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Proto:Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)/July 18th, 1998 build/Magic Crafters

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Spyro the Dragon (PlayStation)/July 18th, 1998 build.

Being from the first three worlds, the differences in the Magic Crafters world are relatively minimal at this point in development.


Magic Crafters Home

Jul 18 Aug 12 Final
Spyro-ID30-MagicCrafters-Map-Jul18.png Spyro-ID30-MagicCrafters-Map-Final.png
  • The second room is lit with blue lighting instead of a warmer yellow lighting, and the walls in this room use the same grey and blue texture used by the first room instead of the red texture featuring suns and moons that is seen in the final.
  • Much of the level's lighting was slightly brighter and warmer in the final game.
  • Crystal Flight's portal frame has a soft pink tint as opposed to the light blue colour seen in the retail build - the surrounding lighting in the area where the portal is located is changed corresponding to this, using red lighting instead of blue lighting.
  • The map and lighting mostly remains the same as the June 15th Prototype, except for the removal of the additional room and the animation for the supercharge tracks being added.
  • The armored druids use different SFX when attacking and getting hit. In particular, the attack SFX is the same as the green wizard's lightning attack and doesn't play in time with the swing.
  • The armored druids' attack can't be jumped over here.
  • All dragon cutscenes differ from their final versions. See the dialogue page for more info.
  • There seems to be a few changes to the cutscene audio aside from the dialogue itself:
    • Cosmos's cutscene audio uses a different part of the level theme.
    • The theme in Zantor's cutscene audio seems louder than in the final game.
    • A different part of the theme is used in Boldar's audio, and it sounds louder too.

Alpine Ridge

  • A different part of the level theme is used in Zander's cutscene audio.
  • Three of the dragons look different in this version:
Dragon Jul 18 Aug 12 Final
Eldrid Spyro-Eldrid-Jul18.png Spyro-Eldrid-Final.png
Zander Spyro-Zander-Jul18.png Spyro-Zander-Final.png
Kelvin Spyro-Kelvin-Jul18.png Spyro-Kelvin-Final.png

High Caves

  • The area with one of the egg thieves and several pools of water had some slight texture changes to the ground.
  • None of the dragons in the level have any dialogue whatsoever. Unlike the June 15th Prototype, freeing these dragons won't even display on-screen text dialogue - instead, the dragon disappears instantly.

Wizard Peak

  • Some of the armored druids in this level have some oddities that would later be fixed:
    • Their attacks don't use any SFX and appear to have a longer attack window, even hitting before the swing and during its recovery.
    • The ones that don't spin upon dying (through Spyro and not the Snowmen) will use the wizard's death grunt and the ones that do remain completely silent.
  • All dragons in this level use text dialogue instead of cutscenes. See the dialogue page for details.


  • Altair uses text dialogue instead of a cutscene. See the dialogue page for details.

Crystal Flight

Jul 18 Aug 12 Final
Spyro-ID35-CrystalFlight-Map-Jun15.png Spyro-ID35-CrystalFlight-Map-Final.png
  • The water is filled with quite a few more crystals in this build.
    • The map appears unchanged from the June 15th Prototype.