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Proto:Shining Force III/November 1997 Segakore Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Shining Force III.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
* Transcriptions, etc et al.
  • 3 completely unused maps fail to load(MONT00.MPD, SHIP2.MPD and BTL04.MPD), look into why.
  • Shining the Holy Ark leftovers, including Debug text, helmets and shields.
  • Medion has an early portrait.
  • See if i can add Irene's model back in the game, and then see if RYO.SAP plays.
  • Narrow down the flags needed to set Battle debugger, the video is more or less a placeholder/reference. It may also involve memory editing to fully unlock, the address of which i don't have access to currently.

This build of the game was Created a few days AFTER the 97 Tokyo Game Show in September, it is probably as close to the promotional video as we're ever going to get.


Unused Areas
60 maps are included with this thing, some of which are so early they don't even resemble the final game's art style.


This battle was shown off in SEGA's TGS 97 video. It's in the final, but inaccessable due to the code attempting to load from the wrong addresses. The prototype, however is just barely functional. Enemies include:

  • Golem
  • Sniper
  • Skull Mage
  • Imperial Knight

Beating the map causes the game to freak out and kick you back to the title screen.

Unused Characters

Here's a list of all playable characters defined in the X5 scripts:

[シンビオス] - Synbios
[ダンタレス] - Dantares
[マスキュリン] - Masqurin
[グレイス] - Grace
[ヘイワード] - Hayward
[オブライト] - Obright
[アイリン] - Irene
[ジュリアン] Julian
[シバルリー] - Cybel
[エルダー] - Eldar
[カーン] - Khan
[ゴブじい] - Grandfather
[ゼロ] - Zero
[メディオン] - Medion
[キャンベル] - Campbell
[ウリュド] - Uryudo
[シンテシス] - Syntesis

After that, it's just PC24 all the way through 59. The game only uses the first 6 entries for the demo, though using the Flag modifier, they can be added to your team. Sprites exist for about everything up to Fynnding(PC19), but the vast majority of which are just using Dantares' spriteset as a placeholder. Working Model files exist for an additional two, with another two containing empty entries. There's nothing left in the game to suggest what "Grandfather" is suppose to be. Most interestingly, not only is Medion's core team still in the game(in the same state as final) Zero is in place of Justin, indicating that he was originally suppose to be a part of Scenario 1 instead.


60, yes, 60 map files are in the game. Most have trouble loading, you'll need to back out to Balsamo or Shop Test to enter them without a softlock, and even then it's not guaranteed you won't experience one.

