,,,,"

Git: "There are still humans in the area, and not the nicest ones, don't forget that and stay sharp."

Remy: "You sound just like my dad, be carefull,,,,,,,,,,,,,ok, i better get going."

Git: "Hey Remy... you ready for more ha-ha? *We need you to go move some food in the market so we can get it later."

Remy: "There aren't any dogs are there?"

Git: "No, no, no... no dogs, but there are humans so be careful."

Remy: "Seems like an easy assignment, I'm just glad there's no dogs..."

"Basket Breakout"/ Prototype Mission #3 Start Dialogue Celine: "Ok Remy, We're almost done here, now we need to set up the escape route so we can all extract safely after the job is done."

Remy: (No equivalent)

Celine: (No equivalent)

Remy: (No equivalent)

Celine: (No equivalent)

Remy: (No equivalent)

Celine: (No equivalent)

Celine: "Okay Remy, we're almost done here, this next bit is tricky."

Remy: "Tricky, smicky... what is it?"

Celine: "Follow that old lady, and put the food in her bag so we can get it from her later."

Remy: "So we're stealing from the market and then stealing from the old lady? *Gusteau would be furious with me."

Celine: "Who's Gusteau?"

Remy: "He's this chef, see? And... oh forget it... I'm in."

Celine: "If you've got a question about something... you should ask your father."

"Basket Breakout"/Prototype Mission #3 End Dialogue (Unused) (No equivalent) Celine: "Hurry up, Remy, Emile's waiting for you to start the mission."

Remy: "Ok, I'm on my way."

"Delivery Diversion" Start Dialogue Emile: "Well done Remy, you did a good job. Now we need to get what we came here for: the food. Let's do this."

Remy: (No equivalent)

Emile: "Hahaha... it's a good job Remy. Now we need to get what we came here for - the food! *You know what to do. Just give the signal to each of the rats."

Remy: "Gotcha!"

The Desserted Kitchen

The general idea is the same, but the wording and delivery was completely redone, and for the better.

Context Prototype Final Game
World Introduction Gusteau: "Ahhh, poor Linguini! The other chefs heard about the rats in the kitchen and left him twisting in the wind. But one cook's crisis may be one rat's opportunity to shine. You must help him, Remy. Are you ready?" Gusteau: "Ahhh, poor Linguini! The other chefs seem to have left him to complete the dinner rush alone! *But one chef's crisis may be another chef's opportunity. *You must help him, Remy. Are you ready?"
"Skinner to Storage" Start Dialogue Git: "Ok, if we want to help Linguini in the kitchen, we must get rid of skinner right away .You must lure Skinner into the closet and lock him inside! Hurry..."

Remy: "I'm all for it, but how can i do that?"

Git: "Skinner hates us rats, just show yourself and play a little game of hide and seek. You should be able to lead him into the closet. Once he's in, we 'll lock him up."

Remy: "Sounds good, risky but good....."

Git: "We gotta get rid of that human."

Remy: "Okay, but how?"

Git: "Hey... lure him into the closet. Once he's there, we'll lock him up."

Remy: "Not all humans dislike us Git, but this one does."

"Rat Trap Whack!" Start Dialogue Twitch: "Remy, the kitchen has been filled with rat traps, we need to disable all of them if we want to be able to cook for Linguinni. Disable all the traps, you can do so by using a spoon and swing at the traps or lure any ennemy into the traps."

Remy: "All right, i'm on it"

Twitch: "Remy, the kitchen's filled with rattraps. You need to get rid of them. Use a spoon and swing at the traps or lure an enemy into them."

Remy: "All right, I'm on it."

"Who Took the Book?" Start Dialogue Celine: "Remy, if you want to cook, you going to need your cookbook but i believe you don't know where it is . If you want it back you should go take a look in Skinner's office; you might be surprised."

Remy: "You're sure, well you know him better than i do, so i might as well get inside his office and look for my book,,,"

Celine: "You need to hurry , Remy, you still have a lot of work to do ."

Celine: "She needs Gusteau's recipe book. Get it out of the office and get it back to her."

