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Proto:Ratchet: Deadlocked

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Ratchet: Deadlocked.

A demo build of the game was included in PS2 Demo Disc 53 from the May 2005 Australian PlayStation Official Magazine, five months before the final game was released. It has a plethora of various and highly interesting differences that are very noticeable when compared to the final game.


  • The created and developed by text is placed above the Insomniac Games logo as opposed to having its own screen after the copyright text appears in the final game.
  • There is music that plays when the title screen appears.
  • The various menu options text are different.
  • There is strange control text and lock-strafe text visible at 0:27. It's very unfinished as it doesn't tell you what buttons you use for each function and a placeholder as this never appears in the final game when starting a new game or continuing on from where you stopped.
  • There is also some commentary text visible at 0:27. This would be repurposed for the commentary by Juanita and Dallas in the final game.
  • Ratchet in his gladiator armor is used as a loading screen at 0:30. It's changed to the ship flying around the galaxy to the destination planet in the final game.
  • There is no music when Dallas begins to commentate on Planet Shaar.
  • There is no planet text and mission text when beginning the level.
  • The HUD is different.
  • The numbering for the bolt count, health count and ammo count is different.
  • The EXP bar is much smaller and harder to see than in the final game.
  • The EXP text is different.
  • The Activate Vendor text is different.
  • The weapon text in the vendor shop is different and unfinished.
  • The robot abilities have different text.
  • The robot abilities don't flash when you select them.
  • The weapons don't have their name beside them when using them.
  • There is no level text beside the weapon icons.
  • The weapon xp bar is different and in a different position.
  • The skill point acquired text is different.
  • The mission complete music is completely different.
  • The stats and prizes text are different.
  • The HUB World music is used for the second mission on Planet Shaar.
  • The Landstalker's health bar is different.
  • The control text for entering the Landstalker is different.
  • The enemy dropship is a different colour at various points in the video.
  • The tip text is different.
  • There is no ammo acquired text when you pick up ammo in the Landstalker.
  • The multiplier is different at 6:10.
  • Juanita commentates the opening of the third mission.
  • The revive sound effect is different.
  • The increased Nanotech health text is different.
  • The weapon level increase screen is very unfinished.
  • The start menu option text is different and lacking in other options.
  • The minimap is different.
  • The challenge screen at 16:10 is very different.
  • The medals on the challenge screen are different.
  • Some of the text on the Weapon Mods screen is different.
  • The landstalker target challenge uses the HUB World music.
  • The round text and numbers for the side challenges are different.
(Source: Xindictive)