Name Final Notes
SHOP_T (Shop Test) Contains 3 shopkeepers. One sells herbs, one saves your game, and the other damns it.
BATTLE_T N/A The name suggest this should be Battle 99, but it's just a seemingly broken version of Dwarf's Hill.
HONJIN_T N/A HQ Test, this appears to just be Balsamo HQ. As is there's nothing inside it.
TESMAP (Measurement Test)
OPMOVIE OPムービー Opening Movie The opening Movie
LOGO Title Screen
DREAM Sleepy Wise Man
BTL101 サラバンド_橋 Saraband Bridge Very unfinished. The enemy layout is filled with Bats, Mask Monks and Saraband Guards, but your movement is restricted to 0 squares(meaning the only way you could hit anything is with debug) and the Monks are indestructible. Curiously, they're all wearing Shields.
BTL102 バルサモへのフィールド Slightly altered name, the enemies are mostly out of bounds, suggesting this wasn't the original map.
BTL103 ドワーフの谷 Dwarf's Valley It's the normal Dwarf Valley, suggesting the "Beta" was made just for show.
BTL104 ドワーフの丘 Dwarf's Hill
BTL110 列車上 On Roof of Train Appears to be the Train Battle, selecting it hangs the game.
BTL114 国境の吊り橋 Suspension Bridge This "Beta Dwarf Valley" as it is often called, even at this early stage however, it seems as if it was always intended as the end of Chapter 3 map.
BALSA バルサモの町 Town of Balsamo
BAL_1 バルサモ屋内1 Balsalmo Indoors 1
BAL_2 バルサモ屋内2 Balsalmo Indoors 2
BAL_3 バルサモ屋内3 Balsalmo Indoors 3
BAL_4 バルサモ屋内4 Balsalmo Indoors 4
BAL_5 バルサモ屋内5 Balsalmo Indoors 5
BAL_6 バルサモ屋内6 Balsalmo Indoors 6
BAL_7 バルサモ屋内7 Balsalmo Indoors 7
BAL_8 バルサモ屋内8 Balsalmo Indoors 8
BAL_9 バルサモ屋内9 Balsalmo Indoors 9
BAL_CHR バルサモ教会 Balsamo Church
FIELD フィールド1 N/A フィールド# or Field# are placeholder names, this however is the unused FIELD.MPD from the final game!
FIELD2 フィールド2 N/A Is only mentioned in the game's script, if it even still exists, the debug skips right over it.
BTL02 フィールド02 Balsamo East Plains
BTL03 ドワーフの谷見るだけ Dwarf Valley This is the only exception to that.
BTL04 フィールド04 Dwarf Valley
BTL06 フィールド06 North Plain Railroad
BTL12 フィールド12 Border S W Plains Almost nothing like the used version. Aspia Castle is nowhere to be seen, instead a river with a bridge is present.
SHIEF1 Thief's Map 1
SHIEF2 Thief's Map 2
YAKATA クァース村[_] Quonos Mansion
YAKA2 クァース村[_2_] Quonos Mansion 2nd Floor
RAIL1 レイルロード街 Town of Railhead
EKI レイルロード駅 Railhead Station
HOME レイルロードホーム
HEYA1 レイルロード屋内1 Railhead Indoor 1
HEYA2 レイルロード屋内2 Railhead Indoor 2 Interesting to note that the 2nd floor entrance in the bar was already blocked off by this point, though the unused room was worked on in between this and final.
GDI 機関車セガール1 Segale Valley Train 1. The map for BTL110. Moving to where the start of the battle would be hangs the game, which is likely the reason why BTL110 doesn't work.
GDI3 機関車セガール3 At this stage of the game, the actual room hasn't been made, so all you're left with is a model of the train. The most notable thing about it is the extra car that was conspicuously removed from final.
MUHASHI サラバンド(見るだけ) N/A One of multiple maps called "Saraband", translation is needed for the parenthesis.
SARA02 サラバンド2 Saraband Center
SARA03 サラバンド3 Saraband Republican District.
RINO リノベイト Early Flagard, including a mansion not seen in the final game.
TURI00 吊り橋 FSS Dwarf Valley The simplified Border Crossing/Dwarf Valley Beta map.
TORI00 砦 Fort The windmill works, that's about the only change.
TNKA 砦内 Inside Fort The coloring is different, but is otherwise the same.
NASU 地上絵 Picture Above Ground The Palm Trees now use correct textures, that's about the only change.
MGMA00 マグマ N/A This is MGMA00.MPD buried in the final game.
TREE00 木 Tree Early Stump Village
SHIO00 潮 Wave This time it actually includes proper textures!
TOUE00 塔の上 The top of Lookover Tower in the final.
MUTES 時計台 N/A The clock tower map shown off in the promotional video!
SHOP_5 ワイン村 N/A Wine Village. Shares a vague resemblance with Quonos village.
CHU 塔と_ N/A Completely unused map. Curiously the graphics are far more like the Genesis games, and there's a few extra details, such as a couple of boats the sail through occasionally.
CRIO2 テント村 N/A Tent Village, basically an extremely early version of Vagabond.
PRO プロぺラ N/A Literally "Propeller". This map is the Early Maya Village that was shown off in promotional material!
INN プロぺラ内 N/A Early Maya Indoor maps.
QUQU プロぺラ長 N/A
FUNA1 水上生活 Early Anafect Village
MUUMI サラバンド An incredibly early version of Saraband that was shown off in promotional material.
ROOM_1 N/A The Room shown off in promotional material.
JOUSAI Aspia, the castle is present, very different to what we eventually got, the doors that were closed in the final are open and the castle doesn't have a moat of any kind.
MURA2 木ノ村 N/A Tree Village, accessing it shows that this is the ground floor of tree, and further cementing it as early Stump Village.
BOO 汽車ツュッポ N/A Possible typo, the map appears to be an early version of what would eventually morph into Storich Business District(Though BTL12 shows Storich did not have a train station near it, meaning this is was intended for another town.)
MONT00.MPD N/A Nothing is known about this map. If loaded into the game, it attempts to load something but crashes almost immediately. Seems to involve loads and loads of trees.
SHIP2.MPD SHIP2.MPD This one doesn't even try to load anything.
BTL04.MPD BTL04.MPD Hasn't been tested. Possibly BTL04A.MPD instead

