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Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)/Clock Work Zone

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis).

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Clock Work Zone, being an early version of Scrap Brain, still has a lot of work yet to be done on it. Not being accessible through normal means without Level Select (like Labyrinth Zone), lacking any objects, and not even having an Act 3 makes it very incomplete compared to its final version.


  • Clock Work is displayed as "CLOCK  ORK" on the title card due to there not being a W in the title card sprites. The game doesn't even attempt to load a W, but does reserve spacing for one.
    • This is due to the way the letters are loaded into VRAM: all 128 tiles are filled with the rest of the font, making it impossible to actually include a W without cutting into other parts of VRAM.
  • Both Acts lack any objects aside from the player starting positions.
  • The debug list contains Rings, Static Monitors, and Crabmeats with the title screen tiles.
  • Pits usually fail in their task to kill Sonic, either warping him to the top of the stage or letting him stand below the level.

Act 1

Proto Sonic1ProtoSBZ1Map.png
Final Sonic1FinalSBZ1Map.png

Act 1 seems to have the layout seen in early magazine screenshots, as it uses the same background using chunks normally reserved for ground tiles.

  • Diagonal conveyor belts are present that aren't seen in the final game. They aren't animated, nor do they function correctly.
  • Has a lot of dead-ends present.
  • The level cannot be beaten due to lacking a signpost.

Act 2

Proto Sonic1ProtoSBZ2Map.png
Final Sonic1FinalSBZ2Map.png

Even more unfinished than its previous act, to the point of having no background implemented yet. You can barely go anywhere without Debug Mode, and the layout is very bugged in many places.

  • Interestingly, the level starting point is far away from Scrap Brain Act 2's level starting point, hinting at a possible layout difference from earlier development.
  • Smaller rotating disc platforms are present that are nowhere to be seen in the final release.
  • As with Act 1, bottomless pits are bugged and will very often send you flying.
  • The level cannot be beaten due to lacking a signpost.

Act 3

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It doesn't exist!

Specifically, it is a copy of Labyrinth Zone Act 3. In the final game, SBZ3 is actually Labyrinth Act 4; this is possible because an entire byte is reserved for the Act number in the game's data, allowing Act numbers from 0 to 255. LZ4 in this build is simply a copy of LZ3, therefore there is no CWZ3. Accessing the Clock Work level with the Act number set to 3 will simply load an empty level with a blue background, albeit with a "Clock Ork Zone Act. 3" title card as seen in this video.

Changed Chunks

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There are changed chunks in the prototype.