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Proto:Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)/July 18th, 1998 build/Gnasty's World

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)/July 18th, 1998 build.

Gnasty's World is the final world of the game.


Gnorc Gnexus

  • Due to an oversight, when entering the portal using a balloon, the text "Entering Gnasty's World World" appears onscreen.
  • Only one dragon is present in this level - in the final, only one dragon is present initially, but this dragon is replaced by a second dragon once Gnasty is defeated.
  • If any of the dragon mouths have already opened, when re-entering the level they will initially appear shut before suddenly opening, rather than opening slowly.

Gnorc Cove

  • Many of the objects floating in the sea appear to be brighter in this version.

Twilight Harbor

Jul 18 Aug 12 Final
Spyro-ID62-TwilightHarbor-Map-Jul18.png Spyro-ID62-TwilightHarbor-Map-Final.png
  • The mountain range surrounding the level is a bit different on both ends:
    • The wall ends more abruptly at the start of the level.
    • The wall curls round and stops earlier at the end of the level.

Gnasty Place

An earlier name for Gnasty Gnorc, the final boss' area.

Jul 18 Aug 12 Final
Spyro-ID63-GnastyPlace-Map-Jul18.png Spyro-ID63-GnastyGnorc-Map-Final.png
  • The first room appears to be lit and textured quite a bit differently.
  • Some of the poles in the first Gnasty chase section appear to be textured slightly differently.
  • The final rooms were made ever so slightly larger in the final.
  • The cog shape is imprinted into the ground in the first section instead of sticking out of the ground.
  • Gnasty seems to stop running for a shorter time during the first chase section, making him harder to defeat.
  • No sound is made when he blasts his wand at the player.
  • No cutscene plays when Gnasty is defeated.
  • The level is exited using an exit vortex instead of automatically after defeating Gnasty.
  • Upon exiting the level, there's no ending cutscene or credits. Instead, the level is exited normally.

Gnasty Booty

An earlier name for Gnasty's Loot. No, seriously.

Jul 18 Aug 12 Final
Spyro-ID64-GnastyBooty-Map-Jul18.png Spyro-ID64-GnastysLoot-Map-Final.png
  • An extra set of stairs are present in this version that aren't in the final.
  • Two pipes were moved slightly further apart in the final.
  • Like Gnasty Place, upon exiting the level, there's no ending cutscene or credits. Instead, the level is exited normally.