Unused Maps

Debug Mode

Almost completely different to any debug after it, 3602623E 0001 will enable a debug mode which isn't quite the same as the one in the final game. Its functions are as follows:

Name Explanation
EditGameFlag Allows you to set in game flags, A sets it to Off, C sets it On.
SelectScene Same as Scene in the final
SoundTest Sound Test, only Music and Effects can be played, like the other demos
Menu4 Does nothing, likely not finished. Selecting it just refreshes menu.
Menu5 ^
Menu6 ^
BirdViewMap Hangs the game.
Menu 8 Does nothing, likely not finished.
Menu 9 ^
Kodera Test Doesn't work. Judging by the name, it might have something to do with the SPR files

Holding Z will allow you to clip through walls, and if holding Z while in a battle, instantly clear said battle, sending you to Shop Test. X+Y+Z will freeze the game, and pressing L or R will enable a printout display. Pressing Start will unfreeze the game.

(Source: [1] Knight0fDragon)


Pressing X+Y+Z together will pause the game. In this mode, pressing any button other than L, R, or Start will advance the game 1 frame, pressing L will enable some printout information and R will disable. To exit, Press the Start button. Holding Z will disable collision, allowing you to cross out of bounds. In battle, if you hold Z while an enemy or character ends their turn, the battle instantly ends, or instead you can kill specific characters/enemies by holding Start while ending their turn. Finally, pressing R during a cutscene will skip dialogue, and L will disable it. Pressing it multiple times can advance through scenes slightly faster, though this will crash the game on certain scenes, such as when Fake Benetram leaves the Saraband bridge battle.

Controlling Enemies

Setting the bit 0128-6 in Flg. will allow you to control enemies during battle.

Fight Menu

Setting 0128-0 in Flg will enable a fight menu, with extra options they are as follows:

  • CNO - Unknown, cannot be changed.
  • ACT - The options are: Fight, FAR F. ItemC, and Magic,
  • NO - Goes from 0-101, it's use depends on what ACT you selected. IE, what spell the character uses if you select magic.
  • LV - Level of attack, likely only for Spells.
  • HIT - NRML, S--H, N--H, SUKA(Guard), and CRTC
  • KAI - Unknown
  • HAN - Unknown
  • D - Attacks, D1 D2 and D3. By default, D2 is always set to -1, and the whole thing seems fairly unfinished. Can softlock your game.

Note: Printout must be enabled in order to see the display, otherwise you'll just be staring at a black screen.

Debug Flags

Using the Flg option it is possible to enable extra debug functions, format is "Address-Bit" and they are as follows:
0108-2 - window layer disabled
0108-7 - sprites disabled
0110-0 - Slow mode
0110-3 - Disables the backgound layer
0130-0 - Hitbox display (Overlays a wireframe around collision.)
0130-3 - Camera Tilting or alternatively, Drunk Mode

Unused Audio


"Otamaaaaa Desho!" This can be heard if you manage to access the Battle debug, though the game often crashes while using it.


"HAO! Shoukouken!" Likely developer placeholder for Irene.

Unused Graphics

To do:
There's an early Medion portrait as well
  • Early Julian
Prototype Final
SF3JulianEarly.png SF3JulianFinal.png
  • Early Benetram
Prototype Final
SF3EarlyBenetram.gif SF3FinalBenetram.gif

ID:0076 An earlier design for Benetram. Has a very strange walk cycle, almost as if he's been wounded.

