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This page details one or more prototype versions of Splatoon.
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Before Nintendo released the full version of the game, a demo was released in the form of the Splatoon Global Testfire, allowing players to experience the online multiplayer of the game in several one-hour sessions.

Title Screen

Splatoon Global Testfire Splatoon
Bland, but colorful Now with 100% more polygons!

Rather than showing off the in-game locations, the demo version's title screen features an Inkling on a colorful paint-filled background.

The test fire included just 4 weapon sets:

Splattershot, Splattershot Jr, Splat Roller and the Splat Charger.

The Splattershot, Splattershot Jr, Splat Roller, and the Splat Charger.

These were included in the final game alongside 29 others - excluding DLC weapons.

There were also two maps available in the demo: Walleye Warehouse and Saltspray Rig.

The final game, however, included 5 maps at launch. These were: Urchin Underpass, Saltspray Rig, Blackbelly Skatepark, Walleye Warehouse, and Arowana Mall.

Early Inkopolis Screenshot

Found in content\Layout\Test_LytCheckBG_00.szs is an early screenshot of Inkopolis when it was in production. It is very unfinished, as Inklings are in the default T-pose. The screenshot was used for testing backgrounds.


(Source: Super-Xnot)