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Proto:Star Fox

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Star Fox.

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Star Fox proto-main select.png
1992 Star Glider Proto
An early build that has many missing elements (including the characters!) yet still paints a very vivid picture of the final product.
German Localization Prototype
A work-in-progress build of the German version of StarWing, dated March 18, 1993.

Built From Source Code

German Localization Build

A localization build which seems earlier than the one found here can be built from source, and has numerous minor differences.

  • The title screen uses the US Rev. 1 Star Fox logo, rather than the EU Starwing logo. Building a EU English ROM also uses the US logo, so maybe the Starwing logo has not been created at this point.
  • The controls screen doesn't have GAME translated to SPIEL yet.
  • The planet select screen still says BLACK HOLE, as well as SECTOR Z. There is also a much rounder U in ROUTE.
  • The red SCRAMBLE text has not yet been translated to ALARM.
  • There are small differences in the translation.
Proto Final
Starwing (Germany).Title Screen P.png Starwing (Germany).Title Screen F.png
Proto Final
Starwing (Germany).Planet Select P.png Starwing (Germany).Planet Select F.png
Proto Final
Starwing (Germany).Corneria Text P.png Starwing (Germany).Corneria Text F.png

Super Star Fox Weekend

Set contest equ 1 in VARS.INC to build this ROM.

  • cestimer has been set to 5 minutes VARS.INC, as opposed to 4 minutes like normal.
  • Upon beating a level, there is no BOMB or SHIELD BONUS and only shows the SCORE % and TOTAL SCORE.
  • The point amounts that are received vary slightly. The player does not receive points upon hitting enemies with their lasers.
Proto Final
Star Fox - Super Weekend (USA) (Proto) - titlescreen.png Star Fox - Super Weekend (USA) - titlescreen.png
  • The logo on the title screen is more similar to the one seen in promotional material, like this flyer.
Proto Final
Star Fox - Super Weekend (US) (Proto) - time up screen.png Star Fox - Super Weekend (USA) - time up screen.png
  • The overall screen was shifted 7 pixels downward in the final, the top-half of Slippy's head appeared slightly disjointed, his bottom-half's outlines were thinner, the rim of his hat was covering his name, some spots were shaded differently, "TIME UP!" was written in a simple angular sans-serif, and the background had duller colors.
Proto Final
Star Fox - Super Weekend (US) (Proto) - Score Screen.png Star Fox - Super Weekend (USA) - Score Screen.png
  • Fox and Falco don't glance towards the screen, and the overall information took up more space.

CES Demo

Set cesdemo equ 1 in VARS.INC to build this ROM.

  • It is currently unknown whether the cesdemo flag actually builds a proper CES ROM. Upon brief inspection, gameplay seems the same as final, with the only noticeable difference being the "CES DEMO VERSION" text, shown upon starting the game:

Star Fox (US) (cesdemo).png

Debug Builds

Set the debuginfo flags in VARS.INC to build these ROMs:

  • debuginfo equ 1 enables "full strategy debugging" mode, but requires some slight edits to source code to properly build.
  • debuginfo2 equ 1 enables "stage selection / speed up mode".

Note: Building with cesdemo equ 2 produces a CES ROM but with stage selection features enabled, regardless of debuginfo flags.

Debug Menu, as is More options added / restored
Star Fox (US) (Full Debug).png StarFox DEBUG with Fixed Names.png
(Source: Edits to restore debug menus by Kandowontu)
  • This font, unused in the retail build, is used here for the menu text.
  • While in a level, press R on Controller 2 to enable the debug menus, Start to exit.
  • Use the D-Pad on Controller 2 to edit menu values.
  • The D-Pad on Controller 1 is used to move the camera (hold A to pan).