Remy: "Ok, I'm on my way."

Celine: (No equivalent)

"Satisfy Your Ego" Start Dialogue Emile: "Ok, we're set, everybody go to your station and get ready . We need to give our best to help Linguinni and save the Restaurant."

Colette: (No equivalent)

Emile: "We need to do our best to help save the Restaurant... aaaaaaaah!!!"

Colette: "Hurry, the critic just ordered... he's waiting!!!"


It seems pipe slides and rafting stages were originally going to have rats waiting beside them that would've explained what was waiting on the other side for Remy to collect.

Context Prototype Final Game
Pipe Slide Preface (Unused) Unknown: "Hey Remy, I ve seen a light bulb in the sewer but it was out of reach. I think it should be accessible using this sewer drain and going down the pipe, are you up for it ?"

Remy: "A light bulb.... yes it might be usefull, let's go"

Cookbook Menu: "Do you want to enter (slide)?"

Remy: (No equivalent)

"Oh Smelly Water" Preface (Unused) Unknown: "Hey Remy, I ve seen a light bulb in the sewer but it was out of reach. I think it should be accessible by using a can to raft the sewer, are you up for it ?"

Remy: "Ok, let's go rafting then."

Cookbook Menu: "Do you want to enter 'Oh Smelly Water'?"

Remy: (No equivalent)

All Lightbulbs Collected Cutscene Gusteau: "Look at what you've done, Remy. These lights give some much needed luminescence to this dark place. In the City of Lights, we now have the Sewer of Lights!" Gusteau: "Look at what the light bulbs have transformed the sewer into - your own city of lights!!"
All Darts Collected (Unused) Gusteau: "Well done, monsieur! Now head back to the colony to see how the Darts are being used." Gusteau: "Allez! You should return to the sewer to see how the darts are being put to use..."
All Darts Collected Cutscene Gusteau: "Those darts you collected in the courtyard has now opened some new possibilities of entertainment for your people" Gusteau: "Allez! See how the darts are being put to use..."
All Soap Bottles Collected Cutscene Gusteau: "Look mon ami. See how cool this new feature is ? Thanks to the soap bottle you brought back from the kitchen, the old water pump can be used as a bubble machine. It sure isn't very usefull but it's nice and entertaining." Gusteau: "Now you can use the soap pump as a bubble machine! Good job Remy."
All Batteries Collected Cutscene Gusteau: "Ahh, the music of France, monsieur. Milhaud, Poulenc, Tailleferre, and all the rest...they make even the deepest of sewers come to life. Tres charmant!" Gusteau: "Ahh, the music of France can make even the deepest of sewers come to life."
All Fuses Collected Cutscene Gusteau: "I see that you put the collected fuse into good use, You now have a TV that works. That's great because you'll be able to watch cooking shows and learn some more cooking skills." Gusteau: "Now that you've got all the fuses, the television in the sewer should work!"

Gusteau's Unused Flavor Dialogue

In the final game, Remy has various voice clips that the game will cycle through depending on the given situation to keep the player invested in the world and characters as they play. In the prototype however, it seems this role was originally meant to go to Gusteau, as he has many, many text lines corresponding to voice clips to-be-recorded leftover in the build's text files. They almost seem to imply that Gusteau's deceased spirit is actually following Remy around, rather than him just being Remy's internal instinct manifest as an imaginary guide.

