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Proto:Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast)/Trial Version

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SonicAdventure2Trialversion title.png

This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast).

Sonic Adventure 2: Trial Version was given to certain stores in Japan. The build date of this demo is May 3, 2001, less than a month before the release of the final. It includes the same levels as SA2:Preview, but the only playable characters are Sonic and Shadow this time.

Due to the build date of this version there are fewer differences in this version of the game compared to the previous demos, as well a lot of changes made specifically for this version of the game. However, the differences that are present give some useful insight into the last month of the game's development.

General Differences

Title Screen

Demo Final
SonicAdventure2Trialversion title.png Sonic Adventure 2-title.png

The title screen has text in the bottom-left corner indicating that it is a trial, along with slightly different text below it.


Demo Final
SonicAdventure2Trialversion vmulogo.png SonicAdventure2 vmulogo.png

The logo displayed on the VMU is different to the one used in the final.

  • The Chao in Space posters in City Escape are the same as the previous demos, saying "COMING ON DVD!" instead of "COMING TO YOUR HOME".

Audio Differences

  • Some sounds are slightly different to the ones used in the final. Sonic's homing attack and Rouge's jumping sound are a lot deeper.
  • The music from the startup opening with the logo in space has a longer start than the final and is noticeably missing the second metallic "thud" sound near the end. The final also ends slightly faster.
Trial Version Final

Level Differences

  • Sonic and Shadow's upgrades have been replaced with life boxes for this version.
  • The dialogue at the start of City Escape is missing.
Demo Final
SonicAdventure2Trialversion magichands.png SonicAdventure2 magichands.png
  • As in the previous demos, the area where Sonic obtains the Magic Hands is a lot different compared to the final game. This version includes a wooden crate.
  • The trail of rings leading to the area where Shadow obtains the Flame Ring in Radical Highway is missing.
  • The rocket in the Flame Ring area has already been activated, unlike other versions where the player must first break open a steel container and press a switch.
  • Trying to enter Green Forest (Outside 2P) and Sand Ocean will put the player in an odd situation where the character doesn't start in the right location, there is no music playing, the camera is frozen and there is a counter in the top right corner saying "FLAME" that rapidly changes. Dying will let the player spawn normally, but the music will still be muted.
  • Due the odd starting position of the above point, the player will actually spawn in quicksand and die immediately in Sand Ocean.
Demo Final
SonicAdventure2Trialversion sandocean2nd.png SonicAdventure2 sandocean2nd.png
  • The area with the third collapsing pillar in Sand Ocean is similar to the layout seen in SA2:Preview, but it has three single springs instead of one large one.

Disc Content

On track 1 of Trial Version's disc is a wallpaper unique to this version of the game:

Along with the following text files:


< Sonic Adventure 2 >
< TRIAL version >

This is the trial version of Sonic Adventure 2.

This software represents work in progress.
Please understand that this title is still in development
and that you may find some unexpected problems that have 
not been corrected at the time of release.



 SONIC the Hedgehog           ,1991
 SONIC the Hedgehog 2         ,1992
 SONIC the Hedgehog 3         ,1994
 SONIC and KNUCKLES           ,1994
 SONIC JAM                    ,1997
 SONIC Adventure (for Japan)  ,1998
 SONIC Adventure              ,1999
 SONIC Adventure International,1999
 SONIC Adventure 2 The Trial  ,2000


TRIAL version:

Original Game (C) SEGA