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Proto:Sonic & Knuckles/Sonic & Knuckles 0606

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One of the first builds of Sonic & Knuckles that works alone. It is nearly complete, having very few differences from the final version.

Download.png Download Sonic & Knuckles (606 Prototype)
File: Sonic_&_Knuckles_0606.zip (2 MB (uncompressed)) (info)

Cheat Codes

These cheats can only be used when locked-on to Sonic 3.

  • Level Select: Once the title screen appears, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up, then select "Sound Test".
  • Debug Mode: Debug is enabled when the Level Select is enabled. Press and hold A while selecting a level on the Level Select screen.
  • All Chaos Emeralds: At the Sound Test, play songs 02, 04, 06, 08.



Fade-ins, now pink like flowers!
  • The title screen's fade-in palette is bugged.
  • The Sonic 3 title screen now displays "& Knuckles" when locked-on.
  • Title cards still display "Sonic 3".
  • When entering a giant ring with a shield, the shield remains there when the character disappears.
  • When finishing Act 1 of any zone, if a power-up monitor appears when the signpost hits the ground, it can appear behind the signpost.
  • Pressing A while the game is paused returns you to the level select screen rather than the SEGA logo screen.
  • When the game resets after the ending, or if you return to the level select screen from the Emerald Shrine, the SEGA screen and menus will turn pink. Going into normal gameplay will rectify the issue.
  • Playing on a Japanese system now removes the trademark symbols from the SEGA logo and title screen, but Tails' life counter still doesn't become "Miles" even though the results tally changes to "Miles".
  • When locked-on to Sonic 1 or any other game, you will get the "NO WAY!" screen as normal. However, Blue Sphere hasn't been finished yet, so there's NO WAY of accessing it.


Angel Island Zone

  • Act 1 will still play Act 2's music when returning from a Bonus Stage after the stage has been set on fire.

Hydrocity Zone

  • The Screw Mobile's twister in Act 2 still glitches out Super/Hyper forms like it did in Sonic 3.

Marble Garden Zone

  • The Act 1 miniboss crash glitch from Sonic 3 that can be achieved with a second player is still present.

IceCap Zone

  • Tails still continues to have the snowboard graphics problem in IceCap Zone Act 1.

Launch Base Zone

  • Defeating one of the Twin Hammers as Knuckles in Act 1 cancels your Super/Hyper form, even though only one was defeated.

Mushroom Hill Zone

  • The Act 2 boss' starting position is still shifted to the left slightly from the final. This allows you to score endless hits on the boss without destroying the satellite, and the battle won't start until you hit the satellite itself, thus it was changed in the final so the player cannot do this. The first 7 hits on the boss will count towards defeating it after destroying the satellite.

Flying Battery Zone

  • Flying Battery Zone Act 2 has a missing giant ring right before the boss (coordinates 25A0076C in debug mode).

Lava Reef Zone

  • Knuckles' boulder in Act 2 won't cancel your Super/Hyper form.
  • Upon reaching the boss in Act 2, the boss music fades out and restarts.
  • After defeating the Act 2 boss, the lava does not cool until the results tally finishes. In the final, it cools the instant the player opens the capsule.
  • The normal level music does not play after the results tally finishes at the end of Act 2.

Hidden Palace Zone

  • If you have all the Chaos Emeralds when accessing Hidden Palace via a giant ring, the game will think you have none, and thus won't convert them into Super Emeralds.
  • It only takes one hit to defeat Knuckles in this build.
  • Sonic has the ability to free-roam and hit Robotnik when he takes the Master Emerald.
  • When defeating Knuckles, his song keeps playing until Robotnik appears. In the final, after you beat Knuckles, the Lava Reef Zone Act 2 / Hidden Palace Zone music plays.

Sky Sanctuary Zone

  • In the cutscene after Mecha Sonic is defeated, the fade-out occurs immediately after Sonic jumps onto the Death Egg. In later prototypes and the final, it shows the Death Egg lifting off and rumbling for a few seconds after Sonic makes the jump.
  • If you enter Act 2 as Sonic and/or Tails, Mecha Sonic will have very odd behavior. Defeating him will cause the game to act like Act 1 was completed and display the results tally. The game will softlock after the results tally disappears, with your character being controllable.
  • Tails will appear behind the Angel Island sprite if you access Act 2 with both Sonic and Tails.
  • Entering Act 1 as Knuckles will allow you to play through the act as normal until you reach the area where the final Mecha Sonic battle takes place. Upon reaching this part, Mecha Sonic will not appear, leaving you stranded in the boss area with the boss theme playing and the timer counting up.

Death Egg Zone

  • Defeating the Act 2 miniboss doesn't cancel your Super/Hyper form.
  • If the final boss is defeated while it's firing its laser, the laser stays on-screen while it explodes.
  • Defeating the final boss as Knuckles will play a glitched version of Sonic's ending with Knuckles in place of Sonic. In the final, the game resets to the SEGA screen.

Slot Machine Bonus Stage

Sonic & Knuckles 0606 Sonic & Knuckles 0608-Final
S&K0606 SlotMachineMap.png S&KFinal SlotMachineMap.png
  • At this stage in development, the Slot Machine Bonus Stage layout is nearing finalization, now only having a few differences in bumper arrangement. From Sonic & Knuckles 0608 onwards, the layout is finalized.

(Source: Sonic Retro)