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Proto:Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast)/May 7, 2001 Prototype

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

The May 7, 2001 prototype of Sonic Adventure 2 was released on December 30, 2020, by drx. To date, it and Review are the only two 'full' Sonic Adventure 2 prototypes. Despite being dated only three weeks before completion, it shows a multitude of differences and several fully functional Debug menus.


SonicAdventure2May7 DebugModeIcon.png
Debug Mode
This version contains a HUGE amount of Debug content. Camera Placement, Object Editor, Chao Menu and more.
SonicAdventure2May7 MagicHands.png
Level Differences
So, so many minor differences.

General Differences

Main Menu

The Main Menu is missing all its description text.

  • 2P Play does not fade out if only one controller is plugged in, but selecting it in this state does nothing.
  • The Homepage button uses a unique graphic when it detects no internet registration rather than simply being faded out. This graphic is still in the final game, but isn't used.
May 7, 2001 Final
SonicAdventure2May7 MainMenuLocked.png SonicAdventure2 MainMenuLocked.png

Omochao's Tutorial is incomplete:

  • The menu has bright specular lighting enabled, giving the pictures displayed on the tutorial board a bright tint.
  • The Chao tutorial is mostly unimplemented. While Omochao still says his first line ("Let me tell you about Chao!") and displays the first image of the tutorial, the rest of the dialogue for this sequence is missing, so the game defaults to a Japanese error message (which will display mojibake if the subtitle language is set to English). All the tutorial images are in the game's files, but only the subtitle that accompanies the aforementioned Omochao line exists. Exiting to the main menu after this error occurs can temporarily corrupt the background.
May 7, 2001 Final
SonicAdventure2May7 OmoTutorial.png SonicAdventure2 OmoTutorial.png

Download Event is unable to read any of the final game's DLC files.

  • Reuses Kart Race's menu background. Its usual green one isn't in the game yet.
  • The header graphic has multiple alignment errors.
  • Upon entering, the text "Checking Memory Card." is shown briefly. This doesn't happen in the final game (though it does for the Kart Menu version).
May 7, 2001 Final
SonicAdventure2May7 DownloadEvent.png SonicAdventure2 DownloadEvent.png

The Options menu has a few differences.

  • Missing its header graphic, though it is present in the texture file.
  • Every character theme is unlocked, which in the final game are unlocked only through DLC.
  • Using a character's theme doesn't add artwork of them to the background.
  • The Jump Pack menu is accessible even if there's no Jump Pack in the controller.
May 7, 2001 Final
SonicAdventure2May7 OptionsSonicTheme.png SonicAdventure2 OptionsSonicTheme.png

Unlocking tracks for Sound Test is a work in progress.

  • The themes of the 6 main characters aren't unlocked by default and have no unlock triggers.
  • None of the tracks under Jingle (Speed Up, Invincibility, Timer) can be unlocked, leaving the entire section inaccessible.

Other differences:

  • The stats for each character in the Kart Race menu are different.
  • Collecting 180 emblems does not unlock Green Hill in this build, even though it is on the disc at this point.
  • Save files use a different format, meaning that using one from the final will cause it to mess-up quite a bit; Chao Garden save files, on the other hand, are identical.

World Ranking

SonicAdventure2May7 WorldRanking1.png

The World Ranking menu hasn't been removed yet in this version, though the button to enter it is still disabled in the Extra menu. To enable the option, set 8C651E45 to 0.

The menu is similar to the one in the Emblem Results menu and has been left in an unfinished state. Ranking data (Generated randomly on entry) is shown for each unlocked stage in four different categories:
- Time Attack
- Score Attack
- Total Ranking (Empty)
- Emblem (Empty)
Pressing Y gives the option to connect to the internet if there's network registration data stored in the Dreamcast’s internal memory, or an error screen if there isn't. Connecting to the internet prints an error message ("LOGIN - server login ERROR") and softlocks the game, since there's obviously no server to connect to. How much of the menu is functional past this point is unknown.

World Map Difference

The stage select map of the ARK is slightly different. Cosmic Wall is located adjacent to Eternal Engine on the ARK, and Mad Space is farther up, next to the actual artwork of the three planets.

Cutscene Differences

May 7, 2001 Final
SonicAdventure2May7 E0000Heli.png SonicAdventure2 E0000Heli.png

The Hero Story intro has different lighting than the final game.

May 7, 2001 Final
SonicAdventure2 AmyRescuesSonicMay7.png SonicAdventure2 AmyRescuesSonicFinal.png

The scene where Amy rescues Sonic from Prison Island has darker lighting and an odd blue tint that isn't present in the final.

May 7, 2001 Final
SonicAdventure2 EndingCreditsMay7.png SonicAdventure2 EndingCreditsFinal.png

The view of the planet during the credits is at a different angle. The glow around the planet was adjusted in the final game to prevent it looking blocky.