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Proto:Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly.

To do:
E3 prototype.


Early Script
Character dialogue from the pre-release of the game.

Unused Text

Within the pre-release demo of the game, there exists multiple test strings used just for testing certain mechanics or debugging.

20: "Hi Spyro \nWelcome to the Monkey Monk Mountains"
21: "Scott"
22: "Hi Spyro \nFly to the platforms"
23: "Alex"
30: "Break the wall of ice below with your flame breath"
31: "Brent"
40: "Free your mind \nJump and glide Spyro"
41: "Joel"
50: "Thanks for helping us \nHave a dragonfly"
51: "Brian"
60: "Hello Spyro \nGive me ALL your money."
61: "Moneybags"

Various unused placeholder/test dialogue. Each line of dialogue belongs to the name below it. Note the mention of "Monkey Monk Mountains", the earliest level name of "Monkey Monastery".

200: "King Kong"

This could have been a placeholder for character names in Monkey Monastery before they thought of suitable ones.

368: "Enchanted Forest"

The Atlas title for Enchanted Forest, a removed level.

#Tammys Test scripts
#253: "Pick up all the butterfly bottles in 10 seconds to win. Make sure to avoid the sphere, though. Let's go!"
#253: "Flame all the gators in 30 seconds to win. Let's go!"
253: "Pick up each gator and bring it to the sphere. You have 30 seconds. Let's go!"
254: "Sorry you didn't make it in time, play again?"
257: "Flame the red, then green, then purple gems in 60s to win."

Testing scripts for debugging missions. Note the two duplicate 253s that are commented out. Possibly earlier/alternate missions for testing.

#Script debugging
5100:"Branch 0"
5101:"Branch 1"
5102:"Branch 2"
5103:"Branch 3"
5104:"Branch 4"
5105:"Branch 5"
5106:"Branch 6"
5107:"Branch 7"
5108:"Branch 8"
5109:"Branch 9"
5110:"Branch 10"
5111:"Branch 11"
5112:"Branch 12"
5113:"Branch 13"
5114:"Branch 14"

These are for debugging the dialogue placement and scripting. They make sure that dialogue goes through in order properly.

5201:"Thanks for visiting, Spyro! Are you ready to leave?"
5202:"Nah, I think I'll look around some more."
5203:"Yeah, let me outta this crazy place!"
5204:"Ok, have fun!"
5205:"Aight. Cya"

Debug text for a test area.

5206:"You just won a race or time attack but I don't know which one until I get fixed!"

Debug/test dialogue for Sparx during the Speedway levels. This was placeholder until Sparx "got fixed," or until the programmers "fixed" the script to know what challenge you completed in a certain Speedway level.

Monkey Monastery

In the script of this build, just about every spot that states Monkey Monastery's name refers to it as Monkey Monk Mountains meaning that this may have been the earliest name for the level before they changed it to Monkey Monk Monastery and then finally to Monkey Monastery.

20: "Hi Spyro \nWelcome to the Monkey Monk Mountains"
#Monkey Monk Mountains 3.1
#Yetis For Monkey Monk Mountains
#MMM Ballon Escort Baby Dragon

Text referring to the level as Monkey Monk Mountains and MMM.

Luau Island

The only known change to the script in this level is a removed NPC. The NPC is scripted to ask if you have his Rubber Ducky. If you say Yes, he gives you a stuffed bunny and asks you to take it to his friend in "Emerald Forest". Since Emerald Forest was removed from the final game, this character was also removed.

861:"Hey there, Spyro. Have you seen my rubber ducky?"
862:"No I haven't, but I'll keep an eye out for it."
863:"Yeah, I got it right here!"
864:"Thanks. Hey I got this stuffed bunny here for my friend over in Emerald Forest. Think you could take it to him for me?"
866:"Sure thing!"

The dialogue the removed character would have said. Lines 862 and 863 are for Spyro's answer to whether or not he has the NPC's rubber ducky. Line 866 is Spyro accepting the Bunny.

Level Order

The level order at the time of this build is slightly different from that in the final version. The level list in the early version is as follows:

  1. Dragonfly Dojo
  2. Crop Circle Country
  3. Cloud 9
  4. Luau Island
  5. Monkey Monk Monastery
  6. Honey Marsh
  7. Thieves Den
  8. Jurassic Jungle
  9. Enchanted Forest

Cloud 9 and Luau Island were swapped in the final game and Enchanted Forest was removed.

Playable Demo

The only early version of the game released to the public is a Playstation Magazine Demo Disc from 2002. This demo includes Monkey Monastery as the only level. The demo has no voices, no enemy sounds (although they do exist in the files, just unused and the same as the final's), and the music for the level is the "Rainbow Speedway" music rather than the final version's music. A playthrough of this level can be seen in this video:

General Differences

Other than the differences that are listed above, smaller differences in this demo include the following.

  • The two minigame portals are not in this version, so you can actually just jump around the trigger to enter them and go behind the portal. Behind the portals, the path is curved to the left so you cannot see the cutoff of the path at the end. Oddly, this was changed in the final version to a straight path where you can easily see it cut off.
  • The demo's breath ability icons are very different from the final versions; instead of each having a 3D spinning ring around the icon, they have a 2D color-swapping ring around the image. The icons themselves are also different, having a more cartoon-y look.
  • There is an unused Gate model where the exit is in the final version. The shield icons on the Gate are used in "Jurassic Jungle" for one of the power-ups, but the Gate pieces themselves are nowhere to be seen in the final game. The gate in the demo simply takes you back to your last checkpoint as if you had lost a life.