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Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)/August 21st, 1992/Oil Ocean Zone

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)/August 21st, 1992.

Sonic 2 August 21 Oil Ocean-1.png

Oil Ocean has been worked on since the Simon Wai prototype, though there are a few leftovers.

  • The stage layout in both acts are close to being completed, but some chunk definitions haven't been changed from the Simon Wai prototype; thusly, some things look quite odd.
  • Object layouts haven't been changed from the Simon Wai prototype.
Prototype Beta 5+
Sonic2OilOceanSunWai.png Sonic2OilOceanSunFinal.gif

Like the previous prototypes, the sun uses a basic static graphic; it became animated starting with Beta 5.

Prototype Beta 5+
Sonic2OilOceanLaserBeta4.png Sonic2OilOceanBlueFlameBeta4.png Sonic2OilOceanLaserFinal.png Sonic2OilOceanBlueFlameFinal.png

Submarine Eggman II's lasers and flames use Sonic's palette in Beta 4, which would be fine if Super Sonic wasn't programmed in. From Beta 5 on, the game loads a unique cyan palette during the boss fight.

  • The stage still uses the Casino Night Zone 2-Player theme; the final Oil Ocean theme is used in Zone 03.
  • The stage does lock at the end of the stage, but the signpost/boss hasn't been placed yet.
  • The beginning is missing the lift, meaning it's impossible to progress without Debug Mode.
  • The background still features the pipe at the start, which was removed starting with CENSOR to save VRAM.
  • The lifts have now been extended to fit the lift corridors.
  • Launching platforms now have flames, which were missing in the Simon Wai prototype. The green flames also have the ability of hurting Super Sonic.
  • Oil slides still have no effect.
(Source: Sonic Retro, original TCRF research)

Act 1

Simon Wai
August 21st
Beta 4

Act 2

Simon Wai
August 21st
Beta 4