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Proto:Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal/May 26, 2004 build/Unused Dialogue

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal/May 26, 2004 build.

Unused Dialogue

In the prototype, none of these lines are ever spoken as Helpdesk dialogue wasn't implemented properly yet. Not only that, but most of these aren't even used in the retail version so they're left unused in this version and retail. These lines can be found inside the AUDIO.WAD file.

Voice Line Transcription Notes
The Mapper device reveals secret areas, they're marked as green on your world map. Man, that thing is cool. In the final, this gadget is called Map-O-Matic.
Welcome to the Phoenix Trophy Room, whenever a crew member is awarded a medal of honor. It is displayed here.
I'm sorry, that area is restricted. You don't have access yet.
This is our Gadgetron Weapons Vendor. Here you can try new weapons in a VR simulation before you buy them.
You can upgrade your starfighter systems at this console.
Please take Qwark to the cage in your quarters, and then meet me on the bridge.
Ratchet, you need to take Qwark to his cage before you can enter the bridge.
Qwark needs to be in his cage before you can meet me on the bridge.
This is the VG-9000 game system. If you have a Vid-Comic, you can play it here.
This is the Phoenix VR-deck, here you can train in combat simulations or practice using new gadgets.
Great, meet me on the bridge!
I took the liberty of installing an improved hydro-pack upgrade during Clank's last tune-up. Hold R1 to boost speed while swimming. Clank has the Hydro-Pack upgrade installed at all times so this line is left unused.
That Spider-drone is programmed to follow the laser-beam. Use the beam to guide the spider where you want it.
Nice job getting first price hot-shot. Remember you can always come back and compete for bolts. Might've been used for the cut Turboslider race from Florana.
Look! Gadgebots, hehe. I love those little guys. To give them command, just hold triangle and select the command with the left analog stick.
Clank, you don't have a chance against that thing! Use the gadgebots.
Hey Clank, try out that double-jump upgrade I installed. Just press X in mid-air for an extra boost. Clank can't double jump in the final game or the prototype.
Ratchet, I found some online instructions for the Tyhrra-Guise. Lets see, when you speak to a Tyhhranoid, you should see a holographic display. Just tap or hold the correct button as it moves across your display. Watch what you say though, these guys have really nasty tempers.
Hmmm, that hovership is protected by a Quantum-faced forcefield. Maybe you can use the Refractor to overload the forcefield's circuitry. Might be referring to Obani Gemini or Marcadia, nonetheless it's cut and unused.
Ratchet, you're going to need the Refractor gadget to get the Laser-Shield back online. It looks like there is a Refractor somewhere on Florana. Referring to the turboslider price being the Refractor.
Clank, that little sucker will chase bananas any place you shoot them. Give it a try!
Clank, that little monkey can climb pipes like you wouldn't believe! Shoot a banana across that gap and watch him go.
Clank, if the guards discover you. Just shoot a banana and have the monkey distract them.
Ratchet, I need you back on the Phoenix immediately.
Greetings Cadet, Captain Qwark here. I'll teach you everything you need to know about playing my Vid-Comics.
Alright, now for the fancy stuff. Press X while in the air near a wall to see my awesome wall-kick move!
Check out my deathtifying ledge-kick move! Just push away from the wall and press X while I'm hanging from a ledge.
Press R1 to see me get down.
Press circle to fire my blaster. Hold down R1 and move the analog stick for precision aiming!
Incoming Tyhrranoid dropships! Take 'em out before they land.
Why don't you drop by the Phoenix and play that Qwark Vid-Comic. It might trigger Qwarks memory and bring him back to his senses.
Well, have you played the final Qwark Vid-Comic yet? The suspense is killing me!
Al here! I'm meeting to decode that data-disk you found in the escape pod. I'll bet it's got all kinds of secret information on it.
Ratchet! Bring that Star-Map you stole from Nefarious back to the Phoenix. I've got a plan and I think you're gonna like it.
All missions completed on this planet, return to your star-fighter for an update.
The way you play I'm in for a beating. You can heal me up by grabbing these med-kits. You can't pickup any med-kits in the final game. Only health upgrades which only have 1 per vid-comic.
Keep an eye on your ammo! You can reload by grabbing these ammo-packs.
Hey, what are you waiting for? Just jump and grab the zip-line already.
Hmmmm, a ladder.. how do these things work again? Oh I remember! Just press up or down!
