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Proto:Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast)/The Trial

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SonicAdventure2TheTrial titlescreen.png
This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast).

Sonic Adventure 2: The Trial is a demo of Sonic Adventure 2 that was bundled with Phantasy Star Online, 6 months before SA2's release. Only one cutscene and stage is included (The beginning of the Hero Story and City Escape respectively). After completing the stage, the game plays a trailer and resets.

This demo is notable for being released before SEGA's deal with SOAP, being the only accessible version of the game where Sonic wears his regular shoes.

The build date of the demo varies depending on the version, but otherwise all discs are identical:

  • The US/Japanese version has a build date of November 15, 2000
  • The European version is dated December 8, 2000.
  • A version was dumped by drx in 2008 has a build date of November 20, 2000 (Though November 28 is written on the disc).

The Trial should not be confused with Sonic Adventure 2: Trial Version, which is a much later demo that certain Japanese stores received.

Unused Graphics

Seeings as this demo is only a sliver of the final, there are bound to be unused graphics. Most of these are used on the final and are only in the demo because they're grouped with textures that are needed for the demo.

City Escape Map

SA2TheTrial CityEscapeMap.png

Available as a simple bitmap image file on the ROM is a map of City Escape.

Capsule Graphics

SA2TheTrial Knuckles.png SA2TheTrial Tails.png SA2TheTrial Shadow.png SA2TheTrial Rouge.png SA2TheTrial Eggman.png

SA2TheTrial Bomb.png SA2TheTrial Life.png

Various icons for item boxes from other stages that aren't used in the demo.

SonicAdventure2 RandomRing.png

This one is unused in both the demo and the final though.

Two-Player Win Indicator

SA2TheTrial 2Player.png

The graphics that display on the bottom of each player's screen during two-player are on the ROM. 2 Player Mode exists but can't be accessed normally. The second graphic is slightly transparent, so a black background was added for visibility.

Other Unused Graphics

To do:
See what's here

There are more textures used on things outside of the City Escape stage, including the Mystic Melody door, the hint computer for Knuckles/Rouge stages, and the textures for an upgrade point.

Debug Mode

SonicAdventure2TheTrial debug.png

There is a debug mode in the demo that includes a variety of features including a camera editor, free movement and sound test among other things. When activated, the player will hear the first line of dialogue from the intro cutscene to signify that they have entered Debug mode.

In the final, only two parts of this display can still be activated: one that displays a line of data at the bottom of the screen and the ability to give Sonic a board by pressing Y on Controller 2. (This feature is enabled by default in the final, but only works in Metal Harbor.)

Free Movement

Free Movement mode is available and behaves in the same way as it does in the previous game.

These are the controls for Free Movement mode:

  • X - Enter Free Movement Mode
  • A - Exit Free Movement Mode
  • B - Go back to the starting position
  • Analog Stick - Move around
  • X+Analog Stick - Move Up/Down

Entering Free Movement mode will cause Sonic to fall off his board if he is using one.

Camera Editor

SonicAdventure2TheTrial debugcamera.png

The Camera Editor is another feature available in debug mode is the most complex of all the features. Upon entering the editor, they will see various menus showing properties about the highlighted camera such as the angle, size and type.

The controls for the Camera Editor are as follows:

Player 1

  • X+Y - Enter editor (or go to the point editor if already active)
  • A+X - Exit editor
  • A+B - Change movement speed (Main editor, with four settings: Normal, High, Super, and Madness)
  • X+B - Change movement speed (Point editor)
  • Directional Pad - Navigate Menus
  • B+Directional Pad - Increase or Decrease values
  • Analog Stick - Move current Camera
  • Start+Analog Stick - Rotate Camera
  • Start+A - Switch Camera
  • Start+B - Place Camera

When outside the editor, Sonic will turn his head towards the camera when either the L or R buttons are pressed, similar to the Z button in the previous game.

Player 2

  • A+Y - Toggle camera collision
  • Y+A - Show the properties of any active cameras
  • X+B - Make camera triggers visible (if hidden, you can only see them inside the editor)

Any changes the player makes will remain until they exit the level.

Sound Test

SonicAdventure2TheTrial debugsoundtest.png

The fourth controller can access a menu used for testing sound effects:

  • A+X - Enter Sound Test
  • A - Play the selected Sound
  • Y - Change call mode
  • Directional Pad - Navigate Menu
  • B+X - Exit Sound Test

Many sounds that go unused in the demo, such as those used for the Emerald Shard radar and Mystic Melody, can be played through this menu.

Event Test

SonicAdventure2TheTrial eventtest.png

Cutscene viewer with debug tools enabled. The Second controller can access various debugging tools. This is accessed by changing the value of the following address to 5.

  • 8C0AE890

Debug Camera Mode

SonicAdventure2TheTrial debugcameramode.png

Debug Camera Mode is a feature available in Event Test. This mode allows you to control the camera within a cutscene.

