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Proto:Silent Hill

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Silent Hill.

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Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine Demo Disc #16 (SCUS-94278)


The demo disc was included with the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine issue 16 and has a playable demo of Silent Hill along with a few other games. This is an early build of Silent Hill that contains some unused resources.

Item List

Some names were changed or dropped altogether in later versions. The question marks appear to be part of the name, and not control codes to affect in-game text display. The following strings appear at offset 0x1878 in the file "1ST/BODYPROG.BIN".

Radio Flashlight Shotgun bullets Rifle bullets Handgun bullets
Shotgun Hunting rifle Handgun Hand axe Japanese KATANA
Chain Saw Hammer Nightstick Bat Steel pipe
Petty knife Tablet of Ouroboros Dagger of Magi Ankh Emblem of Caduceus
Amulet of Solomon Clock stone Meteoric iron ring Camera Screwdriver
Pliers Cage's key Motorbike's key Magnet with line Safe's key
Receipt Plastic card Torch Videotape Oil lighter
Medicinal alcohol Pack of blood Plate of Turtle Plate of Queen Plate of Cat
Plate of Hatter Liquid(unidentifiable) Plastic bottle Talisman Gumball
Silver medallion Gold medallion Lab chemical Card key Memo "LEVIN"?
Memo "TO_SCHOOL"? Key of "Quetzalcoatl" Key of "Ifrit" Key of "Sphinx" Key of "Bahamut"
Key of "Garuda" Drainage's key Key of "Emerald leo"? Consultation room's key Warehouse's key
Basement's key Drawbridges's key K.Gordon's key Classroom's key Stack room's key
Key of "Scarecrow" Key of "Woodman" Key of "Lion" House's key? Lobby's key
Ampul Health drink First-aid kit

While all these item names had been defined, descriptions only exist for the first few items you get in the game.

Unused & Early Images

Some of these images were changed in the final version of the game, and many are unused placeholders used before the final artwork was ready.

Images With Developer Notes

Graphic Description Text Translation
Sh-1kaizak40.png Placeholder image
海賊版禁止 Piracy Prohibited
Sh-1kaizk41.png Placeholder image
海賊版禁止 Piracy Prohibited
Sh-lmonster.png Locker monster
潜在する怪物 The Monster Lurks
Sh-inkennel.png Levin St. doghouse
ここに鍵がある There's a key here.
Sh-librbook.png Library book
I'm clueless when it comes to Softimage.
Just imagine there's an open book here.
With a picture of a hunter. And a lizard with its mouth open wide.
Sh-lvtrymsg.png Lavatory message
Leonard Rhine
"The Monster Lurks"
Sh-locker0.png School locker

The inside of the locker is empty.

Rendering error.
The door can't be opened.
It's just a dummy, though, so whatever.
Sh-holekey0.png Rooftop drain
ここに鍵がある There's a key here.
Sh-holekey1.png (File:HOLEKEY1.TIM) 鍵は流れた

The key is flushed down here.

Sh-elevator.png (File:ELEVATOR.TIM) 壱 弐
 参 裏
One Two
 Three Other(world)
Sh-still.png (File:STILL.TIM) 死はこの世のありと
− チョーサー「カンタベリー物語」

Death is the end
of every worldly sore.
- Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales"

One Image
Sh-shatvial.png Placeholder for shattered vial image
Shards of broken bottles litter
the floor of the doctor's office.
One of them still contains
a little liquid inside!
Sh-recepdr1.png (File:RECEPDR1.TIM) 裏世界応接室 Otherworld Reception Area
Sh-recepdr2.png (File:RECEPDR2.TIM) 扉拡大図

Enlarged Door Image

There's a slit right here.
Sh-receppic.png (File:RECEPPIC.TIM) 見本 Sample
Sh-kiri.png (File:KIRI.TIM) Fog
(Translations: GlitterBerri)

Early Game Mockup

In the "TEST" directory are the 3D model "TOWN.TMD" and corresponding texture "TOWN1.TIM". These show a small portion of the town populated with four residents. The model and texture data are appropriate for use on the PlayStation, but too high quality to be used as real in-game graphics. These resources can be loaded into MilkShape 3D and give the following scene:


The residents have no corresponding texture data, but their polygons are colored. Below is a screenshot taken from the TMD ripping software "PSXPrev" of two of them:


These assets may have been used to initially visualize what the game looked like. Another model, "OB.TMD", shows a storefront on a street corner but has no associated texture data.

Early Models

The files for the game contain assets for characters and enemies that cannot be encountered in the demo, some with earlier designs.

Unused Audio

The file "1ST/COATION.VAB" (Caution?) contains two copies of the following sound clip:

As the "1ST" folder contains resources used during startup such as the Konami/KCET logos and other warning screens, this clip may have been played for a particular screen.

Silent Hill Beta 22-01-99 (SLUS-00707)

The image below seems to be a placeholder.

Silenthillcross.png もっと光を!(More light!)