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Proto:Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation 2)/E3 Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation 2).

The E3 demo of Ratchet & Clank was handed out to attendees of E3 2002. With its build date of April 7, 2002, it represents about 5 months worth of development time and was the first build released to the general public. Despite being a very early build of the game, it is a milestone for its development cycle - many elements seen in pre-release footage was finalized or removed from the game by this point.

General Differences

  • Ratchet cannot double jump in this demo.
  • Ratchet cannot throw his wrench in first-person mode.
  • Cutscenes cannot be skipped.
E3 Demo Final
RatchetClankE3DemoPauseMenu.png RatchetClank2002PauseMenuFinal.png
  • The Pause Menu is very different from the final game, but mostly finalized compared to other pre-release footage.
E3 Demo Final
RatchetClankE3Demo WeaponsMenu.png RatchetClank2002WeaponsMenuFinal.png
  • Ratchet doesn't play any animations upon selecting a weapon.
E3 Demo Final
RatchetClankE3Demo Caldera.png RatchetClank2002 MetropolisMapFinal.png
  • Kerwan has a completely different design and name in this demo, with a more earthlike appearance and going by Caldera.
E3 Demo Final
Ratchet1E3Demo StartingArea.png RatchetClankMetropolis StartingAreaFinal.png
  • The starting area is very different. In the demo, it's much smaller and lacks the ship.
E3 Demo Final
RatchetClank E3DemoFog.png RatchetClank2002MetropolisFinal.png
  • The fog on Metropolis is a different color, giving the level a more washed-out appearance.
E3 Demo Final
RatchetClank E3DemoRoboshackStatue.png RatchetClankRoboshackFinal.png
  • The statue on top of Al's Roboshack has a different design, being grey instead of yellow. This was seen in the infobot cutscene for Kerwan in the final game.
E3 Demo Final
RatchetClankE3Demo MissingGoldBolt.png RatchetClankTrainstationGoldBoltFinal.png
  • The Gold Bolt near the train station is missing.
E3 Demo Final
RatchetClank E3DemoHelga.png RatchetClank1HelgaFinal.png
  • Helga has a completely different appearance, wearing a black tracksuit instead of the tanktop and shorts she wears in the final.

RatchetClankE3Demo YellowEyes.png

  • When Ratchet has one sphere of Nanotech left, Clank's eyes will turn yellow.

RatchetClank E3DemoWantedPosters.png

  • Some wanted posters can be found to the right of the vendor platform. They could be seen in the infobot cutscene for Kerwan in the final game.

Weapon and Gadget Differences


With the exception of the Pyrocitor, Blaster, Glove of Doom, and Devastator, all of the weapons in this demo are different in one way or another.

Bomb Glove

RatchetClank E3DemoBombGlove.png

  • By holding L1, Ratchet can throw bombs behind him.

Mine Glove

E3 Demo Final
RatchetClankE3Demo MineGlove.png RatchetClankMineGloveFinal.png
  • The Mine Glove has completely different functionality in the demo. Rather than throwing out mines that seek out enemies, the weapon instead deploys landmines similar to the Mine Layer enemy.
  • Just like the Bomb Glove, holding L1 allows Ratchet to throw mines behind himself.
  • The mines are capable of harming Ratchet if he steps over them.


  • Rather than the cacophony of whistles and honks used by the Taunter in the final game, the Taunter in this demo uses several humorous placeholder sounds.

An unknown voice saying Oh, a wise guy?

A clip from the 1992 film Army of Darkness.

Another clip from Army of Darkness.

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat shouting out his infamous catchphrase.

Suck Cannon

RatchetClankE3Demo SuckCannonIcon.png

  • As seen in pre-release footage, the Suck Cannon has a completely different HUD graphic compared to the final. It is functionally useless in the demo, as there aren't any enemies small enough to suck up.


E3 Demo Final
RatchetClank E3DemoWalloper.png RatchetClank2002WalloperFinal.png
  • The Walloper in the E3 Demo is pink instead of grey.
  • The weapon lacks the plasma effects seen in the final.
  • The sound the weapon makes is different:
E3 Demo Final


E3 Demo Final
RatchetClankE3Demo Visibomb.png RatchetClankVisibombFinal.png
  • The on-screen effect for the Visibomb is yellow instead of green like in the final game.
  • The missile cannot be detonated manually with Circle.
  • The missile has infinite range and can go out of the level boundaries.

Decoy Glove

E3 Demo Final
RatchetClank E3DemoDecoy.png RatchetClankDecoyFinal.png
  • The Decoy Glove is named the Inflato-Ratchet Glove in this demo.
  • The design for the decoy is different, resembling an earlier design for Ratchet from when he lacked ear stripes.
  • The weapon lacks sound effects.

Drone Device

RatchetClankE3Demo DroneDeviceGlove.png

  • As seen in concept art, the Drone Device was once known as the Defense Drone Glove.
  • Despite Ratchet equipping the glove in the pause menu, the drones are automatically deployed around him upon returning to gameplay.
    • If the Drone Device is hacked into Ratchet's hand, the throwing animation will play but no drones will be deployed, suggesting that the weapon was reworked sometime before the demo.