These are the controls for Debug Camera Mode:

  • B+Y - Activates/Deactivates
  • Analog Stick - Move Camera
  • Directional Pad - Rotate Camera
  • Left Trigger - Up Vertical
  • Right Trigger - Down Vertical

Sprite Viewer

SonicAdventure2TheTrial textureviewer.png

This mode lets you view the textures loaded within the current event.

  • X+Y - Activates
  • A+Directional Pad - Position Texture
  • B+Directional Pad - Scroll through Textures
  • X+Directional Pad - Scales Textures
  • Hold Start - Alpha Draw
  • A+X - Deactivates

Fog Edit Mode

SonicAdventure2TheTrial fogedit.png

This mode doesn't seem to affect anything.

  • A+B - Activates/Deactivates


SonicAdventure2TheTrial change!!!!!!!.png

Prints the word "CHANGE!!!!!!!" on the screen for a split second, but doesn't seem to have any effect otherwise.

  • Y+B


SonicAdventure2TheTrial xyzposition.png

This mode features multiple variables and an X, Y, Z coordinate object. Changing the position variables will reposition the cursor, however, changing the other selected variables seem to have no effect on anything.

  • Analog Stick/Directional Pad Up/Down - Scroll through the menu
  • A+Directional Pad Up/Down - Increase/Decrease variables and position coordinate object

Debug Display

When you start a cutscene you're granted with 3 counters on the left.

  1. Current frame in the scene.
  2. Current frame in the camera.
  3. Current camera.
  • X+A - Deactivate/Activate Debug Display

Changes from the Final

Logo/Title Screen

Demo Final
SonicAdventure2TheTrial titlescreen.png Sonic Adventure 2-title.png

One of the more obvious differences from the final is the Sonic Adventure 2 logo. It contains most of the same characteristics of the final one, just with less colors and style. The overall title screen is fairly different, but like the logo, it has the same elements, just dark.

While it's barely visible, Sonic's artwork in the background of the title screen is based on an alternate version of his portrait that isn't wearing the SOAP shoes.

Regular Shoes version SOAP Shoes version
SonicAdventure2 NoSoapArt.png SonicAdventure2 SoapArt.png
(Source: Sonic art assets DVD)

2-Player Mode

  • A stripped-down version of 2-Player Mode is present in the demo, but can't be activated through normal means and will crash after completing the level due to the other stages not being present.
  • The demo version of 2-Player lacks certain features, such as a functioning split-screen.
  • In the final, the player has the option of playing a best of 3 match or a best of 1 match. In the demo, best of 3 is the only mode that exists.
  • Sonic is missing the light shoes upgrade.
Demo Final
SonicAdventure2TheTrial longrangehoming.png SonicAdventure2 sonicwind.png

Sonic Wind has a different name and animation in the demo. In the demo, the attack is called "Long Range Homing" ("Long Homing" in Japanese) and contains a swirl of bright colors in comparison to the rough blue swirl of the final.


In the one cutscene of this demo, there are a few changes.

  • Obviously, Sonic is wearing different shoes. In the final, Sonic starts out wearing regular shoes, but switches midway through.
  • In the final, music starts playing lightly in the background while the GUN pilot communicates with the radio tower. The music changes to a more exciting song once Sonic busts out of the plane. In the demo, no music plays until Sonic busts out.
  • The delivery of Sonic's lines is different from the final. His second line is also a little different from the final, but means the same thing. ("I prefer running!")
Trial Final

  • A notable difference of this demo from the final is in this cutscene, at the part where the GUN pilot says, "What?!" in the final. In the demo, this was translated in the subtitles as "What the hell?" Clearly, someone decided that Sonic games shouldn't have curse words. Yet.


English text is written with Impress (the same font it used in the first game). In the final game only Japanese text uses this font, with English text instead using Comic Sans. Comic Sans is in the demo, but as the demo only has English and Japanese text it goes unused. (It only appears as it did in SA1 - in the slots used for French, German and Spanish)

Demo Final
SonicAdventure2Proto pausemenu.png SonicAdventure2 pausemenu.png

Aside from the font difference, the pause menu has a slightly different design, featuring a much lighter border and lacking text to denote which player paused the game.

Demo Final
SonicAdventure2Proto nosoap.png SonicAdventure2 soap.png

Just as with the cutscene, Sonic doesn't have his Soap shoes yet. He's wearing his regular shoes. This applies to both his 1P Model and his 2P Model.

Demo Final
SonicAdventure2TheTrial lightshoes.png SonicAdventure2 lightshoes.png
  • The Light Shoes are fully functional, but Sonic only wears them in the gameplay demo. Like his regular shoes, these also have a different design to the final game.
Demo Final
SonicAdventure2TheTrial FireSomersault.png SonicAdventure2 FireSomersault.png
  • The Flame Ring's fire somersault has a simpler effect in this version, lacking the fire in front of Sonic.
  • The Magic Hands have no upgrade model.


A number of ads in this version of City Escape are different to the ones seen in the final game.

