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Proto:Rayman (PlayStation, Sega Saturn)/DemoDemo Volume 3 build

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Differences From Final Game

  • The world map is the same as from the later Atari Jaguar build with an Electoon moving on the map. There is also a point on the giant, floating present, although it can't be accessed.
  • In the files, Band Land is referred to as Chromatic Skies (with the code name being "Skies" rather than "Music") and Picture City as Image City—almost literal translations of the original French names Le Ciel Chromatique and La Cité des Images.
  • The two playable levels of the demo feature unique level designs not seen in the final game.
  • Early loading screen images are used.
  • Early sequenced music is used.
  • No sound effects play at any point in the demo.
  • When falling from high places Rayman will appear stunned.
  • The lives counter displays a single digit.
  • Rather than getting Electoon markers on a medallion upon breaking a cage the player now has to collect the Electoons from it with a separate counter being available for that, replacing the tings.
  • The Big Powers use an incorrect palette for parts of their animation.

General Differences

Loading Screens

The Loading screen for The Dream Forest and Blue Mountains had outlines, also has the lava rock, however in the final version of Blue Mountain's loading screen, Mr. Stone was left with outlines.

DemoDemo Vol. 3 Final
R1 JP Demo - Dream Forest Splash Screen.png The Dream Forest.png
DemoDemo Vol. 3 Final
R1 JP Demo - Blue Mountain Splash Screen.png Blue Mountains.png


There are four music tracks present in this demo, they are all in the CD-DA format.

  • The world map theme is completely different from the final.
  • The Dream Forest stage uses an earlier version of the "First Steps" track used in the final game. Due to a disc mastering error, this already short music track is cut before its looping point when played in-game.
  • The Blue Mountains stage music features a completely different composition never used in the final game.
  • The Game Over screen plays an early version of the "End of the Line" track used in the final game.

Unused Graphics

There are leftovers in this build, including the giant lava rock that was been found in Rayman Designer in higher quality in the game's files. The same sign from the later Jaguar build also appears, though has no function.

120px-R1Demo - BigLavaBall.png

R1Demo - OldSign.png R1Demo - Scroll.png

Unused Animations

Swinging Plums

There were different types of swinging plums, the red one was the same purple plum like in the final game and the yellow one spins in 360 degrees. Some of the animation framerates are wrong.

Unused R1 Demo Anim - Red Plum Swing.gif

Unused R1 Demo Anim - Yellow 360 Plum Swing.gif

The Magician

Leftovers of Magician's animations, the one was originally going to give Rayman the scroll by collecting enough electoons.

Unused R1 Demo Anim - Magician Scroll 1.gif

Unused R1 Demo Anim - Magician Scroll 2.gif