  • Treasure Chest

SF3TreasureXBTL99 0 0.gif
ID:0199 Early Treasure Chest, stored in XBTL99.CHR

  • Shogun Centaur(Tybalt?)

ID:0109 Loaded in XBTL102.CHR is this odd sprite. It doesn't appear to be used in the battle as is(the battle in question appears to have been in the middle of a rework, as the enemy position and camera do not appear to fit the map in question.), and it's ID suggests it wasn't an enemy in the first place, as Enemy sprite IDs, even in this early stage start at 201. The ID suggests this may have been originally Tybalt, or at the very least a placeholder of him.

  • Imperial Mage
Satkore Final
SF3ImperialMageSatkore.gif SF3ImperialMageFinal.gif

ID:0255 XBAL_1.CHR

  • Irene
Satkore Final
File:SF3IreneSatkore.gif SF3IreneFinal.gif

ID:0006 Quite a strange recolor, though this only applies to the pre-promotion, the promoted sprite is already close to final by this point.


Prototype Final
Scenario 1 sprite listUS.png

The first thing that may stand out to you are the Helmets and Shields, but those appear to be merely leftovers from Shining the Holy Ark. If edited into the game all Helmets, and half of the shields use "末設定"(NOT SET). The first two shields are シミタ一(Scimitar) and グラディウス(Gladius). There's also many other differences, such as the extra Bracelets, the Knives(Notice how Sneaky Knife is a part of the list in this version), the Running Pimento doesn't have sparks like in the final, and two of the Maces appear to be using placeholders. Also notice that extra spell Icon near Phoenix, that is actually for ???, which was removed in the final.

Sound Test

The Soundtest for the game is extremely paired down compared to final. Jingles and Voices are not present(though some voices are in the game, see Unused Audio), 10 slots are completely missing, and another 12(!) tracks have been deleted from this build of the game. The list is as follows(Duplicate tracks are in bold, Italics are songs not in the demo)

Track Name Final Track
0 Silence Silence
1 Ishahacut's Room Soldier of the Republic
2 A Distant Journey Hero of the Republic
3 Flying Dragon of the Battlefield Soldier of the Empire
4 Flowing River, Light Of The Moon Hero of the Empire
5 Confrontation Monsters
6 Main theme A Formidable Enemy
7 Main theme The Mercenary Soldier
8 Main theme The Mercenary Soldier
9 Soldier of the Republic The Mercenary Soldier
10 Soldier of the Empire Soldier of the Republic
11 Monsters Main Theme
12 Monsters Ishahacut's Room
13 A Peaceful Early Afternoon A Life Of Harmony
14 The Ramshackle Village A Peaceful Early Afternoon
15 A Life Of Harmony Sorrow
16 A Town Full Of Life The Ramshackle Village
17 Main Theme Conspiracies of Bulzome
18 Main Theme The White Swan Castle
19 Main Theme Church Prayer
20 The White Swan Castle A Town Full Of Life
21 Church Prayer Song Of Soul's Rest
22 Council of war Accident
23 Main Theme Flying Dragon of the Battlefield
24 Main Theme Confrontation
25 Sorrow Flowing River, Light Of The Moon
26 Song Of Soul's Rest An Afternoon of rest
27 Main Theme Peaceful Times
28 Conspiracies of Bulzome Council of war
29 Main Theme The Blacksmith
30 Main Theme A Slightly Drunken Mood
31 An Afternoon of rest Tiger of Honesty and Affection
32 Peaceful Times A Distant Journey
33 Accident The Final Battle
34 Tiger of Honesty and Affection A Powerful Force
35 N/A Wind of Despair
36 N/A Dignity And Pride
37 N/A World Of Mystery
38 N/A And the Legend Begins
39 N/A Shining Force III (The Demo uses TOSHI.SAP)
40 N/A Unused(Early version of "The Lone Wolf")
41 N/A The Shadowy Onlooker
42 N/A An Eerie Silence
43 N/A A Time of Rest
44 N/A Ending Title Song