Demo Final Notes
SonicAdventure2TheTrial Poster1.png
SonicAdventure2 Poster1.png
The largest ad is for Phantasy Star Online in the demo. In the final, it shows Chao in Space 2 instead.
SonicAdventure2TheTrial Poster2.png
SonicAdventure2 Poster2.png
"NINO'S PIZZA" was changed to "PIZZA SONIC2" in in the final.
SonicAdventure2TheTrial Poster 3.png
SonicAdventure2 Poster3.png
This ad for "The Pixel Noise" was completely removed for the final and replaced with Soap shoes ones.
SonicAdventure2TheTrial Poster 5.png
SonicAdventure2 Poster4.png
Different text at the top, saying "COMING ON DVD!!". In the final, it says "COMING TO YOUR HOME" instead.


  • The ending of the title screen music is different and the lead guitar is quieter.
The Trial Final
  • The City Escape track does not include vocals yet, so this instrumental is featured.
  • The whistle that Sonic makes, as well as the sound that an animal makes when you get it, are erroneously played at a lower sample rate and are significantly shorter in length and higher in pitch as a result.
  • There is a small click noise when Sonic gets on a rail that is not there on the final. Well, technically Sonic is wearing different shoes which might cause the noise to happen, but that's probably not the reason why it was changed.
  • When the player's performance grade hits the screen, it makes the emblem jingle as opposed to the metallic thud sound in the final.


  • When Sonic pulls off a "Nice!" trick, he does a front flip as opposed to a regular turn of the board seen in the final. This admittedly looks more fluid than the simple turn of the board on the final.
  • When Sonic pulls off an "Awesome!" trick, he essentially does a version of the "Cool!" trick that includes more turns. On the final, this became a rotating, high-speed turning trick.


  • The best item the player can get from a checkpoint is a regular shield, not a magnetic one. Because of this, it's possible to get a magnetic shield in the level, and then have it replaced with a regular shield at a checkpoint.
  • Though unobtainable normally, all of Sonic's upgrades are in the game and can be obtained via hacking. They're all functionally the same as their counterparts in the final game aside from the bounce bracelet, which has very dodgy collision. Using the bounce attack can cause Sonic to clip through objects such as steel containers.

Leftover Data

  • Examining 1ST_READ.BIN reveals that early animation data, start and end positions for half of the stages, and placeholder ranking information for Mission 1 exist within the game. Every main character (Sonic, Shadow, Mech Tails, Mech Eggman, Knuckles, Rouge, Tails, Eggman) has an animation list dedicated to them, but the internal IDs for said animations and their character models are different.
  • The internal stage list referenced by the characters' positioning data and ranking information reaches up to ID 28 (Pyramid Cave). Notably, Lost Colony's stage ID - 27 - is not referenced in either the placeholder ranking information or in Mech Eggman's start/end position values. Knuckles also references ID 53 in his positioning data, which is the stage ID for King Boom Boo in the Dreamcast version.
  • Ranking information for each stage aside from City Escape lists the following values:
Rank Score
D Rank 2,000
C Rank 5,000
B Rank 10,000
A Rank 15,000
  • Egg Quarters and Pyramid Cave do not have placeholder ranking information, despite being referenced in Rouge and Sonic's positioning information, respectively.

Stage Differences

City Escape

  • The mission for the demo is simply "Find the Goal Ring." It's also labeled as the first mission even though there are no other missions available. In the final, the first mission of City Escape is "Escape from the military pursuit!"
  • There is no radio call from the police to all the citizens telling them about the suspect (Sonic) at the beginning of the stage.
Demo Final
SonicAdventure2TheTrial capsuledistance.png SonicAdventure2 capsuledistance.png
  • Shortly after the boarding segment, there is an area where Sonic is led straight up a ramp and onto a platform. From this platform, a 10-ring capsule can be hit with Sonic's homing attack, and from there he can home forward onto the ledge and out onto a street. On the demo, this capsule is a bit further away than it is on the final. While the capsule can still be reached either way, the capsule was moved closer so that it was slightly easier to get. There are also more platforms underneath this capsule, and they were all reorganized so that it's much easier for newer players.
Demo Final
SonicAdventure2TheTrial magichands.png SonicAdventure2 magichands.png
  • The small area where Sonic obtains the Magic Hands is completely different, having a different crate layout and camera angle. It also lacks the enemies and the upgrade itself.
  • When Sonic is being chased by the GUN truck towards the end of the level, there's a 20-ring capsule at the end of the first ramp, like it was supposed to be obtained by Sonic doing a trick off of the ramp. There are no capsules at this point in the stage on final.
  • The total number of rings is set at 467 in the demo, but in the final this was lowered to 436.

Other Stages

Demo Final
SonicAdventure2TheTrial irongate.png SonicAdventure2 irongate.png
  • If the player attempts to load any other stage, they will be presented with a placeholder title card displaying the name of the stage in that slot. In the final, attempting to load a stage that doesn't exist will just cause the game to freeze.
(Source: Sonic Retro for general information and notable differences.)