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Proto:Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal/May 26, 2004 build/Cutscenes

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal/May 26, 2004 build.


These are the only cinematics for this version compared to the 100 minutes in the final game. An intro cutscene on Secret Agent Clank, the introduction cinematic that is used upon booting the game and a trailer that can't be triggered by normal means in this prototype.


For most of the cutscenes here the case is that the characters aren't animated and are just placed with the camera zooming in and out as a placeholder. Here's what developer Mike Stout had to say about it:

That’s what the movies look like while the animators are working on them. They block it out to the audio, then animate it bit by bit. Since this build was for a user test, we wanted to have as much story in as possible - and also to test the running length of the game. The blockout animatics help with both a lot. It’s cool because every morning you come in and the scenes are a bit more done.

So the game had these cutscenes implemented in this fashion for the sake of user testing.

Cutscene Differentials

Scene ID Prototype Retail

Unused Cutscenes

05 This cutscene is not present in the final version of the game, and is just a work-in-progress version of scene 07.
07 Same case with 05 that it isn't present in the final version of the game. Doesn't have any dialogue but apparently shows us a meeting with President Phyronix. Usually he's seen through a screen on Veldin but he might've been intended to be present on the planet at one point.


Scene ID Prototype Retail Notes
00 This cutscene is not at all in the final version of the game and showcases a very interesting element to the older versions of the game. Apparently you were supposed to meet up with Skidd McMarx (which would make a lot more sense to how he gets introduced into the story at all, anyway..) and race against him on a Turboslider Track. There are remnants of the Turboslider far out of bounds in Florana, as well as the old map that was intended to be used for this racing mission is placed in the Insomniac Museum for historial purposes.
01 Another cutscene that builds upon the story from the first one. Skidd was supposed to give you the Refractor as a prize for winning the race, and it is actually an item you pick up inside the garage in the prototype (since the race track wasn't implemented yet in this build.) It also makes a lot more sense why this building is there in the first place - the retail version just has a few crates that you can smash.
Scene ID Prototype Retail Notes
02 Away from unused cutscenes and back into used cutscenes again.
  • The models are mostly stationary with Clank standing on the ground and Skrunch standing on Qwark's shoulder.
  • As well as there also being 2 Qwark models present for some reason.
  • Qwark isn't wearing the mask that he wears for all of the cutscenes.
  • Generally different camera angles all around along with the camera zooming out into the Path of Death at the end not being as animated - instead just focusing on Qwark's face.
  • The Path of Death has a few general differences like the color scheme being more blue instead of red-orange tinted.
  • As well as generally different camera angles as per usual.
  • Again, Qwark isn't wearing the mask.
  • The part where Ratchet falls on the ground shows more of Qwark in retail.
  • The ship is in the boss arena instead of being outside of Florana, this also meaning that in the retail version, the cutscene changes scene from inside arena to outside.
  • The ship model is slightly different.
  • And the final cutscene was extended quite a bit, adding a scene with Sasha at the end.

Starship Phoenix

Scene ID Prototype Retail Notes
  • In the final, they focus on a ship that they placed way out of bounds for the player to reach, in the prototype they just use the outside of the Phoenix.
  • Sasha is missing from the screen model.
  • Camera is also a lot more focused on the screen instead of the surroundings in the prototype compared to the retail version.
  • The screen model also seemed to have gotten a lot taller in the retail version compared to the prototype.
  • Cutscene also seems to have a different length with the dialogue starting a bit later in the final version.
  • Sasha's dialogue has been filtered so it sounds like she's talking through a call in the final.
  • One of the first cutscenes that are animated.
  • Qwark's Model seems to be a bit darker in comparison.
  • Ratchet has a few different facial expressions compared to final, otherwise it seems like it's really close to final.
  • Widely different camera angles.
  • President Phyronix is missing from the cutscene and a lot of the cutscene is just black screen in prototype while they focus more on surroundings in the final version.

Doesn't show zoomed in ranger.


The controller is missing and the game console model is the Insomniac Pyramid from Ratchet & Clank 2. Otherwise this cutscene is exactly the same.


This cutscene is a bit extended at the start.

