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Proto:Sonic Advance 3

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sonic Advance 3.

A European prototype was leaked by a German magazine employee in March 2004, well ahead of the final game's June release, leading to quite a bit of drama at Sega and beyond.

The prototype is nearly complete; almost all of the changes made from here were bug fixes.

Download.png Download Sonic Advance 3 (EU Proto)
File: SonicAdvance3Proto.7z (3.24 MB) (info)


  • Characters occasionally get stuck in pieces of the level and can't escape.
  • When finishing some of the levels, the screen will turn red until the zooming text stops.
  • Your partner character sometimes starts to levitate. When a stage is finished, they start their victory pose before even touching the ground.
  • Once characters enter the skidding animation, they won't leave it until they stop, even if the player is no longer braking.

Other Differences

  • Tag actions can be used in the Sonic Factory.
  • If you leave an Act via the Pause menu or get a Game Over while holding a Special Stage key, you keep the key and you can then use it to enter the Special Stage. In the final, you must complete the Act to keep the key.