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This page details one or more prototype versions of Splatoon.

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Before Nintendo released the full version of the game, a demo was released in the form of the Splatoon Global Testfire, allowing players to experience the online multiplayer of the game in several one-hour sessions.

Additionally, a demo using the RomType of "show floor" is available on the CDN under title ID 00050000101CDE00. This was used for an unknown event.

Title Screen

Splatoon Global Testfire CDN Show Floor Demo - 00050000101CDE00 Splatoon
Bland, but colorful. Mystery show floor demo? Now with 100% more polygons!

Rather than showing off the in-game locations, the demo version's title screen features an Inkling on a colorful paint-filled background.

The test fire included just 4 weapon sets:

Splattershot, Splattershot Jr, Splat Roller and the Splat Charger.
The Splattershot, Splattershot Jr, Splat Roller, and the Splat Charger.

These were included in the final game alongside 29 others - excluding DLC weapons.

There were also two maps available in the demo: Walleye Warehouse and Saltspray Rig.

The final game, however, included 5 maps at launch. These were: Urchin Underpass, Saltspray Rig, Blackbelly Skatepark, Walleye Warehouse, and Arowana Mall.

Gear Prototypes

There are some prototypes of Splatoon gears, such as the "Invisible" gear.

This is a photo of an early version for the "invisible shoe" model (which is impossible to get normally).


A picture of the prototype for the "invisible shirt" (which is also impossible to get normally).


There are plenty other early gear models, those are only some examples.
There are also some placeholder gears, some of them have a dummy texture that has written in "sumple".

Apparently a placeholder texture for the gear textures.

Early Inkopolis Screenshot

Found in content\Layout\Test_LytCheckBG_00.szs is an early screenshot of Inkopolis when it was in production. It is very unfinished, as Inklings are in the default T-pose. The screenshot was used for testing backgrounds.


(Source: Super-Xnot)

Debugging Functions

To do:
Any more changes? There is team-based text displayed briefly at the title (after Boot scene). There is also text displayed at loading screens before a stage gets loaded, which is pretty reminiscent to the E3 2014 build. There's more executable text entries which would probably be printed.

All builds of the game executable have a tiny amount of debugging functions usable if the RomType is set to ShowFloor, alternatively the title ID 00050000101CDE00 on the Wii U CDN has it already enabled.

Weapon Change

Hitting "-" on the title screen will change your weapon between the four weapon types and display a popup in grey on the TV screen.

[Weapon] ## %s ##

"Show Floor" Demo Build

Nintendo CDN Title ID 00050000101CDE00 is a "show floor" demo build of Splatoon used for an unknown event. There is no character creation screen, and unlike other builds, the tutorial times out before the player can warp to Inkopolis. A lobby then opens for Turf War. There are textual references to Splatoon Global Testfire, suggesting that this build might not be early.

Debugging Features

Debugging features are displayed on the main menu. The text "[ReqTeam: Any]" briefly shows during initial launch, along with the supported "Weapon Change" feature described above. A controller sequence of L+R, D-Pad Down, and A at this menu can also trigger "[UseMap: xxx]" with 'xxx' being the options of "Fld_UpDown00_Vss", "Fld_SkatePark00_Vss", "Fld_Crank00_Vss", "Fld_Warehouse00_Vss", or "Fld_SeaPlant00_Vss".

Splatoon CDN ShowFloor TutorialCountdown 00050000101CDE00.png