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Proto:Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis)/819 Prototype

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Download.png Download Sonic 3D Blast (819 Prototype)
File: Sonic 3D Blast (819 Prototype).bin (4 MB) (info)

Prototype 819 of Sonic 3D Blast, dated August 19, 1996, was released by drx twice – once from a cartridge in October 2006, and again during the February 23, 2008 proto release.

The two dumps are identical, except for some weird values before the country code, which are actually of a XOR'ed string saying "Mike Wallis, Marketing". This is also the first prototype to be fully playable.

General Differences

  • The old "Sega" sound is still present, although it now has the final's effect of letters zooming out.
  • The intro FMV is still missing, and there are still no game demos (the game attempts to play some, but can't).
  • The development text from the Prototype 814 is still present.
  • Pressing A while the game is paused will skip to the next Act.
  • The Special Stages have been implemented, although the ring requirements are 60-120-180 rather than the final's 50-100-150.
  • Level Select is activated by default.
  • The player gets bonuses for the Flickies as well as Knuckles and Tails' bonus stages, even after bosses.
  • If the player takes more than 10 minutes in an Act, the game displays "9:59" instead of "Too Long".
  • All bosses still use the Final Fight music.

Aesthetic Differences

Prototype 819 Final
Sonic3dE3 814screen.png Sonic 3D Blast-title.png
  • The font used for title cards and the "Press Start" text is still as it was in Prototype 814, although it is now also used in the Level Select.
  • Title screen remains as it was in the previous two prototypes.

Level Differences

Rusty Ruin Zone

  • Some of the springs are missing.
  • Act 2 still plays Act 1's music.

Diamond Dust Zone

  • Act 2 plays Act 1's music.

Volcano Valley Zone

  • Acts 1 and 2 play Gene Gadget Act 1's music.

The Final Boss (The Final Fight)

  • After beating the boss, the game shows a regular "Sonic got through Act 1" screen.

Unused Music

Two unused tracks can be found in this prototype:

An upbeat tune whose purpose is currently unknown. It's possible this was intended for a Special Stage.

A slightly less developed version of the unused tune in Prototype 825. Used as boss music in Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I.

(Source: Sonic Cult)