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Proto:Spyro: Shadow Legacy/Forgotten Worlds

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Spyro: Shadow Legacy.

Lost Fleet

  • The Professor never leaves this area.
  • The airship is further back. You can leap on it, and you'll be warped all the way over to the top of the screen. But you'll be stuck underneath the level, so it's not particularly helpful.
  • The Professor's text is shorter, so doesn't tell Spyro how to return like he does in the final.
Prototype Final
See you later, young Spyro. See you later, young Spyro. Oh, if you need to return to Avalar, I suggest you use your teleport spell!
  • There's no warp pad at the beginning.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-FW-Entry.png SSL-FW-Entry.png
  • It's been moved over here instead.
  • A Lookout, Shelly and Long Legs guard Teresa, instead of the five Long Legs in the final.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Teresa.png SSL-Teresa.png
  • The prototype never reveals Bianca when showing the trapped bunnies.
  • The camera position on Lucia is a little different. It's moved over a bit.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Lucia.png SSL-Lucia.png
  • There's a rather large graphic error in the lake.
  • This area sometimes has other graphic issues, such as loading a shadow texture over the patch.
  • Bianca has a bit of a text error, which er, Hunter might not be happy to see.
  • You can't interact with the sign post.
  • Like with most caves, the prize, as well as all the enemies you would normally have to defeat, are out in the open.
  • Bianca returns after you've left the area, even though she should be with Red at this point. You can't talk to her, although the option for it appears.
  • After saving Teresa, the game keeps her stand in the water and leaves you with the option to open something. All it actually does is repeat her text, even after she's left. Part of this glitch carries onto the final, with the only difference being that it correctly displays 'Talk' instead.

Nearby Area

  • Merton does not sell the Ice Cream Cone.


  • The entrance is shorter.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-MolehillEntry.png SSL-MolehillEntry.png
  • Tomas doesn't bother to tell you how many people to rescue here (again).
  • At certain points in the final, the game reloads the objects in the area. This does not happen in the prototype.
  • There's nothing but basic Long Legs in here. In the final, there's a variety of enemies, and they all have their protective barriers (like enemies should have at this point in the game).
  • The warp pad is in a different place.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-MoleWarp.png SSL-MoleWarp.png
  • There are gates to the other moles in the final. But here, they're all open.
Prototype Final
  • The camera focuses in on Blink differently in the prototype.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Blink.png SSL-Blink.png
  • There are torches in the prototype. Lighting them all up reveals the iron chest. In the final, the chest is already there.
  • Willard is surrounded by Long Legs instead of the Knights and Periscopes in the final.
  • There's no glide pad here in the shadow realm. It is there, but for some reason won't show up until you leave the shadow realm.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-MoleGlide.png SSL-MoleGlide.png
  • The phase pad above only shows half of the model.
  • Leaping onto the platform shown below causes Spyro to fall in the water for some reason.
    • Also, breaking this boulder will cause the game to crash for some reason.
  • Finally, you can get out of bounds if you land on the boulder at just the right point.
  • Like the other moles, Sis is surrounded by Long Legs instead of the Knights and protected Long Legs in the final.
  • Wilbur is also surrounded by Long Legs. He also requires one less monster to be defeated.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-Mole5.png SSL-Mole6.png
  • There's a switch up here, which isn't in the final. Also, Spyro clips through the top again.
  • After saving the moles, the first part of their talk is broken.
  • Even if Spyro says no, Sis will still act as though he said yes, including the part where she says 'Glad to hear you're on board, son', which is removed in the final if you decline.
  • After rejecting and speaking with her, she'll act as though you never accepted in the first place, compared to the final where it automatically accepts regardless of what you say. Despite this, Spyro won't have actually accepted the quest still.
  • There's a switch at the top here, which isn't in the final.
    • If Spyro moves to the top of the level near said switch, he'll move into the level background.
  • After defeating the enemy guarding the Magic Detector Transducer, the Knight drops it automatically. In the final, he drops a chest containing it instead. There's also an egg here.
  • The Magic Detector Grip is guarded by a Knight instead of a Shelly. Like before, the item is dropped automatically, instead of in a chest.
  • You can pick up the Magic Detector Grip, but it also remains on the ground.
  • When speaking to Sis, "detector" isn't highlighted after finding the handle.
  • Minor text error - "there!" instead of "There!". There's also a few different text positions.
  • Sis never takes the items from Spyro, resulting in her repeating the 'mission complete' text after Blink starts to destroy the rocks.
  • The rocks that Blink digs through disappear without the stars.
  • The screen fades out before you see Blink get hurt. You still hear Red, though.
  • In the final, Blink keeps getting up and getting hit over and over again. You can speak to him and his response is a simple "...". Here, Blink remains downed, and you cannot speak to him.
  • Only Bianca is behind a barrier, at the very edge of the area. In the final, both Red and Bianca are behind a barrier, which is much closer to the entrance.
Prototype Final
SSL-Proto-RedBlock.png SSL-RedBlock.png
  • Red does not attack Spyro.
  • Bianca doesn't tell Spyro how to defeat Red.
  • Speaking of which, due to the glitch in the Dragon Dojo, Spyro doesn't even have the Shock spell or the Cyclone spell required to beat him, meaning further hacking is required to pass.
  • Red's portrait can be seen in the target range, instead of the usual 'X' in the final.
  • Not that it matters, because Red is indestructible, so the next cutscene cannot be viewed.
  • If you hack the game, you'll notice that Red has a slight change to his text:
Prototype Final
The Sorcerer has completely drained my powers - the magic has left me. The Sorcerer has drained my powers - the magic has nearly left me.