Tesla Claw

E3 Demo Final
RatchetClankE3Demo TeslaClaw.png RatchetClankTeslaClawFinal.png
  • The electricity fired by the Tesla Claw has a different effect and color in this demo.


E3 Demo Final
RatchetClankE3Demo MorphORay.png RatchetClankMorphORayFinal.png
  • This weapon does not work correctly in the demo.
  • The Morph-o-Ray has a much more simple effect in the demo.
  • The weapon completely lacks sound effects.


  • Functions exactly the same as it does in the final game.
  • The sound effect it makes is completely different.
E3 Demo Final

Mackerel 1000

RatchetClank E3DemoMackerel1000.png

  • There is partial data for the scrapped Mackerel 1000 weapon in this demo, including text and a weapon ID of 15. Trying to equip it will crash the game.
    • The Mackerel 1000 was intended to be a weapon which would replace Ratchet's wrench with a fish. It was cut because "the humor lasted for about three seconds" according to Insomniac.


  • The PDA, O2 Mask, and Pilots Helmet are all absent from the demo.


E3 Demo Final
RatchetClankE3Demo Hydrodisplacer.png RatchetClankHydrodisplacerFinal.png
  • The Hydrodisplacer in this demo has a completely different design.


E3 Demo Final
RatchetClankE3Demo Hologuise.png RatchetClankHologuiseFinal.png
  • Shares the same model as the Drone Defense Glove.
  • Attempting to use the Hologuise will crash the game.

Thruster Pack

RatchetClankE3Demo ThrusterPackDash.gif

  • Instead of doing sideflips while having the Thruster Pack equipped, Ratchet will instead dash to the side.

Unused Models

Early Nanotech

RatchetClank E3DemoEarlyNanotech.png

  • An early Nanotech item. Despite its appearance, it is not a pill bottle, but a battery, and in pre-release footage, the health meter was a battery icon.
    • The item is fully functional and can be spawned with memory editing.
    • To spawn this item, go into a memory editor such as Cheat Engine. Search for the array of bytes
      99 00 04 24
      and replace it with
      76 01 04 24
      , then fire the Devastator to spawn the object.
(Source: ImJustATester)

Unused Animations

RatchetClankE3Demo DoubleJump.gif

  • Ratchet lacks the ability to double jump in this demo, making this double jump animation unused.

RatchetClankE3 VendorUnusedAnimation.gif

  • An unused animation for the Vendor Salesman.

Unused/Early Text

Planet Names

With the exception of Aridia, all of the levels had different names at this point in development, most of them placeholders.

Demo Final
City 0, Planet 0 Kyzil Plateau, Planet Veldin
Crater City Tobruk Crater, Planet Novalis
Outpost X11, Planet Aridia Outpost X11, Planet Aridia
Metropolis, Planet Caldera Metropolis, Planet Kerwan
the %s on %s, Planet Ferwon Logging Site, Planet Eudora
Blackwater City, Planet Talos Blackwater City, Planet Rilgar
the %s in %s, Nebula G34 Blarg Station, Nebula G34
Quark's Base, Planet Destron Qwark's HQ, Planet Umbris
Fort Krontos, Planet Alactra Fort Krontos, Planet Batalia
City 9, Planet 9 Blarg Depot, Planet Gaspar
City 10, Planet 10 Kogor Refinery, Planet Orxon
City 11, Planet 11 Jowai Resort, Planet Pokitaru
City 12, Planet 12 Bomb Factory, Planet Hoven
City 13, Planet 13 Gemlik Base, Oltanis Orbit
City 14, Planet 14 Gorda City Ruins, Planet Oltanis
City 15, Planet 15 Robot Plant, Planet Quartu
City 16, Planet 16 Gadgetron Site, Planet Kalebo III
City 17, Planet 17 Drek's Fleet, Veldin Orbit
City 18, Planet 18 Kyzil Plateau, Planet Veldin

%s is the conversion specifier for strings in C. The following location names were found elsewhere in the game's data:

Planet Beladonis
Deforestation Site
Blarg Tactical Station

Early Mission Text

Mission Name (E3 Demo) Mission Name (Final) Mission Text (E3 Demo) Mission Text (Final)
Talk to the mechanic Explore the waterworks Find the mechanic and talk to him. These waterworks are one of the things Drek plans to steal from this planet. You should search them thoroughly before they're ripped from the planet.
Rescue Skid McMarx Locate Skid McMarx Famous hoverboarder Skid McMarx needs your help. Find him and rescue him. That distress signal indicated that Skid Mc Marx ejected from his doomed ship. If he's still alive, it would be probably be worth finding him. Maybe you could get an autograph.
Find Skid's agent Find Skid's agent Go Find Skid's agent That chatty guy in the .Infobot. must have been Skid's agent. If he landed safely, you should track him down - agents always have useful information....
Bring Zoomerator to Skid's agent Bring prize to agent If you bring the Zoomerator to Skid's agent, you'll get a Sonic Summoner as a reward. The agent mentioned that .Hoverboard. races are being held on Planet Rilgar. If you win the grand prize, you should bring it back to him as proof of your prowess. Perhaps he'll give you something useful in return. Better make sure you have a .Hoverboard. before you enter the race.
Swingshot through the factory Use your .Swingshot. Use a Swingshot to traverse the factory The west side of the factory has swingshot targets everywhere. You'll need that swingshot of yours to explore.
Visit Al's Roboshack Visit Al's Roboshack Find Al's Roboshack. He might be able to help you find Captain Quark. Captain Qwark starred in the commercial for Al's Roboshack. Maybe Al knows where he is.
Buy Helipack at Al's Roboshack Buy .Heli-Pack. from Al. Al is offering a Helipack upgrade for Clank. With it you can long jump, high jump, and glide. It'll cost you 1,000 bolts. Al will sell you a .Heli-Pack. upgrade, which should improve Clank's abilities.
Complete Quark's course. Complete fitness course Make your way to the third island and talk to the fitness trainer. For more information talk to the Quark robot at the course start. It's rumored that Captain Qwark has sponsored a fitness park on the west side of town. You should look for a Qwark-bot to find out more.
Buy swingshot from fitness trainer Buy .Swingshot. from trainer. Now that you've completed the fitness course, buy the swingshot for 1,000 bolts. The trainer is demanding money for the Swingshot. Buy it, you're sure to need it later.
Take a ride on the train Ride the Robot Train If you can get to the train station, hop aboard the waiting train and destroy all the enemies. The train used to provide scenic tours of Metropolis but after the Blarg invaded, things changed. It's still worth taking a ride.
Grab the rogue infobot. There's an Infobot that you can reach now that you know how to use the train. Go get it. Infobots are useful but not in this demo. None None
Buy grindboots from gadget engineer Buy .Grindboots. Buy Gridboots from the gadget engineer that you rescued. That's right, you rescued him and now he wants to be paid. Go figure This is definitely a worthwhile purchase. .Grindboots. are rare but very useful.
Destroy the ghost ship Find the hidden cargo Explore the Blarg warship The Blarg shut down this warship after it was overrun with mutants from the labs. It's still fairly new so maybe they left something behind.
Buy the infobot from the deserter Buy Deserter's .Infobot. The deserter is selling an infobot. Find him and buy it. Even though this guy is a coward, the .Infobot. he has could be crucial to tracking down Drek.

Early Menu Text

Menu Option Description
Weapons Learn about Ratchet's weapons, that with them thou may smite thine enemies
Gadgets Learn about Ratchet's gadgets, which do lots of useful stuff.
Purchasing Learn how to use the vendor to buy gadgets and ammo.
Switches Learn about switches. I guess they probably open doors or something. Or maybe this is about bolt cranks.
Map Learn about all the amazing features in our really cool map
Quick Select Learn how to configure and use the gadget quick-select system
Enemies Learn about the various enemies. Their strengths, weaknesses, and minor-league batting averages
Hints It's probably just Polonius sputtering useless old chestnuts, but we indulge the old man.

Unused Audio

  • In this clip intended for the Eudora infobot, Drek has a completely different voice actor. It is unknown who provided the voice for him at this stage of development.
  • A voice clip from the Gadgetron Vendor that didn't make it into the final game.
  • An underwater bubble sound that didn't make it into the final game.
  • A loud buzzer sound, possibly meant to be an early sound for the TNT crates.
  • A sound of a bullet ricocheting.

Debugging Features

Debug Menu

An early debug menu is accessible by editing the following memory addresses (using a memory editor like Cheat Engine):

Show Debug Menu
Set 2015274C to value 4294967295
Show Debug Menu (Alternate)
Set 20152790 to value 1

This debug menu is missing some of the functionality present in later prototypes and the final game.

E3 Demo (April 7, 2002) EB Games Demo (June 11, 2002) Final/Retail
Ratchet 1 E3 Debug.png Ratchet 1 EBGames Debug.png Ratchet 1 debug.png

Enable Cheats

Debugging cheats can be enabled by editing the following memory address:

Enable Debug Cheats
Set 2019A924 to value 1

Once cheats have been enabled, press L1+R1+L2+R2 to unlock all weapons and gadgets, including ones not normally available in the demo. This includes some weapons and gadgets which have different names and/or function differently than they do in other builds.

Defensive Droids (Drone Device) Inflato-Ratchet Glove (Decoy Glove)
Ratchet 1 E3 Droids.png Ratchet 1 E3 InflatoGlove.png

Level Select

Before Ratchet's interplanetary spaceship could warp you to different planets/levels, there was a level select screen. Not much use here since the E3 demo only contains one level, but it's interesting nonetheless.

You can activate this level select screen by pausing the game and editing the following memory address:

Level Select
Set 2019A8D0 to value 17

Ratchet 1 E3 LevelSelect.png

Blackwater City infobot

Rilgar was going to be named Planet Blackwater at one point - the lip synch animation in the final game still reflects this. Also odd is the fact that Darla Gratch says "Channel Sixty-Four News", but her microphone has the number 2 on it.