Possible Context Text
Approaching a Rat "Voila...this other rat is a Mission Marker. He will tell you what can be done in this part of the world. Each assignment will help you discover the world and can be applied to future tasks. Use your smellovision to find mission markers in the world."
Approaching a Rat "Activate the Mission Marker to start a mission. To activate, just walk to the rat."
Approaching a Dream World "Remy, pay attention. This food-shaped item is a Dream World Marker. To activate it, just walk to it."
Near Gusteau's Restaurant "(whimsical) Ahhh, I was one of the best chefs in all of France once, and my Parisian restaurant flourished like few places in the world."
Near Gusteau's Restaurant "There's my restaurant!"
Exploring "The City of Lights" "The Champs Elysees, the Eiffel Tower, the Seine...is it really Paris again?"
Exploring the City "It's good to be back in Paris."
Exploring the City "I love the City of Lights!"
By the Restaurant Skylight "Look, you can see inside the restaurant from the skylights above!"
Remy Has Low Health "You look a little pink around the gills, Remy. Hungry?"
Remy Has Low Heath "We'd better get you some food, my friend. You look a little pale."
Returning to a Previously Completed World "You've done a good job in this world but have you found all the Dream Worlds to explore? Hmm? Have you?"
Returning to "Home Stink Home" Upon Completing a World "It is times like these one needs his father. Find him!"
Exploring the Hub "From the greatest restaurant to the darkest sewer...I've fallen a long way."
Exploring the Hub "Uggh, this place is disgusting!"
Near the Kitchen Stovetops "We must finish our tasks and leave this place. My nose hairs are melting."
Exploring "Little Chef - Big Kitchen" "After all those years, here you are, Remy...in a real kitchen"
Exploring the Kitchen "Now that you are in a real kitchen, cook, my friend. And remember, great cooking is not for the faint of heart, you must be imaginative!"
Exploring the Kitchen "This restaurant is my legacy...oh, how I miss what it once was."
Exploring the Kitchen "Ahh, Skinner has taken the soul from my beloved restaurant. You must help, Remy."
Exploring the Kitchen "(rueful) So many masterpieces created in this kitchen...so many memories..."
Exploring the Kitchen "I never thought I'd see this kitchen again."
Playing Cooking Minigames "Linguini is in over his head, Remy."
Playing Cooking Minigames "He doesn't know a spatula from a wrench yet."
Playing Cooking Minigames "Watching you cook, Remy, makes me look back fondly on my own days as a young chef."
Approaching a Human "Always beware of the humans, Remy. My kind don't care for your kind very much...especially around food."
Exploring "The City Market" "Enfants terribles...children don't belomng in a market."
Approaching Skinner in the Market "Look at Skinner...he woudn't know a decent baguette if it hit him in the face!"
Preparing the Final Meal in "The Desserted Kitchen" "Making good food is akin to making art, Remy. It takes passion, creativity, and a tad bit of madness!"
Preparing the Final Meal "There is Ego, the most powerful critic in France. Impress him and you have truly arrived."
Preparing the Final Meal "You have brains, my friend, but your friend there has braun. You're lucky to have him."
Preparing the Final Meal "To cook is to love, to play, to celebrate life!"
Getting Lost in a World "Use your smell-o-vision."
Getting Lost in a World "The smell-o-vision, Remy...use it."
Getting Lost in a World "Don't forget to use what you use best...the smell-o-vision."
General Flavor Text "Dare to be bad, Remy. It's the only way you can be great."
General Flavor Text "Remy, trust your instincts."
General Flavor Text "From great chef to guide for a rat...who would've ever guessed?"
General Flavor Text "The spirit of the great chefs never die, Remy!"
General Flavor Text "Always remember, greatness is a state of mind."
General Flavor Text "No daring is fatal, Remy."
General Flavor text "When I was alive I never knew rats could talk."
General Flavor text "You might just make it yet, Remy."

Unused Chase Complete Text

Leftover in both the prototype and the final game is text pertaining to completing the chase levels at the end of each world. In the prototype, the text is longer due to including the world names associated with each chase (albeit not the finalized names). However, most interestingly is that the text for The City Market implies that rather than being chased by Skinner and Mabel like in the final, Remy was initially planned to be pursued by a fishmonger instead.

Context Prototype Final
"How'd You Make That?" Cleared "You successfully escaped from Linguini's chase" "You successfully escaped Linguini!"
"Chop Chop Chase" Cleared "You successfully escaped from skinner in the kitchen day chase" "You successfully escaped Skinner!"
"Harried Grocery Havoc" Cleared "You successfully escaped from the fishmonger in the market chase." "You successfully escaped Skinner!"
"Was the Food That Bad?" Cleared "You successfully escaped from skinner in the kitchen night chase." (No equivalent)