07 Different models for Al, Skrunch and Skidd McMarx are used with them using the models from Ratchet & Clank 1 for Al and Skidd, and the costumeless Skrunch model.
08 Instead of Qwark's model doing the line, Skidd is used instead and it makes his jaw look very disproportionated in comparison to how it should be. Mildly interesting.
09 These cutscenes can be activated in the final version through memory editing, although it isnt used. Its likely that these cutscenes were originally used for the rumored space battles that are talked about in early pre-release media of this game that weren't implemented in the final version. Although these cutscenes might also refer to the phoenix rescue sequence which has the map value 06. Likely meaning that you were intended to do the phoenix rescue sequence earlier - but it was pushed way back into the later parts of the game.
  • The characters are not lip-synced at all in this cutscene compared to others.
  • Skrunch is also nowhere to be seen.
  • Camera is also focusing a lot more on Qwark.
12 * Camera focuses more on Qwark and Ratchet in the prototype.
  • Skrunch has the default model instead of the Q-Force costume.
14 Another unused space cutscene likely related to the cut space battles.


Scene ID Prototype Retail Notes
00 Interestingly enough, this is one of the rare circumstances where a cutscene is the exact same as retail.
01 Completely unused cutscene not present in retail, and also unused in the prototype. The rangers talk with a lot more monotone voices than they do in the more finalized cutscenes where the rangers talk with emotion. The monotone voice thing is present in a lot of these unused cutscenes.

This cutscene refers to a cut turret mission. Interestingly enough, it is animated as well.

02 You were supposed to win a Titanium Bolt for doing the optional turret mission. It seemed like Marcadia was supposed to have more than just the few battlefield missions at one point. This was ultimately cut though.
03 Another animated cut cutscene referring to the cut turret missions on Marcadia.
04 Another Titanium Bolt that you could get from doing a cut ranger mission. Note that these Ranger missions are not in the prototype build and these cutscenes are the only ones referencing them even existing.
05 Another animated cut cutscene.
06 This one is also the exact same as retail, with the ranger talking with emotion compared to the monotone voices from the unused cutscenes.
07 Ratchet and Clank are animated, Phyronix is not. Otherwise it seemed like the animations for Ratchet & Clank were finished for this one?
08 Al is spazzing out.

The Al model also seems to be using the Ratchet & Clank 1 equivalent with the shirt looking completely different compared to final. And the machine model is missing along with the Vid Comic.

09 Cut cutscene with one of the Rangers telling you that you can do the rest of the missions on Marcadia for bolts. In the final game, you do all of these missions regardless.

Annihilation Nation

Scene ID Prototype Retail Notes
00 The level is very unfinished with untextured parts everywhere you see, but Ratchet & Clank are completely animated.
01 This cutscene shows off a very early Courtney Gears model.

Sasha screen is untextured.

02 Same deal as before, not much to say that has not already been said.


Scene ID Prototype Retail Notes
00 The Director is missing on-screen, but dialogue is present. The space background is just Aquatos. Clank and Ratchet are animated.
01 Skidd model is very different and just uses the one from Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet is lipsynced, but Skidd is not.
02 Slim Cognito is missing and a teleporter is there in its place instead. And the camera angles are very different with the game not even knowing where to look half the time.
03 This cutscene is present on Level 27 as well, but with the actual level in. Aquatos actually has 3 chunks so it's very likely that at one point, the main level, the Clank level and the sewers were just one level. Any other events past this one crash the game due to missing mobys.

Aquatos Infiltration

Scene ID Prototype Retail Notes
00 Lip-synced, otherwise no animations.
01 The suitcase is untextured. Skrunch model is missing the Q-Force costume as always.
03 Chair is textured completely different compared to final.

And there is nothing in the shelves in the prototype.


Scene ID Prototype Retail Notes
00 A cutscene that describes a cut gadget called the Bullhorn that would let you control the rangers. According to developer Mike Stout - this was planned to work similarly to Deadlocked but was ultimately cut.
  • Dropship is different.
  • Sasha is actually inside dropship and lands on Tyhrranosis in the prototype.
  • Final just gives you the vehicle with Skrunch and a screen of Sasha.
02 This cutscene is completely different and has some cut dialogue. The final shows the ship shooting at the gate, while prototype is Sasha talking to Ratchet directly.
  • Final: "Time to finish the job Ratchet, get moving.
  • Prototype: "Sasha to Dropship, base defenses have been neutralized. you're clear for an attack on the main gate. Time to finish the job Ratchet, get moving. I'll stay here and cover the main entrance."

Unloadable Cutscenes

These cutscenes usually get mobyload errors in the console which means that it tried to load the cutscene, but none of the moby's (models) it needs for it is available. However, the dialogue for them is still present and is easily accessible by ripping them from the SCENES folder.