Ratchet, the Phoenix is under attack! We need your help! This would've been spoken about in a cutscene, not a helpdesk/message.
The dropship is getting ready to launch. You better hurry up or you'll miss it.
The rangers are waiting for you at the dropship. They'll transport you into battle.
Ratchet, our sensors indicate that there is another area of the Daxx facility that you haven't accessed yet. It might be important, maybe you should investigate it?
That Hacker is used to crack security-terminals. Just stand near a terminal and press triangle to hack in!
Qwark is still waiting for you at the shuttle-craft, you better hurry. You don't have much time to catch that Star-Cruiser.
Hi Ratchet, I just got Skidd's message. Looks like Nefarious has some major firepower guarding that second moon. You'll have to take out those defense-satelites before you can land that hovership. Watch your back out there alright? Sasha out. There is no hovership mission on Obani Gemini in retail.
I have a feeling we're still missing something Ratchet. We need you to keep looking around the Crash Site.
Looks like you're gonna need a warp-pad gadget to get past that forcefield. You can pick one up on Planet Aridia.
Ratchet, we're detecting tyhrranoid guardposts ahead. It looks like you're going to need the Tyhrra-Guise again.
You can use the PDA to access the weapons vendor from anywhere! Just select the PDA in the items vendor and press square! You'll have to pay a little extra for shipping and handling of course. You don't press Square to open the PDA, nonetheless it's unused.
Hit square when I need to kick some butt with these fists of death.
I took the liberty of installing an improved hydro-pack upgrade during Clanks last tune-up. Hold R2 to boost speed while swimming. This is the same as the one before, except R1 is R2.
There is the ranger dropship. I've ordered the troopers to wait for you at the landing zone.
Be careful down there. My scanners show a huge biomass moving towards you down the drain pipe.
So far so good, watch Skidd's back while he hacks into that security terminal up ahead.
Ratchet, you won't be able to reach the Tyhrranosis in your star-fighter. The air-defenses are too deadly. The dropship can get you close enough to sky-dive on your target.
Al here! The Daxx facility has two high security computer-terminals. My information indicates that one of them is somewhere out in the islands, the other one is inside the main building.
Heads up Ratchet! There is an attack-ship closing in on you at 12-o-clock. Is this referencing the cut space battles?
My scanners are showing unusually heavy security at the starport.
It's an ambush! Watch out for those sharp-shooters.
Ratchet! Get out of there, you've only got a few seconds before that ship blows itself into pieces. This might be referring to the Zeldrin Escape segment.
Hurry Ratchet run! There's no time left!
Ratchet, the rangers report that Nefarious has deployed a new type of robot battle-mech. Be careful out there.
Jeez, you guys are real pros. The gun control center is on the top-floor on this structure. You'll be able to fire the eye-on cannon from there.
Nefarious is probably somewhere in the upper levels of the city. You need to fly to reach him. My scanners show a hovership parked up ahead. Potentially cut mission from Metropolis.
I can't believe it! That thing just turned the whole city into robots! Even the tyhrranoids! You've got to stop Nefarious before he can use it again.
Ratchet, make sure that you search the crash-site thoroughly before you leave. We need to know what Qwark was looking for before the Leviathan went down.
My scanners show that someone has setup a race-track near the wreck. It might be worth investigating once you get the chance. Turboslider racetrack on Crash-Site? Who knows at this point.
Ratchet, I'm picking up a beacon. It looks like there is an escape pod somewhere forward and below your position.
That thing's armor is nearly impenetrable. I'm having Al analyze the schematics for a weakness. Try to hold on! Apparently the Biobliberator was supposed to be a bit more technical originally, in retail you just shoot at him until he's dead.
Al here, there are two weakpoints in the Biobliberators armor, they are located on the back of the robot.
Ratchet! Target your weapons on the red flashing sections of the mech. It's the only way to stop it.
Ratchet, you're going to need the Tyhrra-Guise up ahead. Security is air-tight so it won't be easy. These robot Tyhrranoids are smarter than they used to be.
Press R1 or circle to fire my blaster. Hold down R2 and move the left analog stick for precision aiming! Is this a cut element to the vid-comics?
These are your quarters, I set up the VG-9000 to play Vid-Comic disks.
Hypershot target detected! Press and hold circle to shoot the hypershot! Use L1 for better aiming. Helga would never say this.
Al here! I've activated jumppads near your position. Boost yourself up there and stop that maniac!