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Proto:Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!/August 11th, 1999 build/Winter Tundra Worlds

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!/August 11th, 1999 build.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Unsurprisingly, the final few levels are where the incomplete areas really begin showing themselves. There's plenty of glitches, placeholders and rough edges to be found in the Winter Tundra worlds.


Winter Tundra

Aug 11 Prototype Sep 30 Final
Spyro2-ID50-Map-Aug11.png Spyro2-ID50-Map-Sep30.png
  • The Ripto's Arena entrance matches the other boss levels in that you enter via a hole in the ground, rather than by walking down a dark corridor.
    • This matches a feature of one of the cutscene models in the final game.
    • The entrance to the level is not surrounded by hovering text saying "Ripto's Arena" as it does in the final.
  • The ice colour throughout the level is a lot dimmer.
  • In the final game, there are two pedestals outside the castle which hold homeworld vortices. These pedestals are not present in this build, and the vortex to Autumn Plains is slightly further away from the castle. Additionally, much of the snow textures on the floor around this section of the map were changed in the final.
  • The homeworld vortex leading to Autumn Plains is placed in a different position, and there's only one such vortex. There is no vortex leading to Summer Forest. In the final, one pair of vortices leading to both of the homeworlds is found on either side of the entrance to the inside wall of the castle, and another is found near to the entrance to Ripto's Arena.
    • Additionally, the vortices are extremely different in appearance to their final look.
  • The final theme for this level isn't yet present, and so the Glimmer theme is used instead.
  • There are no flags on the castle representing whether or not Ripto has been defeated.
  • The orb in the rock oddly appears a different colour depending on what angle it's viewed from.
  • There's a hole in the floor underneath the stream outside the Canyon Speedway portal, because one polygon is incorrectly treated as a water plane - swimming through it allows the player to swim in the air.
  • There are some holes in the visual geometry here and there.
  • There is no "Dragon Shores" text on its portal.

Mystic Marsh

Aug 11 Prototype Sep 30 Final
Spyro2-ID51-Map-Aug11.png Spyro2-ID51-Map-Sep30.png
  • The purple liquid extends around the level boundary a bit further in the final.
  • The fountain uses a different design.
  • One of the islands in the purple liquid was made larger in the final.
  • The final theme for this level isn't yet present, and so the Glimmer theme is used instead.
  • The striped monkey enemies use a completely different colour scheme and textures, more closely resembling a brown meerkat.
  • The plant pot is blue, rather than orange.
  • The outro cutscene is missing.
  • The intro cutscene is visually very unfinished.
  • Intro cutscene has no sound except for Elora's voiceover - but for some reason, it uses a dev recording of the Hurricos intro dialogue:
Welcome to Hurricos, Spyro! This stormy place is the home of the Electroll scientists who provide Avalar with much of its power. Unfortunately, that bully Ripto has sent Geargrinders to steal the energy, and they've activated electric barriers to keep the Electrolls apart. If you can help the Electrolls, they might do something special for you!

Cloud Temples

Aug 11 Prototype Sep 30 Final
Spyro2-ID52-Map-Aug11.png Spyro2-ID52-Map-Sep30.png
  • There's a big red X on the floor near the tree at the beginning of the Agent Zero section that isn't present in the final.
  • The final theme for this level isn't yet present, and so the Glimmer theme is used instead.
  • Several of the vases in this level are doubled up - that is, two vases are placed in the same location.
  • Several of the voice clips in this level are missing.
  • Some of the NPCs here fail to behave correctly during their dialogue:
    • Sometimes characters' names show incorrectly (often as "B").
    • Characters may speak to the player but show no dialogue.
    • One of Murgen's dialogue lines has no text associated with it, and exiting this dialogue while the audio is still playing will have it play out to completion instead of skipping.
  • Multiple NPCs are called Chronos the Wizard.
  • The Agent Zero music does not exist at this stage, and so the Glimmer theme continues playing instead.
  • The ice breath powerup HUD wrongly uses the superfly icon when active, in this level.
  • The outro cutscene is missing. Like all other levels in this version, the intro and outro cutscenes have some additional dialogue from Elora overlaid on top:
    • The intro cutscene has no music, and part of the narration repeats itself at the end of the cutscene.
Well this time, Ripto has gone too far. The peaceful wizards of Cloud Temples have always used their magic to create happy creatures to populate their world. Now Ripto has sent warlocks to take over the temples. They've turned all the happy creatures into gargoyles and stolen the wizards' wands! Without the wands they're helpless.

Canyon Speedway

Aug 11 Prototype Sep 30 Final
Spyro2-ID55-Map-Aug11.png Spyro2-ID55-Map-Sep30.png
  • There are some minor lighting differences in one area of the map.
  • The final theme for this level isn't yet present, and so the Glimmer theme is used instead.
  • Like Icy Speedway, the HUD uses Metro Speedway icons instead of unique ones. However, the sprites appear to use the incorrect palettes in this level, causing them to appear glitchy.
  • All objects aside from the rings are missing their usual collection sound effect. Note that this is not the same as the sound effect that plays when adding seconds to the timer (which only plays prior to getting the all-in-one bonus), which does still play in this version.
  • A still image of the skybox is used on the completion screen, rather than a panning shot of the level model.
  • Amusingly, the plane model which usually sits next to Hunter contains a model of Spyro, even before Spyro is even using the plane. Additionally, the plane has no collision.
  • No sound effects are played, nor are any balloon fragments released, when the balloons in the Hunter minigame are popped.
  • Skill Points are not yet implemented, and as such, this level has not yet received its Skill Point.
  • The portal and loading screen skyboxes for this level are each missing a large section of their lower part.