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Proto:Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast)/The Trial

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

Sonic Adventure 2: The Trial is a demo of Sonic Adventure 2 that was bundled with Phantasy Star Online, six months before SA2's release. Only the opening cutscene of the Hero Story and the proceeding stage City Escape are playable. After completing the stage, the game plays a trailer and resets.

This demo is notable for being released before SEGA's deal with SOAP, being the only accessible version of the game where Sonic wears his regular shoes.

The build date of the demo varies depending on the version, but otherwise all discs are identical:

  • The US/Japanese version has a build date of November 15, 2000.
  • The European version is dated December 8, 2000.
  • A version was dumped by drx in 2008 has a build date of November 20, 2000 (Though November 28 is written on the disc).

The Trial should not be confused with Sonic Adventure 2: Trial Version, which is a much later demo that certain Japanese stores received.



SonicAdventure2TheTrial longrangehoming.png
Changes from the Final
Sonic could grind on rails without his Soap shoes?
Early Audio
Who put Sonic Generations in my Adventure 2 game?!


SA2TheTrial CityEscapeMap.png
Unused Content
No missions found.

Debug Mode

SonicAdventure2TheTrial debug.png

There is a debug mode in the demo that includes a variety of features.

Debug functions available in this version:

  • Camera Editor
  • Event Test (Accessed by changing 8C0AE890 to 5)
  • Free Movement
  • Sound Test

See this page for information about how these work.

Features exclusive to The Trial:

  • When activated, the player will hear the first line of dialogue from the intro cutscene to signify that they have entered Debug mode.
  • Sonic can obtain a board by pressing Y on Controller 2. This feature is enabled by default in the final game, but only works in Metal Harbor.

Stage Differences

City Escape

  • The mission for the demo is simply "Find the Goal Ring." It's also labeled as the first mission even though there are no other missions available. In the final, the first mission of City Escape is "Escape from the military pursuit!"
  • There is no radio call from the police to all the citizens telling them about the suspect (Sonic) at the beginning of the stage.
Demo Final
SonicAdventure2TheTrial capsuledistance.png SonicAdventure2 capsuledistance.png
  • Shortly after the boarding segment, there is an area where Sonic is led straight up a ramp and onto a platform. From this platform, a 10-ring capsule can be hit with Sonic's homing attack, and from there he can home forward onto the ledge and out onto a street. On the demo, this capsule is a bit further away than it is on the final. While the capsule can still be reached either way, the capsule was moved closer so that it was slightly easier to get. There are also more platforms underneath this capsule, and they were all reorganized so that it's much easier for newer players.
Demo Final
SonicAdventure2TheTrial magichands.png SonicAdventure2 magichands.png
  • The small area where Sonic obtains the Magic Hands is completely different, having a different crate layout and camera angle. It also lacks the enemies and the upgrade itself.
  • When Sonic is being chased by the GUN truck towards the end of the level, there's a 20-ring capsule at the end of the first ramp, like it was supposed to be obtained by Sonic doing a trick off of the ramp. There are no capsules at this point in the stage on final.
  • The total number of rings is set at 467 in the demo, but in the final this was lowered to 436.

Other Stages

Demo Final
SonicAdventure2TheTrial irongate.png SonicAdventure2 irongate.png
  • If the player attempts to load any other stage, they will be presented with a placeholder title card displaying the name of the stage in that slot. In the final, attempting to load a stage that doesn't exist will just cause the game to freeze.
(Source: Sonic Retro for general information and notable differences.)