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Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)/Simon Wai Prototype/Neo Green Hill Zone

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)/Simon Wai Prototype.

General Differences

  • Level name difference: this zone is called Neo Green Hill here, but is known as Aquatic Ruin in the final. The CENSOR prototype changed the title cards to match the final's level names, and Beta 7 changed the names used in the level select to match the names used during normal gameplay. The name "Neo Green Hill" went on to be used as the name of the first zone in Sonic Advance.
  • The Simon Wai prototype is missing most of the underwater sections seen in the later layouts. Act 1 doesn't have an underwater path, and Act 2 only has the uppermost part of one.
  • The background is missing the half used for those underwater sections.
  • The lower bounds of each act are different between versions:
In Act 1, the bottom border is at 0x47F, though the level layout continues under the border, up to 0x4FF.
In Act 2, the bottom border is at 0x67F.
In the final version, both acts go down to the max possible level height, 0x7FF.
  • The badniks and collapsing platforms have yet to be programmed at this point. The three different pillar objects have been coded, but they haven't been placed in either act yet. The additions of any of these objects will not be noted in the comparisons below.

Graphical Differences

Simon Wai prototype Sonic2AquaticRuinWaterPal1Wai.png
Beta 4+ Sonic2AquaticRuinWaterPal1Final.png

Colors 6 to D in palette 1 are different in each version. The gray-blue colors are darker in the Simon Wai version, and the yellow and brown colors are tinted green.

Simon Wai prototype Beta 4+
Sonic2AquaticRuinWaterPillarWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuinWaterRingWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuinWaterPillarFinal.png Sonic2AquaticRuinWaterRingFinal.png

The differences are easy to see when comparing the pillar and ring palettes underwater. In later versions, the rings use the same colors both in and out of the water.

Simon Wai prototype Sonic2AquaticRuinWaterHUDWai.png
Beta 4+ Sonic2AquaticRuinWaterHUDFinal.png

The reason for this change is due to the HUD. In the Simon Wai prototype, the darker colors make the HUD harder to see, especially when they're set against the ruin walls. To fix this, they made the yellow and white colors in the HUD the same both in and out of the water, and the darker blue-gray colors were brightened to match the solid white color.

Simon Wai prototype Beta 4+
Sonic2AquaticRuinWaterSplashWai.gif Sonic2AquaticRuinWaterSplashFinal.gif

The animated splash tiles are glitched in every known build after the Simon Wai prototype:

  • In the Simon Wai build, the eight 8x8 tiles that make up the two 16x16 splash blocks are right next to each other in VRAM (Tiles 3F8 to 3FF).
  • In later builds, four of the tiles are at 430 to 433 (The first block) and four are at 557 to 55A. The second 16x16 splash block incorrectly points to tiles 563-566, which are actually part of the large air bubbles that give Sonic & Tails more air.

