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This page details one or more prototype versions of Shenmue.

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What's Shenmue?

A promotional demo given out to those who pre-ordered Shenmue as well as subscribers of Famitsu. This shows a small taste of what the game would offer, with some differences compared to the final game.

General Differences

  • Tom wears a different shirt in this demo.
  • Some of the NPCs blocking the paths are characters that would make proper appearances in Shenmue II.
  • No Capsule Toy machines can be found in the demo.
  • When you press X, Ryo crouches down.

0.400 Prototype

The only dumped build so far is 0.400, which is similar to the US final version. However, this version does have debugging features enabled. This build is dated August 18, 2000, while the final US version is dated November 6, 2000.

General Differences

  • The save format is compatible with Japanese saves, but incompatible with American and European ones.

Debug Main Menu

The title screen refreshes every 10 seconds, due to it alternating between the normal menu and debug menu. If you press Start when it's on debug mode, the following options become available. Press L and R to cycle through the sub-menus.

By default, the game is on a level select menu with the following options. Use the D-Pad here to cycle between options.

  • CONTINUE - Choose whether or not to resume the game.
  • SCENE - Select the disc the player is on.
  • AREA - Select which area of the game to go to. Note that the player must select a proper map.
  • ENTRY - Choose which spawn point to be in that area.

The other sub-menus are:

  • STAFF ROLL - Displays the credits.
  • HANG ON - Play Hang On.
  • SPACE HARRIER - Play Space Harrier.
  • OPTION - Doesn't work. It only shows colored polygons.
(Source: BlueMue)

In-Game Debug Menu

With a controller plugged into Port D, press Start during gameplay. Press L and R to cycle through the options.

  • DEBUG - The only option available here is FREE_CONV_DEBUG, which can be turned on and off by pressing A.
  • TIME - Adjust the game clock.
  • FLAG - Set one of the over 1,000 story flags.
  • STATUS - Unknown.
  • SAVE - Press A on Controller 2 to bring up the save menu.
  • SYSTEM METER - Get stats on the game.
(Source: BlueMue)