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Proto:StarCraft (PC)/StarCraft beta 12.24.97 D/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Proto:StarCraft (PC)/StarCraft beta 12.24.97 D.

Unused Graphics

The Starcraft Beta contains graphics for a lot of units that were cut. In the final game the graphics for some of these units are missing and they will cause a crash. Some portraits are also slightly different. Of interest are many of the graphics for the hidden Independent race and for many of the units that cause a crash in the final game.

Early Mengsk


This is an early rendition of Arcturus Mengsk.

Independent Advisor


This portrait was the Advisor for the unused fourth race: Independent.
When the race was scrapped, this portrait was recycled for the Science Vessel.


This unit is present in this build.

SC Gunship013.png

Cargo Ship

This unit is present in this build.



This unit is present in this build. The Raider's graphics were eventually modified in the expansion Brood War to become the Terran Valkyrie.

SC Raider014.png


This unit is present in this build.

Starcraft Starbase.gif


This unit is present in this build. (but crashes the game when selected)

SCBNB Cantina000.png

Power Plant

StarCraft-Unused Power Plant.png

Unused Wireframes

Infested Mine


This appears to be an early Hatchery wireframe with text overlayed on top.

Early Siege Tank


This is the wireframe for the original Arclite Siege Tank early in Terran Development, the sprites for this variant of the tank are absent.



This wireframe is for a cut Terran unit called the Spy satellite, sprites for this unit is sadly missing in this build.
This unit is also present in the smaller wireframes used for unit groups meaning there are still leftovers for it. It would have been placed and reveal an area while remaining cloaked and immobile.



This is the wireframe for the cut Gunship unit, unlike the wireframes for the Raider and Cargo ship, this cannot be seen in the retail game.

Early Ion Cannon


This early rendition of the Ion Cannon appears to have some additional attachment around it, reminiscent of legs, perhaps it was a mobile unit once? A matching doodad sprite resembling this wireframe exists in the final game.

Dragoon in Motion


This one is quite peculiar as it appears to be a wireframe of a Dragoon in motion, wireframes do not change when units move, however this wireframe has been observed in images dating back to 1996, implying that originally they were intended to.

Placeholder Wireframes

In addition to these, a lot of placeholder Wireframes exist, these are simply yellow text. The following Placeholder Wireframes exist:

  • "Blank" (There's a lot of these!)
  • "Merc Gun Ship"
  • "Badlands Critter"
  • "Space Critter"
  • "Cave"
  • "Cantina
  • "Starport"
  • "Jump Gate"