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Proto:Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase (PlayStation)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase (PlayStation).

A demo disc of Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase based on an earlier build of the game, containing several differences. The files on the disc predate the final release by 10 days.


Elementary, my dear Cactus.
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Specifically: Are the other levels still accessible?
  • The only playable level in the demo is the second prehistoric level, though the rest of the game's files still seem to be intact.
  • The demo has no voice acting.

General Differences

Demo Final
SDCC STG3 2.BIN67- p00 Demo.png

SDCC T03.BIN0- p00 Demo.png
SDCC T03.BIN7- p00 Demo.png

SDCC TIT.BIN2- p00 Demo.png
SDCC STG3 2.BIN62- p00.png

SDCC T03.BIN0- p00.png
SDCC T03.BIN7- p00.png

SDCC TIT.BIN2- p00.png

The demo uses a retro 1960's aesthetic much like the original cartoon, while the final game goes for a more "cyber" look.

Demo Final
SDCC STG3 2.BIN 62 p00 Demo.png

SDCC T03.BIN 0 p00.png
SDCC T03.BIN 7 p00.png

SDCC TIT.BIN 2 p00.png
SDCC STG3 2.BIN 62 p00.png

SDCC T03.BIN 0 p00 Demo.png
SDCC T03.BIN 7 p00 Demo.png

SDCC TIT.BIN 2 p00 Demo.png

Several boss icons were either redrawn or flipped horizontally.

Demo Final
SDCC FC.BIN5- p00 Demo.png

SDCC FC.BIN3- p00 Demo.png
SDCC FC.BIN0- p00 Demo.png
SDCC FC.BIN2- p00 Demo.png
SDCC T01.BIN-24- p00.png

SDCC FC.BIN4- p00 Demo.png
SDCC FC.BIN5- p00.png

SDCC FC.BIN3- p00.png
SDCC FC.BIN0- p00.png
SDCC FC.BIN2- p00.png
SDCC FC.BIN1- p00.png

SDCC FC.BIN4- p00.png

The talking icons all have blue backgrounds and different artwork of the characters. Remnants of this are found in the final game with distorted static.

Demo Final
SDCC T01.BIN-2- p00.png
SDCC T02.BIN-2- p00.png
SDCC T03.BIN-30- p00.png
SDCC T03.BIN-29- p00.png

Scooby and Shaggy's life icons were changed from portraits to coins.

Title Screen

Demo Final
SDCC MainMenu Demo.png SDCC MainMenu.png

The title screen uses artwork from the movie's VHS and DVD release, and Comic Sans as the font.

Two of the menu options are dummied out in the demo, but their graphics still remain.


Demo Final
SDCC HUD Demo.png SDCC HUD Final.png
  • The radio was given a shiny gloss. It, the textbox, and the main HUD were made semi-transparent in the final game.
  • The demo used a more retro 60s-esque font for the numbers (see above).
  • Lives are represented by Scooby's head in the demo, while the final game uses a coin with Scooby's head (again, see above).
  • The Comic Sans lettering was made more bold and less spaced in the final.
  • In the demo, Shaggy is heard over the radio in the first prehistoric level, while in the final game it's Velma.
Demo Final
SDCC Demo Barrel.png SDCC Final Egg.png
  • In the demo, the destructible objects are barrels. They were later changed to dinosaur eggs, likely due to making more sense thematically and the barrels blending in too much with the background.
Demo Final
SDCC Gators Demo.png SDCC Gators Final.png
  • The water's shade of blue is slightly different, as are the plesiosaur's textures and colors.

Game Over

Demo Final
SDCC GO.BIN0- p00 Demo.png SDCC GO.BIN0- p00.png

The background and font on the game over screen is different, and the Phantom Virus was scaled down in the final.

Warp Room

While the warp room is not accessible, its textures can be found in M/M21.BIN.

Demo Final
SDCC Demo M21.BIN-1- p00.png SDCC Final M21.BIN-1- p00.png

The screens have a Media Player-like interface taken from the movie's trailer, which was changed to generic metal screens in the final game.

Demo Final
Maybe it's just Scooby's speech impediment? SDCC M21.BIN-11- p00 Final.png

The Memory Card screen features what is either Engrish, or a tongue-in-cheek reference to Scooby's speech impediment.

Unused Audio

V00.XA contains leftover audio from Rugrats: Totally Angelica, another game by Art Co. that was released a year prior to Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase.

Audio Subtitles
Angelica: When I become mall fashion show queen, all this will be mine!
Angelica: Wow, a whole building full of stuff to win! It doesn't get any better than that!
Angelica: Make way, pretty, sweet and charming fashion model, COMING THROUGH!
Angelica: Wow, a whole building just for playing dressup! I wanna live here!
Tommy: Stop by the fashion show on this floor and show off the outfits you've won!
Tommy: Thanks for shopping at the make-believe mall! Have a great make-believe day!
Tommy: The make-believe mall hours is from... whenever Angelica starts imagining them to, umm... whenever Angelica stops imagining them!
Tommy: Our stores is chock full of snappy outfits, just waiting to be winned! Stop in today!
Tommy: Our experienced sales-babies can help you get exactly the kind of clothes you need to win the fashion show!
Tommy: Our sales-babies don't your monies! Just play a few games with them instead!
Tommy: Be sure to play again! Our imaginary mall never closes!
Tommy: Everyone's on stale at Phil and Lil's bug hunt!
victory jingle
Tommy: Come on in to Phil and Lil's Frog Catch!
Tommy: Shop 'til you mop at Fluffy's Pinball Maze!
Tommy: Welcome to Tommy's Pinata Bash!