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Proto:Sports Car GT (PlayStation)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Sports Car GT (PlayStation).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

IMSApsx title.png

Sony IMSA v1.15 is the internal title of a very early build of the PlayStation version of Sports Car GT (developed by Point of View), labeled "Milestone 2" and dated July 15, 1997. Features include a model viewer, a test map, and not being completely silent, compared to Point of View's other prototype also developed at this point, Command and Conquer: Commando.

The files themselves were recovered from a set of data discs that belonged to the developer by ASSEMblergames user jollyroger and released by fellow member Borman on December 3, 2014.


Much like Command and Conquer: Commando, this prototype is divided into scenes. By default, the menu is set to select the Car Viewer. It's possible to switch between scenes and exit to the main menu by pressing Start at all times. Entering any scene will automatically start playing Moby's totally not suggestive Oil 1.

Car Viewer

It's a model viewer, unsurprisingly. It comes with three preloaded models:

  • D-Pad / Left Analog Stick - rotates the model.
  • Triangle, Cross / Right Analog Stick - pans the model in the Y axis.
  • Select - changes the model.
  • R2 - toggles the display of a green box on the middle of the screen; it has no use in this particular environment.

Track Test

A copy of Road Atlanta, as seen in Commando, presumably from an early stage in development for Sports Car GT. It's possible to control the Porsche 911GT1 at a decent pace, although wall collisions have the same consistency as jelly at this point, as the car can easily get stuck and require jerking around to get out. The two other cars featured in the Car Viewer are also present here, and they actually have some A.I. pathing coded, albeit obscured from view. They start at a further position from the player's car, and move a few meters forward until both crash or merge with each other on the same spot, whichever happens first.

IMSApsx trackTest3.png IMSApsx trackTest4.png

IMSApsx trackTest1.png IMSApsx trackTest2.png

  • X - goes forward. Driving in reverse is impossible.
  • D-Pad / Left Analog Stick - maneuvers the car.
  • Triangle - switches between different camera angles.
  • L1 - "switches" between cars, even though you cannot drive them.
  • R1 - "resets" the camera attached to your car.

Debug Mode

IMSApsx R2.png

Pressing R2 while in Track Test will summon this green informational box, listing Free Heap, the amount of processed frames, and the current framerate.

Unused Graphics

UI Elements

DATA0.BIN and TITLE.BIN have a sheet consisting entirely of fonts, cursors, arrows, and boxes, leftover from Commando. Everything but the boxes is still unused here. These were likely to be used in a more extensive debugging menu.

CommandoPSXtech uiElements.png

Supreme GT Alpha

Also a carry-over from Commando, TITLE.BIN contains a title screen for a prototype revision of Supreme GT, supposedly a working title for Sports Car GT. The text below it says "POV INC ALPHA PROTOTYPE. 4 1997", indicating it originated from a build made in April 1997.

CommandoPSXtech supremeGT.png