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Proto:Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)/July 18th, 1998 build/Artisans

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)/July 18th, 1998 build.

The first world that Spyro encounters is called the Artisans home. This page lists the differences found in the Artisans lands.


Artisans Home

  • Exclusive to this build, there's an unusual glitch present in the Artisans home where a few of the gems in the area with the Town Square portal aren't collected properly by the player:
    • If collected by Spyro rather than Sparx, the gems disappear and nothing is added to the gem total, effectively erasing the gems and making the game impossible to complete;
    • The gems are counted as usual if collected by Sparx.
  • The Artisans dragons seem to use different voice actors (or, at the very least, different vocal characterisation) and different cinematography and animations when compared to the final game.
    • These match the cutscenes seen in the June 15th Prototype and both prerelease demos.
  • When speaking to Nestor, if the player attempts to skip the cutscene it will instead display "...THIS IS IMPORTANT..." at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tomas is called Silvus in this version.
  • The wall in front of the Sunny Flight portal will reappear when entering and subsequently leaving another level. This wall will suddenly disappear again when the player gets close enough.
  • The sound effect for lowering this wall had not been implemented yet.
  • The balloonist uses a different color scheme from his final design, instead being light blue with a red scarf in the Artisans homeworld.

Stone Hill

Jul 18 Aug 12 Final
Spyro-ID11-StoneHill-Map-Jun15.png Spyro-ID11-StoneHill-Map-Final.png
  • One of the platforms, where the dragon "Gildas" is located, was made slightly bigger in the final game. This change was probably made to make the glide from there easier.
    • The map appears to be mostly unchanged from the June 15th Prototype.

Dark Hollow

  • The big-bellied Gnorcs don't make a sound when hitting or roaring at the player.

Town Square

  • Two of the dragons have been moved slightly:
    • Devlin is slightly closer to the far wall than he is in the final game.
    • Alvar is much closer to the portal.
  • When the bulls are charged at, they fall horns-first into the ground and get stuck upside down. In the final version, flaming these bulls while they're in this state will make them fall over before disappearing. In this build, however, flaming the stuck bulls will make them disappear immediately without playing an animation first.

Sunny Flight

  • In the final game, once the timer is below 10 seconds, it will begin making a noise once every second to warn the player. In this prototype, it makes this noise every second regardless of time remaining.
    • This is true of all flight levels in this version.