Act 1

Full Maps
Simon Wai prototype
Beta 4
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionAWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionABeta4.png
  • An arrow shooter was placed on the second pillar.
Simon Wai prototype
Beta 4
  • An arrow shooter was added to the leftmost pillar of this area. And the Grounders are new too, but that's a given.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionCWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionCBeta4.png
  • The Beta 4 build adds a super ring monitor to the top of the loop and an invincibility monitor just kinda floating in the air. Both of these were later taken out of the game.
  • The red spring was replaced by a less powerful yellow spring.
  • Three rings were placed on the bottom path.
  • Two Grounders and two Whisps.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionDWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionDBeta4.png
  • This is where the entrance to the underwater path is in later versions, but as mentioned previously, that path doesn't exist yet.
  • There's an arrow shooter here in the Simon Wai version; This is the only one in the entire zone.
  • A checkpoint was placed before the hollow log, and two rings added on the lower path.
  • Three Grounders and two Chop Chops were added as well.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionEWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionEBeta4.png
  • Fifteen rings were added here: One super ring monitor on top of the loop, and five rings behind the waterfall on the bottom path.
  • Below the path with the red spring, two swinging platforms were added, and a pillar as well.
  • And, you know, two Grounders and one Chop Chop. Those guys are there too.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionFWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionFBeta4.png
  • The player is supposed to use the red flipper to get to the four rings on the upper path, but it's not powerful enough. That flipper was deleted and replaced by three platforms, which also allows the player to reach the highest platform in the next area.
  • Super ring monitor b/w checkpoint at end of upper path.
  • The first pit in the lower path is covered by a sinking platform in later builds.
  • Can't forget the five enemies that were added.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionGWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionGBeta4.png
  • The Simon Wai version is missing the super ring monitor, checkpoint, and floating platform in the upper section.
  • Three rings added to the left part of the lower path.
  • The red spring here launches the player way above the upper camera bound. The developers changed it to a less powerful yellow spring after this prototype.
  • Another arrow shooter was added here in later versions.
  • Below the lower path, a path with pillars was added.
  • Two Grounders were added, as per usual.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionHWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionHBeta4.png
  • A super ring monitor and arrow shooter were added to the upper-right corner.
  • In the area with the three pits leading to the bottom path, in the Simon Wai version, only the third pit is blocked by a sinking platform. Later versions add a platform to the second pit.
  • Two more monitors on the bottom path: A super sneakers monitor near the water surface (one of the worst places to put one, due to speed bugs), and a super ring monitor in the small pit on the right.
  • Two Grounders... and four Chop Chops were added?! What is life?!
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionIWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin1SectionIBeta4.png
  • Three rings were added to the lower path, and three rings were placed above the hollow log.
  • The underwater path ends here in the later layouts.
  • A Grounder and 3 Whisps were added in the Beta 4 build.
Simon Wai prototype
Beta 4
  • The signpost was placed more to the right and more not-in-the-ground after the Simon Wai build.
  • Cuatro Whisps were added in Beta 4.

Act 2

Full Maps
Simon Wai prototype
Beta 4
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionAWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionABeta4.png
  • The naturally formed steps that lead to lower ground are placed further to the right. They were probably moved to discourage the player from jumping at the top of the steps, where they'd end up jumping past the swinging platforms in the next section and falling into the water.
  • An arrow shooter was placed on the second pillar. Or column. Whichever you prefer.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionBWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionBBeta4.png
  • Since most of the underwater path hasn't been designed yet, this area is a lot more dangerous. If the player falls off the swinging platforms, they're probably going to lose a life.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionCWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionCBeta4.png
  • There are two more red flippers on the upper path, and the one that was already there changed from sticking out of the ground to being on top of it.
  • Two arrow traps were added on the lower path.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionDWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionDBeta4.png
  • The top path is missing all of its objects in the Simon Wai build.
  • The swinging platform was moved down to make the rings around it easier to collect.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionEWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionEBeta4.png
  • A checkpoint was placed on the top path.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionFWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionFBeta4.png
  • The red flipper, super ring monitor, and red spring were all added after the Simon Wai build.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionGWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionGBeta4.png
  • The checkpoint on the middle path and super ring monitor on the lower path are nowhere to be found in the Simon Wai version.
  • No rings have been placed in the underwater path yet.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionHWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionHBeta4.png
  • Both of the hidden areas with extra life monitors exist in the prototype, but they're both empty. The red spring that leads to the upper area isn't there yet.
  • Two super ring monitors were placed to the left of the red spring.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionIWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionIBeta4.png
  • The underwater path ends here in later layouts.
  • There's an arrow shooter on the lower path in later versions.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionJWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionJBeta4.png
  • An arrow shooter was placed on the lower path.
  • A super ring monitor was placed on the last background pillar in this section.
  • No boss has been programmed yet, so to end the act, a signpost was sloppily placed in the middle of the hill.
  • Later versions put a checkpoint on the top of the hill.
Simon Wai prototype Beta 4
Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionKWai.png Sonic2AquaticRuin2SectionKBeta4.png
  • This is the only zone besides Emerald Hill to have a boss area in the Simon Wai prototype, though the level ends before the player can see it. Two of the background pillars were removed, and the ground was changed to accommodate for the arrow-shooting pillars that rise out of the ground.